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Yellow Dog Linux Pyxis released

Yellow Dog Linux, also YDL, is a free-software, open-source operating system for Power Architecture computers. Developed by Fixstars (formerly known as Terra Soft), Yellow Dog Linux was first released in 1999 for the Apple Macintosh. The most recent version, version 6.1 was released on 19 November 2008 to members only and a month later to everyone.

Yellow Dog Linux is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS core and relies on the RPM package manager. Yellow Dog Linux includes free software user applications such as Ekiga (a voice-over-IP and videoconferencing application), GIMP (a raster graphics editor), Gnash (a free Adobe Flash player), gThumb (an image viewer), the Mozilla Firefox Web browser, the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail and news client, the OpenOffice.org productivity suite, Pidgin (an instant messaging and IRC client), the Rhythmbox music player, and the Noatun and Totem media players.

Since YDL version 5.0 ‘Phoenix,’ Enlightenment has been the default desktop environment in Yellow Dog Linux, although GNOME and KDE are also included.

Like other Linux distributions, Yellow Dog Linux supports software development with GCC (compiled with support for C, C++, Java, and Fortran), the GNU C Library, GDB, GLib, the GTK+ toolkit, Python, the Qt toolkit, Ruby, Tcl, and XFree86[clarification needed]. Standard text editors such as Vim and Emacs are complemented with IDEs such as Eclipse and KDevelop, as well as by graphical debuggers such as KDbg. Standard document preparation tools such as TeX and LaTeX are also included.

Yellow Dog Linux includes software suitable for running a Web server (such as Apache/httpd, Perl, and PHP), database server (such as MySQL and PostgreSQL), and network server (NFS and Webmin). Additional software is also included for running an enterprise server or a compute server or cluster, although two separate products from Terra Soft Solutions, called Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux (for enterprise servers) and Y-HPC (for compute servers/clusters), are specifically targeted toward those applications.

Yellow Dog Linux, version 6.0 ‘Pyxis,’ is based on Linux 2.6.23 and ships with GCC 4.1.1, glibc 4.1.1, and Eclipse 3.2.2. This version is also claimed to be the “the only Linux distribution to include by default Cell SDK v3.0.”[citation needed] Yellow Dog Linux Version 6.0 ‘Pyxis’ ships with over 2000 software packages.

Although several other Linux distributions support the Power Architecture, Yellow Dog Linux was distinguished for its focus on supporting the Apple Macintosh platform before the Apple Intel transition. Before this transition, Terra Soft Solutions held the unique distinction of being the only company licensed by Apple to resell Apple computers with Linux pre-installed (or for that matter, with any operating system other than Mac OS X). As a result, compared to other Linux distributions that support the Power Architecture, to this day Yellow Dog Linux has equal or better support ‘out of the box’ for Apple hardware, e.g. built-in support for backlit keyboards, power management, and trackpads on Apple iBooks and PowerBooks (Apple’s discontinued line of PowerPC-based notebook computers).[citation needed] For desktop computers like the iMac G4 Ubuntu (or Debian) offers the same hardware support out-of-the-box, though. Full support for AirPort (Apple’s implementation of the IEEE 802.11b-1999 wireless networking standard), and partial support for AirPort Extreme, are also built into Yellow Dog Linux, as are support for Bluetooth and support for accessing the Internet over cellular phones.

Following Apple’s transition to using Intel processors exclusively in their Macintosh line of computers, Yellow Dog Linux has now been retargeted to support the Sony PlayStation 3 and IBM pSeries platforms extensively, while retaining its longstanding support for PowerPC-based Apple hardware.


Yellow Dog Linux is sold by Fixstars and also markets Sony PlayStation 3 consoles, IBM workstations, and servers with Yellow Dog Linux pre-installed. As is the case with most other Linux distribution vendors, a portion of the revenue from the sale of these boxed distributions goes toward development of the GNU/Linux operating system and applications, the results of which are then re-released into the free software community.

