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Home » » Desktop ROCK Linux is an full-featured workstation and desktop distribution for end-user systems.

Desktop ROCK Linux is an full-featured workstation and desktop distribution for end-user systems.

Desktop ROCK Linux is an full-featured workstation and desktop distribution for end-user systems. Based upon ROCK Linux, it features the powerful auto-build system which allows easy customization of the included packages to adapt the distribution to personal needs.

Sources or Binaries?

The ROCK Linux source code as well as pre-built (binary) distributions are available for download.

Getting Sources

The ROCK Linux source code is available from our central subversion repository. You can find it, along with an overview of ROCK Linux related subversion repositories and usage documentation, here: http://www.rocklinux.net/svn.html

You can also browse the repositories online by following the HTTP or HTTPS links on this page.

Releases contain a tarball of the revision the release was made at.

Patches waiting for application to the ROCK Linux source tree, as well as applied and discarded patches, are listed on our SubMaster web page: https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/

Getting Binaries

Usually, ROCK Linux based distributions have their own way of distributing binaries. Have a look at their respective pages in the Distribution Portal.


You can find most ISO images of ROCK Linux bootdisk, Crystal, and LiveCD distributions at http://isos.rocklinux.org/.

Torrent Files Package List - All Repositories

Package VersionRepository

00-dirtree 0000base

1st-stage 1target-finish

2nd-stage 1target-finish

2nd-stage-livecd 1target-finish

855resolution 0.4blindcoder

a2ps 4.13bbase

a52dec 0.7.4base

aalib 1.4rc5avm

abiword 2.4.5gnome2

aboot 0.9balpha

accerciser 1.0.1gnome2
*acerhk 0.5.35blindcoder

acl 2.2.45-1base

acme 2.4.2gnome2

acpi 0.07teha

acpid 1.0.4mathieu

afio 2.5alanw
*afterstep 2.00.beta4bmisc

agg 2.5public

aide 0.10tsa

alacarte 0.11.3gnome2

alien 8.64tibit

allegro 4.2.0-rc2kasc
*alleyoop 0.9.2gnome2

alsa 1.0.13base

alsa-driver 1.0.13base

alsaplayer 0.99.76public
*am-utils 6.1-20040916tsa

amarok 1.4.4avm
*amule 2.1.3fake
*anjuta 2.2.2gnome2

anomy-mailtools 1.70sirkull

ant 1.6.5java

antiword 0.37daja77

aop 0.6clifford

apache 2.2.8base

apg 2.2.3sirkull

apmd 3.0.2x86

apollon 1.0.1tschmidt

applewmproto 1.0.3xorg

appres 1.0.1xorg

archivemail 0.6.1mathieu
*ardour 0.9beta26sirkull

arping 2.05clifford

arpwatch 2.1a4tschmidt
*arson 0.9.8beta2blindcoder

arts 1.5.8kde

asciidoc 8.2.6public

ash 0.2base

aspell 0.60.6base

aspell-de 0.50-2base

aspell-en 6.0-0base

aspell-es 1.9a-1base

aspell-fr 0.50-3base

asterisk 1.2.18valentin
*asterisk-misdn 0.1.1avm
*asterisk-oh323 0.7.2-pre1avm

at 3.1.8base

at-poke 0.2.3gnome2

at-spi 1.20.1gnome2

aterm 1.00.beta2adaniel

ati 8.40.4 8.40.4 8.28.8 8.28.8stf

atk 1.20.0gnome2

attr 2.4.39-1base

auctex 11.13public
*audacity 1.3.4sirkull

audiofile 0.2.6base

aufs 20071124public

aumix 2.8tibit

autoconf 2.61base

autoconf213 2.13public

autofs 4.1.4base

autogen 5.8.7public

automake 1.7.9 1.8.5 1.9.6base

autotrace 0.31.1public
*avahi 0.6.21public
*avidemux 2.1.2fake
*avifile 0-7-050913public
*avview 0.80.7stf

