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Home » » PyRoom is a clutter free text editor for Linux that does away with menus, buttons, and icons.

PyRoom is a clutter free text editor for Linux that does away with menus, buttons, and icons.

PyRoom is a clutter free text editor for Linux that does away with menus, buttons, and icons. There are no fonts, formatting codes, or any other word processing gadgets that get in the way of your writing.

The PyRoom program is the closest you can get to having a clean sheet of paper and a pencil in hand to write with. PyRoom runs in full screen mode and takes up all of your screen real estate, so you will have absolutely no distractions in the way of your writing endeavors.

The program starts as is a simple black screen with green letters. The color scheme can be changes if you are not happy with the computer terminal-like background. There are eleven color themes to change the foreground and background colors. You can also customize your colors in the preference screen. An auto-save feature is also available that can save your work as you type.

A word processor without menus or buttons! How can you do anything? The answer to that question is that all actions are performed by hitting the CTRL key and an associated letter. For example, if you want to save file, hit CTRL-S and the save dialog will display. There are only a few CTRL keystrokes to learn, and after about an hour of working with the program, you should be able to memorize all of the keystrokes.

To get to the list of keystroke actions, simply hit CTRL-H. A list of keystroke actions will appear. The list is quite short. Since this is a no frills editor, there is no spell checker, at least I have not found one yet.

Here is a list of CTRL functions that are found in the help documentation for PyRoom.

Control-H: Show help in a new buffer
Control-I: Show buffer information
Control-P: Shows Preferences dialog
Control-N: Create a new buffer
Control-O: Open a file in a new buffer
Control-Q: Quit
Control-S: Save current buffer
Control-Shift-S: Save current buffer as
Control-W: Close buffer and exit if it was the last buffer
Control-Y: Redo last typing
Control-Z: Undo last typing
Control-Page Up: Switch to previous buffer
Control-Page Down: Switch to next buffer
  • no visual clutter
  • work on multiple documents at once (main text, outline, etc)
  • control PyRoom via keyboard shortcuts
  • autosave your work
  • check wordcounts on keypress
  • choose from preconfigured designs or create your own color scheme
  • further customize visual appearance and whitespace (line spacing, border, padding...)

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