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The Best Influencer Marketing platforms to connect brands with content creators

1. Activate

With 130,000 influencers across all social channels, Activate By Bloglovin’claims to be the world’s largest influencer marketing platform. It works with some of the world’s top brands, including Marc Jacobs and Puma.

Users can search for influencers across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, with a range of filters including location, gender, household income and even ethnicity. You can also filter by audience, starting with who you want to target first and it will provide you with the most appropriate influencers and platforms.

2. Adly

Adly connects brands and agencies with influencers and celebrities, and in 2010 was one of the first – if not, the first – influencer platform to launch.

It works with influencers across all popular social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Google+. It has worked with some of the world’s most famous brands including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Samsung, GE and many more.

3. AdvoWire

advowire influencer marketing platform


AdvoWire dashboard. Source: AdvoWire

AdvoWire calls itself an “influencer community and content marketplace” and is owned by influencer marketing agency, HireInfluence.

Influencers can create their own page on the platform and showcase their social handles alongside their calculated influence score, audience demographics and skills.

If a brand is looking for influencers who can , for example, create engaging video content, they can search skill sets to find the appropriate people.

4. Assembly

Assembly allows brands to bring all their influencer marketing campaigns into one platform. It provides a platform where brands and influencers can connect and converse on projects together.

It also has a payment system set up so influencer can get paid for their work directly through the platform. Assembly also provides a white label service for brands and agencies to brand the platform as their own.

5. BlogDash

BlogDash is a blogger outreach platform that allows companies and brands to work with the 200,000 bloggers on its database.

It provides a premium blogger outreach service to clients guaranteeing them online PR and SEO benefits of at least 20 high-quality blog articles.

6. Blogfoster

Blogfoster calls itself the leading platform for influencer and blog marketing. It says it has over 35,000 influencers on its database has worked with 400 brands creating over 15,000 collaborations.

Blogfoster works primarily with bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers and provides a platform that connects them with brands alongside robust reporting analytics.

7. Blogmint

Blogmint claims it is Asia’s first influencer marketing platform that brings together influencers and brands.

Based in India, Blogmint boasts over 35,000 “creators” on its platform and although its name suggests it’s specific to bloggers, the influencers on its database include social media stars and celebrities on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The Blogmint platform provides dedicated support and data analytics to brands including Toyota, Coca-Cola, Honda and LG.

8. BrandBacker

influencer marketing platforms


via brandbacker.com

BrandBacker helps you “build your brand through influencers” and says it has over 200,000 registered on its influencer marketing platform.

It helps brands collaborate with influencers via articles, videos, social campaigns, surveys, contests and live events.

Influencers sign up to the platform where they receive incoming opportunities to work with brands which they can apply for and once accepted create content for. Brands that have worked with the BrandBacker platform include Loreal, Evian and New Balance.

9. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is an influencer research tool that allows you to find influencers based on your own search criteria. It will then look for contact information and social profiles and rank each one by how influential they are. For anyone who has ever done this manually will know that it’s a tedious task that takes considerable time.

BuzzStream also provides a CRM type tools so you can keep track of each of the influencers you reach out to. It also has a handy Chrome extension that scrapes link content from a BuzzSumo search.

10. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is first and foremost a tool that allows you to see what content has been shared the most in social media. Run a search with it related to whatever you’re writing about and it will provide you with a list of similar articles that have been shared far and wide in social.

BuzzSumo also helps you identify the influential people who are linking to your competitors’ content so you can reach out to them and ask for a link back to your content also.

11. BuzZoole

BuzZoole is an influencer marketing platform with almost 25,000 influencers on its database. It provides detailed influencer analysis to brands and agencies and has worked with some of the world’s most well-known brands.

Tommy Hilfiger, Audi, Ford and Vodafone are a few of the brands that have used the BuzZoole platform.

12. CREATION Pinpoint

influencer marketing platform


CREATION Pinpoint is an influencer marketing platform that is specific to the healthcare marketing industry. It allows healthcare marketing and communications professionals to isolate and analyse social media conversations from over 500,000 healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, and physicians.

13. Crowdly

Crowdly calls itself an “advocate management platform” because it allows brands to identify who their advocates are and provides guidance on the best way to engage with them. It also provides a way for brands to measure their impact when working with the ‘advocates’ on its platform.

Crowdly boasts working with brands including Swarovski and large PR agencies such as Edelman.

14. Experticity

Experticity acquired influencer marketing platform ReadyPulse to provide a wider suite of services. It says it has 1 million influencers on its database.

It comes via a smartphone app where influencers can sign up, create their profile and promote themselves. Brands including Reebok and Skullcandy are users of the platform.

15. FameBit

Famebit influencer marketing platform


Via Famebit

FameBit says it is the premium marketplace for branded content. It is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that connects brands with influencers helping the former get their message out and the latter to make money.