bacterium 0.2.100clifford

bacula 1.33.3-16Feb04avm
*baghira 0.6dsirkull

balazar 0.2daja77

balsa 2.3.13gnome2

barrage 1.0.2kasc

bash 2.05b 3.2base

bashcompletion 20050721mathieu

battfink 0.6.2gnome2

bbkeys 0.8.6michiel

bc 1.06base

bdb 3.3.11 4.0.14 4.1.25 4.2.52 4.4.20base

bdftopcf 1.0.1xorg

beaver 0.2.7jimmy

beforelight 1.0.2xorg

bglibs 1.104mnemoc

bibletime 1.4.1public

biff+comsat 0.17base

bigreqsproto 1.0.2xorg

bin86 0.16.17x86

bincimap 1.2.13finalmnemoc

bind 9.4.1-P1base


bison 2.3base

bitlbee 1.0.1mathieu

bitmap 1.0.2xorg

bitstream-vera-fonts 1.10public

bittorrent 5.0.5mathieu

bize 0.7base

blackbox 0.70.1michiel

bladeenc 0.94.2public
*blender 2.45public

bluefish 1.0.7gnome2

blueglass 0.4sirkull

bluez-hcidump 1.31fake

bluez-libs 3.1fake

bluez-utils 3.1fake
*bochs 2.1.1public

boehm-gc 6.8base

bogofilter 0.94.12mathieu

bomberclone 0.11.3hannes

bonnie++ 1.03abase

bonobo10 1.0.22gnome14

boost 1.35public

boost-jam 3.1.16public

bootloader 1target-finish

bootsplash 3.0.7avm

bridge-utils 1.2alessandro

briquolo 0.5.5daja77

brlcad 7.6.2stf

bsd-finger 0.17base

bsd-games 2.17base
*btscanner 2.1avm
*btsco 2005-06-07avm
*bug-buddy 2.20.1gnome2

