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Home » , » Magic Linux is a new distribution, which is specifically designed for Chinese users

Magic Linux is a new distribution, which is specifically designed for Chinese users

Magic Linux is a new distribution, which is specifically designed for Chinese users.

Magic Linux is a non-commercial production completely developed by Linux enthusiasts with a simple motive in mind: say farewell to endless Chinese localisations from one Linux distribution to another and bring the native Chinese support to your desktop.

Updates: (via Distrowatch)

Magic Linux, one of the oldest surviving community distributions in China, has released its version 2.5 after at least 7 development builds. Major components of this release include Linux kernel, X.Org Server 1.6.5, GCC 4.4.0, and KDE 4.4.3 (with KDE 3.5.10 also available). The "magic_win" installer now allows Windows users to easily install Magic Linux from a hard disk without much manual configuration.

Particular features that may interest the Chinese users include: lightweight but convenient input method "fcitx", WINE emulator optimized for the Chinese locale, powerful video player SMPlayer with good supports for subtitles and sound channels, StarDict dictionary program, various downloading utilities (aMule, KTorrent, MultiGet), instant messaging software (Konversation, Pidgin) supporting various online communications, and special network configuration tools.

For more information please check the very detailed release announcement (in Chinese).

Download the installation DVD image: MagicLinux-2.5-1.iso (690MB, MD5).

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Recent releases:

• 2010-05-18: Distribution Release: Magic Linux 2.5
• 2008-12-16: Distribution Release: Magic Linux 2.1
• 2008-10-14: Development Release: Magic Linux 2.1 RC3
• 2008-09-08: Development Release: Magic Linux 2.1 RC2
• 2008-07-22: Development Release: Magic Linux 2.1 RC1
• 2006-02-13: Distribution Release: Magic Linux 2.0



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