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Home » , » Calculate Linux Desktop is ideal for administrators, serving tens or hundreds of computers running OS Linux/Unix

Calculate Linux Desktop is ideal for administrators, serving tens or hundreds of computers running OS Linux/Unix

Calculate Linux is a compiled stage4 - the image of meta-distribution Gentoo Linux, has its own installer is available as an image archive system, either in ISO-boot disk format.


The benefits system could include:

* Rapid deployment;
* Convenient system updates;
* Customizable desktop;
* The possibility of establishing its system from scratch;
* Released month interval new versions.

Versions System.

* Calculate Linux Desktop is ideal for administrators, serving tens or hundreds of computers running OS Linux/Unix, as well as advanced users.
* Calculate Directory Server is suitable for rapid deployment in the enterprise server. It can be used to store files, mail, user accounts, etc.


* All distributions are built on the basis of universal meta-distribution Linux, which allows enough regularly release new versions of systems.
* Installation is done by unpacking and setting image archive system and is compiled from 2 to 10 minutes.
* System setup is done through the installation of profiles.
* You can prepare and use their own system image using the installer Calculate.

The idea to establish in our organization's Linux operating system is not accidental. Experience with the system had before, but not across the enterprise. Establish a system of houses not be difficult, but the setup job in the organization, many of the usual interface Change Windows, select the necessary set of software was at the time insurmountable obstacles.

Updates (via Distrowatch):

Calculate Linux Alexander Tratsevskiy has announced the release of Calculate Linux 11.0, a Gentoo-based distribution for desktops and servers: "A new version of the Calculate Linux distribution has been released. Major changes: added binary repositories for Calculate Linux Desktop (CLD, CLDG and CLDX) and Calculate Directory Server (CDS) with rolling-release support; new minimalistic distro Calculate Scratch Server (CSS) is now available; more user-friendly interface; support for the combined storage of user profiles for different editions of Calculate Linux Desktop; better support for netbooks; added support for Canon printers; updated Portage to version 2.2...."

Here is the full
release announcement.

download links to desktop editions with KDE (cld), GNOME (cldg) or Xfce (cldx) desktop environments: cld-11.0-i686.iso (1,859MB, MD5, torrent), cld-11.0-x86_64.iso (2,012MB, MD5, torrent), cldg-11.0-i686.iso (1,451MB, MD5, torrent), cldg-11.0-x86_64.iso (1,599MB, MD5, torrent), cldx-11.0-i686.iso (1,243MB, MD5, torrent), cldx-11.0-x86_64.iso (1,389MB, MD5, torrent).

Recent releases:

• 2011-01-22: Distribution Release: Calculate Linux 11.0
• 2010-12-19: Development Release: Calculate Linux 11.0 Beta 1
• 2010-10-08: Distribution Release: Calculate Linux 10.9
• 2010-08-27: Development Release: Calculate Linux 10.9 Beta 1
• 2010-04-08: Distribution Release: Calculate Linux 10.4
• 2010-03-29: Development Release: Calculate Linux 10.4 Beta 1

Why Linux?

This system is stable, internal structure understandable, the software is open to changes.
Plan implementation

Preparations for the transition to the Linux operating system in our company lasted several years. Let software problems, without which the transition was impossible. All this time the volunteers tested Linux on their PCs, commenting on the work. Any error in translation of staff to another OS could end up idle in the company.

The first step was translated computers with MS Office to OpenOffice. Fortunately the transition is not caused problems. This gave a strong advantage, because office package looks the same way as under Windows, and for Linux. Of course, under the emulator can be easily and run MS Office, but as shown, with the change of office, we immediately got rid of 90% of all viruses (macro-viruses), in an environment inhabited MS Office.
This result

In 2006, we have been able to prepare and establish their version of Calculate Linux, having overcome all the difficulties of transition, such as:
Unified account on the server

We immediately way back mounting directory /home via NFS to your PC, believing this method unsafe. The problem was solved by writing a small module authorization. Check out the system, the user downloads its settings from the server and mount network drives.
Automation updates

The first time, experiments were conducted at script writing removed from the system all the extra packages and renovates existing ones. The program to perform its duties, but does not guarantee 100% efficiency in all updates. As a result, the choice fell on the monthly editions of packaged distribution of images that can work on all office computers, home computers as well as our employees.
Storage session settings on the server

A single system of authorization, plus storage settings on the server, doing a job on this mobile user.
Convenient desktop settings

As candidates for the desktop seen most of the available window managers, ranging from OroboROX, and ending with Gnome and KDE. The choice fell on KDE, as more convenient to use the desktop. Appearance WM was reworked, taking into account the maximum efficiency in the work.
Compatibility equipment

Here, perhaps want to remember about combines Samsung, which naproch lacked even the printer driver, as well as graphics card ATI, which we decided to simply get rid of. Otherwise, everything works on hurrah!

A year later, Linux has proven its profprigodnost, has stood the test in combat conditions in the remote collaboration with the production office. As shown to turn over users for desktop KDE not be difficult. Pre-prepared drive system requires no additional hardware settings while building a new PC. Reinstalling the system remotely, from a network drive and takes less than 10 minutes!
Remote administration, upgrade of the system, lack of malicious code, games, bugs kopyaschihsya system, the opportunity to work with any vindovym software via remote desktop - this is only part of pluses, which allows the use of Linux in the workplace!

June 6, 2007 the project site was opened to find adherents, gain support, to move to a qualitatively new level.

License Agreement.

This operating system (OS further) consists of a multitude of separate software components, copyrights each of which belong to their authors. Each component is distributed under its own license agreement.

By installing, modifying or distributing this operating system, giving you a free archive, you agree with all the following.

This software is distributed without any guarantees. The responsibility for the use of OS you assume.

OS can be installed on any number of computers.


Forbidden to distribute a modified OS under the original name on it without special permission.

Most of the software included in this operating system, allows you to freely modify, copy and distribute it. Also included in the OS software is distributed to different conditions. For more information contact documentation accompanying a program component.


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