busybox 1.01alessandro

bzflag 2.0.8blindcoder

bzip2 1.0.4base

cabextract 1.1public

cairo 1.4.10gnome2

cairomm 1.4.6base
*cal3d 0.10.0daja77

calife 2.8.6tschmidt

calltree 2.3clifford
*cantus 1.07-1nikolaus

catdoc 0.94.2blindcoder

cbrowser 0.8hannes

ccache 2.4base

ccbench 0.2base

ccsm 0.6.0compiz

cdlabelgen 3.6.0daja77

cdparanoia III-alpha9.8base
*cdrdao 1.2.1base

cdrtools 2.01base

centericq 4.20.0misc
*cfengine 2.1.13sirkull
*cgames 2.2kasc

cgilib 0.5silicit

cgoban 1.9.12blindcoder

cheapskatefonts 2003-04-23nikolaus

checkpassword 0.90hannes

checkpolicy 1.18hannes

chkrootkit 0.44mnemoc

chrony 1.21alanw

cinepaint 0.20-1public

clamav 0.90.2sirkull
*clanlib 0.6.5-1 0.7.8kasc
*clip 1.1.13-63mnemoc

clit 1.8avm

cln 1.1.11public

clucene-core 0.9.16apublic

cmake 2.4.7public
*coda 6.0.8public

commonc++ 1.3.17public

compiz 0.6.2compiz

compiz-bcop 0.6.0compiz

compiz-fusion-plugins-extra 0.6.0compiz

compiz-fusion-plugins-main 0.6.0compiz

compiz-manager 0.6.0compiz

compizconfig-backend-kconfig 0.6.0compiz


compositeproto 0.4xorg
*cone 0.62avm

consolekit 0.2.3public

control-center 2.19.1gnome2

coreutils 6.9base

corewars 0.9.13kasc

courier-authlib 0.58avm

courier-imap 4.0.6tsa


cpio 2.9base

cpuburn 1.4x86

cpufreqd 1.2.0public

cpuid 3.3x86

crackattack 1.1.14fake

cracklib 2.8.10base

crimson 0.4.9kasc

crm114 20050910-BlameToyotomimathieu

cron 3.0pl1-86base
*croquet-sdk 1.0_Betapublic
*crypto++ 5.2.1avm

cryptsetup-luks 1.0.4blindcoder

crystal-icons-gnome 1.2sirkull

cscope 15.5hannes

csync2 1.34clifford

ctags 5.5tibit

cthumb 4.2avm

ctwm 3.6tsa

cudd 2.4.1avm

cups 1.3.5base

cups-pdf 2.4.1fake

curl 7.17.0base
*cvm 0.90mnemoc

cvs 1.11.21base
*cyrus-sasl 1.5.28tsa

cyrus-sasl2 2.1.21base

daemon 0.6.3sirkull

damageproto 1.1.0xorg
*dangerdeep 0.1.0daja77

dante 1.1.14mnemoc

darkglass 0.0.5public

dasher 4.6.1gnome2

dbmail 2.0.1alessandro

dbus 1.1.2base

dbus-glib 0.74base

dbus-python 0.82.3public

dbus-qt3 0.62base

dcc 1.3.5sirkull

ddclient 3.7.3clifford

ddd 3.3.10praenti

ddrescue 1.10public

dejagnu 1.4.4public

deskbar-applet 2.20.1gnome2
*desktop-file-utils 0.11gnome2
*deva 3.0stf
*devfsd 1.3.25base

devhelp 0.16.1gnome2

device-mapper 1.02.19base

devilspie 0.17.1gnome2
*dfbsee 0.7.4misc

dgamelaunch 1.4.6blindcoder

dhcp 4.0.0b2base

dhcpcd 1.3.22-pl4stf
*dia 0.96.1gnome2

dialog 1.1-20080819base

dictd 1.10.1misc

dietlibc 0.29base

diffstat 1.45base

diffutils 2.8.1base

digikam 0.8.2daja77

digikam-plugins 0.8.2daja77
*dillo 0.8.6blindcoder

directfb 1.0.0-rc2misc

dirmngr 0.9.6stf

disktype 9base

divx4linux 5.0.5jimmy
*djvulibre 3.5.20misc

dmalloc 5.4.2stf

dmapi 2.2.8-1base

dmxproto 2.2.2xorg
*dnrd 2.10nikolaus

docbook-oasis 1.73.2public

docbook-xsl 1.73.2public

docpp 3.4.10stf
*dosbox 0.63mathieu
*dosemu 1.2.2public

dosfstools 2.11base
*dovecot 0.99.12blindcoder

doxygen 1.5.3public

dpkg 1.13.11tibit

drbd7 0.7.24clifford

driftnet 0.1.6avm

dropbear 0.48.1fake
*drwright 0.18gnome2
*dsniff 2.4b1avm

dump 0.4b41base

duplicity 0.4.1mathieu

dvb-apps 1.1.1-2004-12-16fake

dvbstream 0.5fake

dvd+rwtools 7.0base

dvdauthor 0.6.11stf

dvdrip 0.52.5tibit
*dvdstyler 1.4blindcoder

dvgrab 2.0blindcoder

dvhtool 1.0.1mips

dvorakng 0.6.0rc1esden

e16keyedit 0.2public

e16menuedit 0.1public

e2fsimage 0.2.0teha

e2fsprogs 1.40.2base
*e_utils 2005-09-11e17

easytag 1.1nikolaus

eawpatches 0public
*ebtables 2.0.6hannes

eciadsl 0.11avm
*eclair 2005-09-11e17
*ecore 2005-09-11e17

ed 0.5base

edb 2005-09-11e17

editres 1.0.2xorg
*edje 2005-09-11e17

eel 2.20.0gnome2

eet 2005-09-11e17

efsd 2005-09-11e17

eg 1.00mnemoc

eject 2.1.4base
*ekg 1.1esden
*ekiga 2.0.11gnome2

electricfence 2.1.13-0.1base

elf 0.5.4p1tsa

elftoaout 2.3sparc
*elicit 2005-09-11e17

emacs 21.4abase

emacs-xemacs-shared 21.4.15public

embryo 2005-09-11e17

embutils 0.16hannes
*emotion 2005-09-11e17

enchant 1.3.0gnome2

encodings 1.0.2xorg
*engage 2005-09-11e17
*engrave 2005-09-11e17
*enlightenment 2005-09-11e17


