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Concalc is a calculator for the Linux console.

Concalc is a calculator for the Linux console. It should also work on all other unix systems. Concalc is just the parser-algorithm of extcalc packed into a simple console program. You can use it if you have need a calculator in your shell.

This documentation refers to Concalc version 0.9.2.

1. Unpack package: "tar -xzf concalc-0.9.2.tar.gz"
2. Change directory: "cd concalc-0.9.2"
3. Run configure: "./configure"
4. Compile program: "make"
5. Become root: "su"
6. Install files: "make install"

If all steps run without errors, you will be able to start concalc if you type concalc and any calculation you want into your console.




The following command line options will work in this version:

-m mode
--mode mode


Set calculator mode.
This can be std for normal scientific calculations or base for logic operations and base-n calculations or script for running scripts
if you choose script mode, the last agrument must be the path to the script file, not the script itsself.

concalc -m base "10 | 5"

-b base
--base base

Set the base for base-n calculations.
base must be one of bin, hex, dec or oct. The default value is dec for decimal.
This option can only be used when mode is set to base.
concalc -m base -b bin "100101 | 110111"

-a angle type
--angle angle type

Set angle type for calculation
Arguments: deg (degrees), rad (radiant), gra (grade)
concalc -a deg "sin30"


Enable complex numbers

-o output length
--output output length

Set maximum digits of output
Arguments: number between 2 and the max. possible length (normally 18)
concalc -o 5 "sqrt2"


Print a short help text.


Print version info


nput calculations into concalc:
concalc "input"
Example: concalc "2*(3+4/9)^3"

sqare root:
"sqrt value"
Example 1: sqrt12
Example 2: sqrt(12*(3+3.2²))

trigonometric functions and logarithms:
"function value"
Example: sin3.64+ln4.86
Known functions:

other roots:
exponent root value
Example (fourth root of nine): 4root9

differential calculation:
Example: (differential calculation of 2x^2-3x+3 at x=9): d/dx(2x^2-3x+3,9)

Example (integration of sinx+cosx between -1 and 3.2): integ(sinx+cosx,-1,3.2)

It is possible to save results in 26 variables, which are represented by the letter A - Z.
Set variable:
asin0.45 ->A
Recall variable:

Number formats:
normal floating point:
complex numbers:
with different bases (only integer values):


This page collects suggestions for new features from the users of the program.
If you have an idea for a feature that should be added to Extcalc, please send a email to rainer1223@users.sourceforge.net. You will receive a short answer what will happen with your suggestion.
Before you make a suggestion, please have a look at the planned features list.

Planned Features
This is a list of the features that will be integrated into Extcalc during the beta state.
The main features have been integrated during the alpha phase.
  • add calculator support for reverse polish notation (RPN)
  • optimization of the script interpreter and graph drawing methods
  • symbolic calculation with systems of linear equations
  • optimize graphics window for long graphs
  • show syntax errors in calculator and graph functions
  • integration of Qt 4 layout management
New Features
This features have already been integrated into Extcalc during beta state.
  • Port to QT 4
  • redesigned user interface of all tabs
  • reorganisation and optimization of the calculator and script preprocessor functions
  • precise error messages
  • import/export function for graphs
  • comment line in function table
  • usage of logic operations and script commands for graph drawing and analysis
  • integrate list of numeric constants
  • open help file in an integrated browser
  • multithreading for graph calculation
  • optimization of the script parser methods
Main Features
This features have been integrated during the alpha phase.
  • user interface for calculator
  • user interface for graphics
  • mathematical parser with scientific functions
    • standard functions (+, -, *, /, ...)
    • trigonometric functions
    • logarithms
    • roots
    • exponential functions
    • variables
    • integration
    • differential calculation
  • drawing of graphs
    • normal graphs
    • polar graphs
    • parameter function graphs
    • 3D-graphs
    • dynamic graphs
    • complex graphs
  • function graph analysis
    • calculate x-value
    • calculate roots
    • Newton's Method
    • calculate y-values
    • calculate points of intersection
    • integration
    • differential calculation
  • base-n calculatons
  • logic functions
  • tables
  • script editor
  • script management
  • script console
  • scripting commands
    • for and while loop
    • if expression
    • arrays
    • break, continue, stop keywords
    • output functions: print, setcursor, clear
    • input functions: getkey, getline, keystate
    • script commands for file usage
    • 3D-graphics interface for scripting
    • 2D-graphics interface for scripting
  • script debugging messages
  • zooming and moving graphics window
  • saving screenshots of graphics window
  • drawing into graphics window
  • complex numbers
  • matrix calculations
  • vector calculations
  • matrix and vector operation support
    • matrix and vector calculator
    • solving linear equations
    • analyse matrices and vectors
    • generate matrices and vectors
  • statistic functions
    • approximation functions
    • interpolation functions
    • statistical analysis functions


The graphics window of Extcalc

3D-Graphics in fullscreen mode

Tables window of Extcalc

The script editor and a script running in the script console of Extcalc

Saving screenshots and drawing with Extcalc

The statistics window of Extcalc and a result graph (gaussian normal distribution).

Matrix and Vector operations with Extcalc

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