FameBit’s pricing model is simple. When it matches an influencer with a brand and a piece of content has been approved it takes a 10 percent from both parties which is a 20 percent fee per brand partnership agreement.

16. Find Your Influence

Find Your Influence is an influencer marketing platform that has over 100,000 creators on its database.

It says it has completed more than 10,000 campaigns for over 500 brands and driving 3 billion impressions across blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vine and Pinterest. Find Your Influence has worked with a range of well-known brands including Delta, Kleenex, Nivea and Walmart.

17. Grapevine Logic

Grapevine Logic is an influencer marketing platform specific to YouTube. It connects brands and agencies with YouTube creators (or ‘YouTubers’ as they’re known).

Grapevine Logic has its own data offering allowing clients to track their campaigns, buzz and conversions such as sign-ups and sales.

The platform acts as a marketplace by allowing brands or agencies to submit a creative brief to receive pitches from YouTubers. Once a deal is agreed, Grapevine Logic provides a data dashboard so clients can monitor their results.

18. GroupHigh

GroupHigh lets you find bloggers and other social media influencers, manage your relationships with them and helps measure your content’s impact.

The GroupHigh website says it is tracking 15 million blogs, 1.25 million Twitter influencers, 200,000 Instagram influencers and 180,000 YouTube influencers. It ranks these on reach, social following and location.

It has worked with brands and agencies including Citrix, Sony, Mediacom and Havas.

19. Hollyfy

Hollyfy calls itself a “brand integration platform” that connects entertainment influencers to brand marketers.

Influencers create their own page on the Hollyfy site and smartphone app. Here they provide brands with information on the type of content they create, their audience and the kind of work they’re looking for.

Hollyfy says it uses predictive analytics, machine learning & algorithmic matching for effective branded entertainment and new media opportunities.

20. Hypr

hypr influencer marketing platform


Via hyprbrands.com

New York City based Hypr was founded in 2013 and is an influencer marketing platform that tracks over 10 million influencers across every major social network.

Hypr offers brands and agencies in-depth marketing audience analytics. It says 30 percent of the world’s largest brands and agencies trust its data.

Hyper is more an identification tool but influencers can apply to be included on the platform. It boasts some prestigious brands as clients including Pepsi, Microsoft and Time Inc, and agencies such as Wunderman and Havas.

21. Hypetap

Hypetap is an influencer marketing platform based out of Australia which calls itself a marketplace for brands, agencies, influencers and talent managers.

Each influencer on the Hypetap platform is “hand-picked” by-invitation-only which means their database of over around 3,000 is small in comparison to other influencer marketing platforms but the quality is high.

Hypetap has worked with brands such as Nestle, Disney, Uber and Nespresso to name a few.

22. iambassador

Iambassador is an influencer marketing platform specific to the travel industry. It works with travel brands and leading travel influencers from around the world.

While not specifically a platform itself, iambassador matches travel brands with travel influencers and also provides marketing services between the two.

23. Influence.co

Influence.co is a free and premium influencer marketing platform that helps influencers showcase themselves and connect with interested brands.

An influencer’s page on the platform includes links to their social profiles (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat etc), their recent Instagram photos, their engagement rate, the brands they’ve worked with and how much they charge.

24. Influencer.uk

influencer.uk influencer marketing platform


via influencer.uk

Influencer.uk is a UK based (though internationally focussed) influencer marketing platform that focuses on quality of quantity.

It has a rigorous vetting process and before influencers are added to the platform, their follower trends, engagement metrics and quality of content are analysed to ensure that each one has not faked their influence (buying fake followers and likes on Instagram is very easy).

Influencer.uk also has robust analytics allowing brands to track the results of their influencer campaigns by engagement, audience and location.

25. Ifluenz

Ifluenz is an influencer marketing platform specific to Instagram and is focused on micro-influencers. A micro-influencer is someone who doesn’t have a huge audience but the people that do follow them are rabid fans.

People on Instagram with 5,000 or more followers can sign up to the Ifluenz platform.

Brands preselect the Instagram influencers they want to work with. The influencers then choose which brands (or products) they want to promote. Once the content has been made and posted, the influencer receives payment.

26. Influicity

Influicity calls itself an on-demand influencer marketing platform. It connects brands with influencers providing rich analytics on the influencers who have signed up to the platform.

An influencer ca create a profile where brands can analyse their reach, audience demographics and geographical location.  All contracts, payments and compliance are settled through the Influicity platform.

27. InNetwork

InNetwork tells you to “say hello to the new social contract” and claims it’s customers who are now in control of marketing.

The InNetwork model is more about engagement and less about follower counts and vanity metrics. The InNetwork platform will accept micro-influencers who have as little as 500 followers provided they are also engaged fans.