enscript 1.6.1public
*entice 2005-09-11e17
*entrance 2005-09-11e17

eog 2.20.1gnome2

epeg 2005-09-11e17

epiphany 2.20.1gnome2

epplets-16 0.7public

epplets-extra16 0.5public
*epsilon 2005-09-11e17

eruby 1.0.5michiel
*esmart 2005-09-11e17

esound 0.2.38base
*esp-ghostscript 8.15.2x11

etcnet 0.8.5base

etcnetconf 0.0.7public
*eterm16 0.9.3public
*ethereal 0.10.14tsa

ethtool 6base

etox 2005-09-11e17

ettercap 0.7.2tsa
*euler 1.61.0avm
*evas 2005-09-11e17
*evidence 2005-09-11e17

evieext 1.0.2xorg

evilwm 0.99.23avm

evince 2.20.1gnome2

evolution 2.12.1gnome2

evolution-data-server 1.12.1gnome2

evolution-exchange 2.12.1gnome2
*evolution-webcal 2.12.0gnome2
*ewl 2005-09-11e17
*examine 2005-09-11e17

exiftags 1.00blindcoder

exim 4.54public

expat 2.0.0base

expect 5.43.0public

exult 1.2stf

ezipupdate 3.0.11b7blindcoder

ezv24 0.1.1daja77

faac 1.24base

faad2 2.0stf

fam 2.7.0base

fann 2.0.0clifford

fast-user-switch-applet 2.18.0gnome2

fbgrab 1.0mathieu

fbset 2.1base
*festival 1.95stf

fetchmail 6.3.1blindcoder
*ffmpeg 2008-09-13base
*fftw 2.1.5public
*fftw3 3.1.2sirkull

fgetty 0.6teha

figlet 2.2.2blindcoder

figment 0.3.5gnome2

file 4.26base

file-roller 2.20.1gnome2

findutils 4.3.8base

firefox 3.0.3x11

firestarter 1.0.3gnome2
*fishfillets 0.7.3daja77

fishfillets-data 0.7.1daja77

fixesproto 4.0xorg

flac 1.1.2base

flash-player 9public

flex 2.5.33base

flexlm 9.2.1public
*flightgear 0.9.9kasc

flightgear-base 0.9.9kasc

flite 1.3fake

fltk 1.1.3clifford

fluxbox 1.0rcteha

fmtools 1.0teha

fnlib 0.5public

font-adobe-100dpi 1.0.0xorg

font-adobe-75dpi 1.0.0xorg

font-adobe-utopia-100dpi 1.0.1xorg

font-adobe-utopia-75dpi 1.0.1xorg

font-adobe-utopia-type1 1.0.1xorg

font-alias 1.0.1xorg

font-arabic-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-bh-100dpi 1.0.0xorg

font-bh-75dpi 1.0.0xorg

font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi 1.0.0xorg

font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi 1.0.0xorg

font-bh-ttf 1.0.0xorg

font-bh-type1 1.0.0xorg

font-bitstream-100dpi 1.0.0xorg

font-bitstream-75dpi 1.0.0xorg

font-bitstream-speedo 1.0.0xorg

font-bitstream-type1 1.0.0xorg

font-cronyx-cyrillic 1.0.0xorg

font-cursor-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-daewoo-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-dec-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-ibm-type1 1.0.0xorg

font-isas-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-jis-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-micro-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-misc-cyrillic 1.0.0xorg

font-misc-ethiopic 1.0.0xorg

font-misc-meltho 1.0.0xorg

font-misc-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-mutt-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-schumacher-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-screen-cyrillic 1.0.1xorg

font-sony-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-sun-misc 1.0.0xorg

