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Ubuntu Server Edition on Amazon - Beta programme now open

Ubuntu Server Edition on Amazon gives you the power of Ubuntu combined with the flexibility of Amazon's cloud computing service. Ubuntu's modularity, virtualization capabilities, range of applications and optimised performance make it the perfect solution if you're deploying applications on Amazon's Elastic Computing (EC2) cloud.

Ubuntu Server Edition on Amazon has recently been announced as a beta programme. This service allows you to create a fully running instance of Ubuntu Server Edition on EC2 in just a few clicks. All the applications you'll need such as a Web server, E-mail server and common development frameworks are available. The beta programme is open to anyone without charge from Canonical. Beta users will need to create an account with Amazon's Web Services and Amazon will charge you for your usage of EC2.

Amazon Web Services enables users to deploy applications into a cloud computing environment. By using virtualized servers that are deployed on Amazon's EC2 service it's possible to build highly scalable on-demand systems. Whether you need a single server or a few hundred Amazon EC2 can provide new server instances whenever required.

Welcome to the Cloud

Ubuntu Server Edition is an ideal software platform for your Amazon instances. Every element of Ubuntu is modular so you only need to include the parts you need, this makes the images more flexible and secure. Ubuntu is easy to set-up with a comprehensive range of applications and development frameworks that are easy to install.

Participate in our beta programme

The beta programme is open to anyone who'd like to try Ubuntu Server Edition on Amazon. You will need an account with Amazon Web Services. Amazon will charge you for your usage of their AWS services completely independently of Ubuntu. The beta programme is aimed at users who are familiar with EC2 as Canonical cannot provide advice on how to use Amazon's services. During the beta Canonical will provide assistance through a public mailing list for users of the Ubuntu image, We'll also inform you about new image updates.

To join the beta programme, simply follow the instructions available on the Starter's Guide. We also encourage you to join the mailing list in order to get informed about new versions, ask questions or make suggestions, but this is completely optional.

Ubuntu on Amazon benefits

Scalable computing

The 'on demand' nature of cloud computing allows you to quickly expand capacity and you only pay for what you're using. There is no need to design your data centre or buy hardware to handle peak loads while only using a fraction of it during regular time. With cloud computing you simply allocate more instances as and when needed. This means that you can concentrate on your software and outsource the hardware aspects to the cloud provider.

A free platform

Ubuntu is free to use. We provide Amazon images of Ubuntu Server Edition, along with security and bug fixes. Ubuntu consists of Open Source software without licensing fees so you can deploy the same applications on the cloud as you would on your hardware. With over 20,000 packages and additional third party applications, you're sure to find an application or development framework for every requirement.

Security and maintenance

Ubuntu Server Edition on Amazon EC2 follows the standard Ubuntu maintenance life cycle. New versions are released every six months and are maintained with security and maintenance updates for 18 months (regular releases) or five years (LTS releases). Optimised for the cloud, instances can be deployed in a matter of minutes and provide best of class stability and performance. The images are tuned so that your instances have the maximimum resources available for your applications.

See Also

For more information on how to use Ubuntu on Amazon Web Services, please see:

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