28. IZEA


IZEA is an innovative influencer marketing platform which has recently launched a service called Augmented Sponsorship. This means brands can send 3D assets to influencers who use them to produce sponsored content. The platform uses Apple’s ARKit technology to make its Augmented Sponsorship possible.

As well as being an influencer marketing platform, IZEA also has a creative team that can support brands in generating both ideas and content for influencers to use.

29. Jamballa

Jamballa is a blogger outreach platform which has over 8,000 bloggers registered to the site. It says, unlike other influencer platforms, it’s on the side of the blogger and has designed its service so they receive only high-quality pitches from brands and agencies.

30. Julius

influencer marketing


via juliusworks.com

Julius is a data-driven influencer marketing platform with access to over 75,000 influencers all of which are hand-picked by the Julius team.

With over 30 searchable data points and the inclusion of background information such as an influencer’s content style, previous brand work, interests and latest news, Julius says it goes further than any other platform in providing brands with the information they need.

31. Klear

With 500 million influencer profiles in over 60,000 categories and five years worth of historical data, Klear is one of the most comprehensive influencer marketing platforms around.

Klear tracks influencers around the world and on platforms such as InstagrBritain and Nike.

32. Lefty

Lefty is part influencer marketing platform and part creative agency. They work with brand and marketing agencies to engage with the five million influencers they have in their database.

Lefty does all the legwork including creating the brief and arranging the contractual agreements and they have worked with the likes of Uber, Airbnb, Hilton and Absolut to name a few.

33. Lissted

lissted influencer marketing platform


via lissted.com

Lissted is an influencer marketing platform specific to Twitter. Its algorithm looks at relationships between Twitter profiles to determine influence instead of vanity metrics such as number of followers.

This means that Lissted can identify real-world influence as opposed to just online (or fake) influence. A Twitter profile may not have a lot of followers but it may be followed by influential accounts which is a good signal of real-world influence.

34. Markerly

Markerly is an influencer marketing platform that covers all large social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and blogs.

Influencers apply through the Markerly platform where they are vetted for quality of content, engagement and reach. If successful, they’ll receive relevant opportunities and pitches from brands and agencies.

35. Mavrck

Mavrck calls itself an “all-in-one influencer marketing platform” which allows brands to “discover and recruit” influencers based on specific criteria.

It’s approach to influencer marketing is to have an always-on activation and engagement model allowing brands to accumulate their ‘return-on-influence.’

Mavrick has worked with PG, eBay, Gillette, Nike and many other global brands.

36. NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach calls itself an influencer and blogger outreach software CRM. It has over 25 million influencers from around the world and covering numerous subjects on its database.

With its built-in CRM tool, NinjaOutreach allows you to keep track of all the influencers you’re engaging with and provides the ability to add your own too.

37. NeoReach

NeoReach is a “self-service” influencer marketing platform. It includes customisable search features, workflow automation, tracking and reporting, allowing brands and agencies to run a campaign directly through the platform.

It has worked with brands including Amazon, Airbnb, Fox and the New York Times, and includes a pricing structure to fit one-man bands to large multinationals.

38. Niche.co


Niche.co is a community of content creators which was acquired by Twitter in 2015 helps content creators monetise their work with leading brands.

Although owned by Twitter, Niche.co is not specific to the Twitter platform and includes creators from around the world across multiple subject areas and on multiple platforms.

39. Onalytica

Onalytica specialises in providing “influencer relationship management software” to help brands and agencies scale one-on-one relationships with influencers.

The UK company has a global database of 500,000 influencers and provides software and data to map the most relevant ones, listen to their conversations and engage with them in the most appropriate way.

40. Open Influence

Open Influence (formerly InstaBrand) is an influencer marketing platform that currently tracks 300,000 influencers. It uses proprietary “artificial intelligence” called Iris which analyses hundreds of millions of data points to match the right influencers with the right brands.

The company also provides creative services allowing brands to have their influencer outreach efforts done by Open Influence’s expert in-house team.

41. Peg

Peg is a YouTube influencer marketing platform that currently works with 1,500+ companies across 169 countries.

It uses powerful data analytics software that matches the most relevant YouTubers with the right brands. It does this by allowing brands to learn if the YouTuber has referenced the brand in previous videos.

The Peg platform includes some of the most popular YouTubers and works with managers and agents to connect the best talent with the world’s best brands.

42. Pitchbox

Pitchbox positions itself as an influencer outreach platform for SEO teams. It allows you to identify relevant bloggers and pitch to them directly from the platform in the hope they provide a link back to your site.

It has customisable outreach templates you can tailor to your needs and allows you to send thousands of outreach emails depending on the pricing level you go for.

43. Popular Pays

Popular Pays says it connects brands with stories to tell with content creators that want to help them tell it.

