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Installing KXStudio:included and recommended apps.

Listed below are recommended audio, video and productivity apps for GNU/Linux complete with a short description.

Many of these apps are, or will be, included on the KXStudio DVD. Those not included are easily installed from the repositories in most cases.

  • Amarok Feature-packed music player with support for syncing with ipods (up to 4th gen)

  • Ardour The original Linux DAW

  • Audacious Uncomplicated music player with good JACK support

  • Audacity Popular cross-platform sound editor but with poor JACK support

  • Avidemux Simple video editing and conversion tool ala Virtualdub

  • Blender 3D Powerful 3D modelling, animation, rendering and compositing

  • Cadence Controls and monitors various Linux sound systems

  • cadence-jackmeter Cadence-JackMeter is a digital peak meter for JACK

  • cadence-xycontroller Cadence-XY Controller is a simple XY widget that sends and receives data from Jack MIDI

  • Carla Audio plugin host (LADSPA, LV2, VST etc)

  • Catia Catia is a JACK Patchbay, with some neat features like A2J bridge support and JACK Transport

  • cinepaint HDR, High bit-depth movie still editorkxstudio2

  • Claudia Claudia is a LADISH frontend; it's just like Catia, but focused on session management through LADISH

  • darktable Virtual lighttable and darkroom

  • DeVeDe Creates DVD video and (S)VCD discs from movie files

  • DIN (Din Is Noise) Advanced fluid microtonal synthesis with drones and melodic effects, oriented toward Indian classical music

  • Dolphin The default KDE file manager

  • Firefox The original and best web browser

  • FileZilla (s)FTP client (and server)

  • GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program - Photoshop alternative

  • gnumeric A superior spreadsheet to the one included in LibreOffice or OpenOffice

  • Guitarix JACK virtual guitar amplifier

  • Handbrake Cross-platform DVD ripping and video transcoding

  • Hydrogen JACK drum machine and sequencer, note: many additional drum-kits are available by installing the package “hydrogen-drumkits”

  • IDJC Internet DJ Console is for live, web radio production. Features voip integration

  • Inkscape Leading open source vector graphics editor

  • JAmin JACK stereo audio mastering tool

  • k3b CD, DVD and BD burning

  • Kdenlive KDE video editor, similar to Sony Vegas

  • ksnapshot Take screenshots of windows or desktops

  • LibreOffice MS Office-compatible word processor, spreadsheet and presentation suite

  • LightWorks Professional, high-end video editor used in Hollywood productions (currently beta and 64-bit only)

  • Lincoder Java/mencoder based batch video conversion tool

  • Lingot Instrument tuner

  • LMMS FruityLoops-esque sequencer w/ integrated synths

  • mhwaveedit Lightweight sound editor with good JACK support

  • Mixxx DJ mixing software

  • MusE DAW with good MIDI editing features and some integrated plugins

  • Musescore Professional quality music notation and scoring

  • Mypaint Bitmap paint program that can simulate real painting techniques

  • Okular PDF and document viewer

  • Paulstretch Ambient sound generation via stretched sound recordings, extreme stretch lenghts and many controls over the sound

  • QDVDauthor DVD menu authoring

  • Qsynth Allows use of SoundFont files

  • Qsampler Allows use of sfz and gigasampler sample sets

  • Qtractor Fast, lightweight DAW

  • REAPER Powerful Windows-based DAW, officially supported under Wine

  • Recorditnow Record your desktop to a video file

  • Rakarrack JACK Guitar FX processor

  • Rosegarden MIDI sequencer with integrated notation

  • samplv1 Simple sampler available as LV2 plugin and JACK app

  • scribus Professional layout and publishing software

  • setBfree Great sounding DSP B3 Hammond organ emulator LV2 plugin

  • smplayer Excellent audio and video playback app

  • Soundkonverter batch audio file conversion

  • Sooperlooper live looping sampler

  • sunvox Advanced module tracker with integrated synths, samplers and JACK support

  • Swami SoundFont editor

  • synfig Powerful 2D vector animation software

  • TAL-Noisemaker Superb sounding, fully automatable softsynth plugin

  • Triceratops Triple oscillator LV2 synth

  • VLC The famous VLC media player

  • VMPK Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard

  • Wine Wine allows most MS Windows software to run under GNU/Linux

  • XCFA Another sound conversion tool with more options than soundkonverter

  • XJadeo X JACK video monitor plays video in sync with a external time source (eg Ardour)

  • Zynaddsubfx JACK synthesizer

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