Yellow Dog Linux is also the pre-installed operating system in Sony's Cell-based high performance computing node, Zego.
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Installing YDL
Yellow Dog Linux (YDL PowerStation, PS3, and Apple):
YDL v6.1 for PowerStation
YDL v6.1 for Apple
YDL v6.1 for PS3*

YDL v6.0 for PowerStation
YDL v6.0 for Apple
YDL v6.0 for PS3*


Installing YDEL
YDEL v6.x Installation Guides (PS3, GA-180, QS2x): YDEL Installation Guides for pre-6.x versions (IBM System p, Cell blades):
Yellow Dog Linux v2.x-5.x Guide Archives
The Guides to Installation for versions of Yellow Dog Linux which are no longer available, are found in the archives.

Free Install Support
If you did NOT purchase YDL Installation Support and require assistance, we highly encourage you to:
  • These are the basic questions we ask our paying customers, questions which are likely to help you gain your own solution.
  • Subscribe to one or more mailing lists where Yellow Dog Linux users share their experience and success.
  • Seach, Join the Yellow Dog Linux Board.
  • Jump on the YDL IRC channel at #yellowdog 'irc.freenode.net'.
  • Search the mailing list archives using the search feature at the bottom of each Fixstars web page.

Paid Install Support
YDL Installation Support is provided only through YDL.net Enhanced accounts via a web forum wherein one or more Fixstars engineers resolve issues associated with the installation of Yellow Dog Linux. All postings and responses are viewable by all Enhanced account holders.
  1. Login to www.ydl.net.
  2. Select "YDL Install Support" under "My YDL".
  3. Submit your issue to the Forum.
Do NOT use the "Contact Support" link under the "Help" menu. This is to gain assistance with the YDL.net interface and server ONLY.


How do I download and install YDL?
  1. Select one of the servers listed below. Is works best to select one closest to where you are downloading. Please note that Fixstars has no control over when the latest version of YDL is available on the public mirrors.

    The primary mirror remains fairly busy. If any mirror server is too slow, or no longer accepts anonymous connections, you may either wait a little while and try again, or try a different mirror.

    Also consider YDL.net Enhanced in order to gain access to ISOs the moment they are completed followed by on-going updates from your private YDL.net FTP site; or the purchase of Yellow Dog Linux from Fixstars' On-line Store.

  2. Begin the download:

    • Click View Mirror - FTP or View Mirror - HTTP to browse through the directories on that mirror.

    • Select the iso directory and then scroll to the bottom of the list and select the most current release of YDL for your hardware.

    • There are two YDL 6.1 ISO's, so which YDL 6.1 DVD do I download?

  3. Save the Install ISO to your local drive. This is a BIG image, so it may take a while.

  4. Burn the downloaded image to a DVD as an ISO. The following HOWTOs provide instructions for OSX, Linux, or Windows:

  5. Follow the Guide to Install. Make certain you have an HDMI (digital) or component (3 video, 2 audio) cable connection from your PS3 to a hi-def LCD or plasma TV or monitor. Please, don't try doing this with a regular composite (1 video, 2 audio jacks) cable. It's not worth it.

Yellow Dog Linux Mirrors

United States
Primary (more busy) Mirror
Argonne National Labratory View Mirror - FTP
View Mirror - HTTP
View Mirror - rsync
United States
Alternative (less busy) Mirrors
Oregon State University View Mirror - FTP
View Mirror - HTTP

University of Wisconsin-Madison View Mirror - HTTP
Australia Pacific.net View Mirror - FTP
Austria Technische Universität Wien View Mirror - FTP
Canada Université de Sherbrooke View Mirror - HTTP
Ireland HEAnet View Mirror - HTTP
Japan KDD Labs View Mirror - FTP

Yamagata University View Mirror - HTTP
The Netherlands Surfnet View Mirror - HTTP

The Netherlands UNIX Users Group View Mirror - HTTP
Sweden Swedish University Network View Mirror - FTP
View Mirror - HTTP
UK UK Mirror Service - University of Kent View Mirror - HTTP

Additions should be sent to mirrors-admin@lists.fixstars.com

source: wikipedia & yellow dog linux

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