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AdSEnse Analytics: Improve your site and increase marketing ROI.

Google wants to help you understand your site's user base in order to improve your content and optimize your AdSense performance.

Use Google Analytics to learn how your users are finding your site and how they interact with your content, make informed site design improvements, tailor your content to your users, and track your AdSense performance with granular reports.

To link your AdSense account to a new or existing Analytics account, just follow the prompts in the wizard below.

Create my free Google Analytics account.

I already have a Google Analytics account. Please link it to this AdSense account.
How does Google Analytics help me?

Google Analytics tells you how visitors found your site and how they interact with it. You'll be able to compare the behavior and profitability of visitors who were referred from each of your ads, keywords, search engines, and emails, and gain valuable insight into how to improve your site's content and design. However large or small your site, and however you drive traffic to it - whether it's unpaid search, partner sites, AdWords, or other cost-per-click programs - Google Analytics tracks it, from click to conversion.

For AdWords users in particular, Google Analytics will provide you with the actionable information that you can use to increase your ROI by tracking cost data for all of your campaigns and combining that data with conversion information on a page-by-page basis. Google Analytics automatically imports AdWords cost data so that you can track the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns, and automatically tags your AdWords destination URLs to track keyword and campaign conversion rates with no effort on your part! To find out more about AdWords, please visit the AdWords home page at https://adwords.google.com.

How much does Google Analytics cost?

Google Analytics is absolutely free! We're very pleased to be able to offer this web analytics solution for no charge, allowing anyone with a website to track conversion data, analyze the flow of visitors through their site, and identify elements of their site that could be changed to improve visitor retention.

This free version is limited to 5 million pageviews a month - however, users with an active Google AdWords account are given unlimited pageview tracking. In addition, Google Analytics is completely integrated into the AdWords front-end and with your AdWords campaign, making it easy to track your AdWords ROI.

Will my website's appearance or performance be affected by Google Analytics?

The appearance of your website will never be affected by your use of Google Analytics - we don't place any images or text on your pages. Likewise, the performance of your pages won't be impacted, with the possible exception of the very first page-load after you have added the tracking code. This first pageview calls the JavaScript on Google's servers, which may take slightly longer than a regular page load. Subsequent pageviews will use cached data and will not be affected.

Who has access to my data in Google Analytics?

We take the security of your Google Analytics data very seriously, and protect all of your transactions with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. We also protect your information with our privacy policy. And your visitors' information is secure, too - your reports don't include identifiable information about your site's users.

You also have control over who can log in to your account, and who can view your reports. You can easily add or remove users, and customize their access to your data. Please read How do I restrict a user's access to certain domains or reports? for more information about controlling access to your account.

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