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Home » , , , » Improve your French and Italian languages' skills with Verbiste, versatile verb conjugation utility.

Improve your French and Italian languages' skills with Verbiste, versatile verb conjugation utility.

verbisteVerbiste is a French conjugation system. It contains a C++ library, two programs that can be run from the command line or from another program, and a GNOME application. This application shows a text field in the GNOME Panel where the user can enter a conjugated verb and obtain its complete conjugation.

The knowledge base is represented in XML and contains over 7000 French verbs. It also contains about 190 Italian verbs. The dialog allows selecting the language in which the verb is to be searched.

The current version is 0.1.35 (2012-11-18): A memory leak has been fixed and the manual pages are now encoded in UTF-8. The "-gnome" RPM provided here contains the GNOME application, but not the applet, which is obsolete. Since version 0.1.34, the user can add verbs to Verbiste by creating an XML file in their home directory. See the README or LISEZMOI file for details.

Verbiste is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License (version 2 or later). Please note that this means that proprietary software linked with this library cannot be distributed legally. Also, if the XML knowledge base is converted to another format, the result must be shipped under the GPL, with the original XML

TThe world is in a continuous change at the moment, change in the sense, especially but not only on the Internet, of "breaking" countries' physical borders, allowing the users to express, interact and communicate in a "global village", where frequently used languages play an important role, needed to help one to relate to another on common projects, selling-buying actions, published books, played movies, etc, consequently, usually a "must" user skill is handling multiple widely known and used languages, such as English, French, etc.
A relevant aspect of learning and improving a new language is the ability to correctly handle verbs, attitude adopted by Verbiste, a full-fledged.

versatile utility that introduces one to a simplistic, easily graspable interface where verb conjugation is exposed at a press of a button.

Verbiste features more than 6800+ verbs, presenting a complete conjugation for Italian and French verbs.
Its usage is as simple as typing a word in its verb area (French enabled by default) and pressing Conjugate (or Enter), action that populates its main view with the typed verb's conjugation "table" (without pronouns, by default), furthermore, adding pronouns to the conjugated verbs is to be performed by checking the top-left Show Pronouns.
verbiste manin view
Verbiste comes with a handy way of adding accented characters in the search area, by presenting 14 frequently used accented characters immediately under the search area, clicking on an accented character, adds it to the typed word.

Unchecking Search French and checking Search Italian, permit the user to on-demand shift from one language to another.

While bearing an about-to-plunge-into-learning-a-new-language attitude, the user probably makes numerous writing mistakes, issue approachable by the Spelling tolerant bar, meaning, when there is a minor understating and knowledge of a fresh language, setting (by dragging it) the mentioned bar to minimum (full tolerance to typed mistakes), displays numerous verbs when the typed verb doesn't exist/is not matched/contains an extra "faulty character, consequently, the user can learn and identify the actual accurate verb expression, by identifying it from the presented list.

spelling tolerant verbiste zero
Along with the mentioned functionalities, Verbiste supports saving the conjugated verb as HTML and LaTeX file formats, consequently, saving a conjugated verb as HTML, display the saved item via a proper word organization, usable under a web-browser, etc.

Verbiste 0.1.33 is available for free via Ubuntu Software Center.

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