It claims to have the largest creator network with a combined follower count of 4.34 billion (though there will be a lot of double counting here) and has worked with brands including McDonald’s, Nike, Starbucks, Banana Republic, Amazon, Google and many more.

44. Revfluence

influencer marketing platform


via revfluence.com

Revfluence tracks over 500,000 influencers on its database and uses machine learning to understand their demographics, content quality and audience.

Influencers can create their own profiles on the platform to showcase their work for potential brand partnerships. With a couple of button clicks, brands can reach out to influencers to start the process.

45. Shoutcart

Shoutcart calls itself a marketplace to buy and sell Instagram influencer shoutouts. Want an influencer to mention your brand or product on Instagram? You can do it directly from the platform.

It works by allowing you to choose influencers from the Shoutcart database. Prices vary depending on the size and reach of the influencer’s platform

Once you’ve paid upload your image or video along with the caption, your Instagram name and the time and day you want them to publish them.

46. Shopping Links

Shopping Links is an Instagram influencer platform that works by allowing brands to post briefs based on their requirements and where influencers can respond.

It works with 14,000 influencers across 100 countries.

47. Sideqik


Sideqik is a data driven influencer marketing platform which provides “world class” data and insights to brands. Making the identification of relevant influencers a easy and seamless experience.

It provides audience demographics, advanced profile analytics and additional reporting for influencer campaigns run through the platform.

Sideqik has worked with brands including Logitech, Coca-Cola and CBS Interactive.

48. SociaBuzz

SociaBuzz is an Indonesian based influencer marketing platform specific to the Indonesia market.

Brands outline what they’re looking for and are matched with relevant influencers who will, in turn, provide quotes on how much they require to work on the brand’s brief.

Once the brand chooses the influencer(s), they can correspond with each other on the platform to finalise the agreement.

49. Socialix

Socialix is a hybrid influencer marketing platform and agency which runs “end-to-end” solutions for running effective influencer marketing campaigns.

Influencer profiles on the Socialix platform track 20 data point to allow brands to understand their metrics and and interests for relevancy.

Socialix has worked with brands including Loreal, Polaroid, KLM and Hallmark to name a few.

50. Speakr

influencer marketing platforms


via speakr.com

Speakr says it has been the number one influencer marketing platform for Fortune 500 companies since 2010. It has worked with the likes of Sony, Warner Brothers, Fox, Samsung, Disney, Kia and more.

Rather than tracking hundreds of thousands or even millions of influencers, Speakr instead takes a quality over quantity approach. It has close relationships with 37,000 influencers and claims they are the most influential creators online today.

51. SushiVid

SushiVid is a Southeast Asia based influencer marketing platform specific to the Asian market. It says it is the first of its kind in the region.

It works by allowing influencers to browse campaigns on the site where they can submit a proposal on the ones that they find most interesting or relevant.

52. TapInfluence

Like Speakr, TapInfluence doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of influencers in its database but instead has 50,000 all of whom have opted into its database.

Influencers create their own profile on the platform and can set the type of work they’re interested in along with their rates. The platform calculates their total reach, cost per engagement, audience interests and other useful metrics.

53. Traackr

Traackr is an influencer marketing platform that does, what it calls, “Influencer Relationship Management” (IRM). This allows brands to manage relationships with influencers at scale.

The Traackr platform not only analyses influencers but also the people influencing the influencers. Using the service you can receive influencer recommendations by uploading your current list and also discover new ones by topic, location, social network and other demographics.

54. Tribe

influencer marketing tribe


via tribegroup.co

Tribe says it is a self-serve influencer marketing marketplace which connects brands with micro-influencers. Tribe’s differentiation from most other platforms is it focuses specifically on micro-influencers – every-day citizens who have built a following around a particular passion or expertise.

They’ve created 2,800 brand campaigns with over 15,000 influencers generating over 100,000 pieces of content. Brands that have used the Tribe platform include Marvel, Spotify, Domino’s, Unilever and more.

55. The Cirqle

The Cirqle is an exclusive network of influencers with just 9,000 on its database. Although a small number in comparison to other platforms, The Cirqle prides itself on highly creative and quality campaigns.

The company has worked with brands including Samsung, Belstaff, Oliver Sweeney and Made.com.

56. Upfluence

Upfluence is another hybrid influencer marketing platform that also provides creative services to brands and agencies.

Its identification software allows you to find influencers by social network, geography, language, topics and so on. It allows brands and agencies to create influencer lists and bulk contact them at scale.

57. Webfluential

influencer marketing platform


via webfluential.com

Webfluential is an influencer marketing platform that tracks influencers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, blogs and LinkedIn.

Influencers can build their “media kit” on the platform to showcase their profiles, reach, content and more. Both brands and influencers can refine briefs and agree campaigns together in Webfluential’s collaboration room built into the platform.

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