font-util 1.0.1xorg

font-winitzki-cyrillic 1.0.0xorg

font-xfree86-type1 1.0.0xorg

fontcacheproto 0.1.2xorg

fontconfig 2.4.2x11

fontforge 20060507daja77

fontsproto 2.0.2xorg

fonttosfnt 1.0.3xorg

foobillard 3.0akasc

fping 2.4b2tibit

freeciv 2.0.8kasc


freedroid 1.0.2kasc

freedroid_rpg 0.9.13kasc

freefonts 0.10x11

freeglut 2.4.0lvp

freenx 0.4.2avm

freetds 0.64fake

freetype 2.3.4x11

freetype1 1.3.1x11

fribidi 0.10.7base

frozen-bubble 1.0.0kasc

fslsfonts 1.0.1xorg

fstobdf 1.0.2xorg

fuse 2.6.2public

fvwm 2.4.16tibit
*fwbuilder 2.0.10avm

g-wrap 1.3.4tibit
*gaia 0.1.2daja77

gail 1.20.1gnome2

gaim 1.5.0michiel

gal 2.5.3gnome2

galan 0.2.14clifford

gamix 1.99.p14public
*gammu 1.00.0mathieu
*gatos-ati-remote 2004-01-07stf

gatos-drm-kernel 2004-01-13stf
*gatos-km 0.6.1stf

gawk 3.1.6base

gcalctool 5.20.2gnome2

gcc 2.95.3 3.2.3 3.3.6 3.4.6 4.0.4 4.1.2 4.2.4 4.3.1base

gccmakedep 1.0.2xorg

gcl 2.6.7public
*gcombust 0.1.55public

gconf 2.20.1gnome2

gconf-editor 2.20.0gnome2

gconfmm 2.20.0gnome2

gdb 6.8base

gdbm 1.8.3base

gdesklets 0.32gnome2

gdk-pixbuf10 0.22.0gnome14

gdl 0.7.7gnome2

gdm 2.20.1gnome2

gecko-mediaplayer 0.5.1public

gedit 2.20.2gnome2

geki2 2.0.3kasc

geki3 1.0.3kasc

genromfs 0.5.1base

gens 2.12adaniel

gentoo 0.11.51jimmy
*gettext 0.16.1base

gfingerpoken 0.25blindcoder

gftp 2.0.18gnome2
*ggrab 0.22atibit

ggv 2.12.0gnome2
*ghex 2.20.0gnome2
*ghostscript 8.57x11

ghostscript-fonts 8.11x11
*gimp 2.4.1gnome2
*gimp-print42 4.2.7gnome14
*ginac 1.2.1public


gjiten 2.4mathieu

gkrellm 2.2.7daniel

gkrellm-plugins 1.2.2daniel

gl-117 1.3.1tschmidt
*glabels 2.0.4gnome2

glade 3.4.0gnome2

glade10 0.6.4gnome14
*glademm 2.6.0gnome2

gle 3.1.0x11

glib 2.14.2gnome2

glib12 1.2.10gnome14

glibc 2.2.5 2.3.6 2.5.1 2.6.1 2.7base

glibmm 2.14.1gnome2

glide3 3kasc

glitz 0.5.6x11

glproto 1.4.8xorg
*gltron 0.70kasc

glut 3.7x11

gmime 2.1.9gnome2

gmp 4.2.1base

gnapster 1.5.0misc

gnet 2.0.5gnome2

gnet1 1.1.9gnome2

gnocky 0.0.3daja77

gnokii 0.6.10daja77
*gnome-applets 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-backgrounds 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-blog 0.9.1gnome2

gnome-build 0.2.0gnome2

gnome-common 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-control-center 2.20.1gnome2

gnome-cups-manager 0.31gnome2

gnome-desktop 2.20.1gnome2

gnome-devel-docs 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-doc-utils 0.12.0gnome2

gnome-games 2.20.1gnome2

gnome-icon-theme 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-keyring 2.20.1gnome2

gnome-keyring-manager 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-libs14 1.4.2gnome14

gnome-mag 0.14.10gnome2
*gnome-media 2.20.1gnome2

gnome-menus 2.20.1gnome2

gnome-mime-data 2.18.0gnome2

gnome-mplayer 0.5.1public

gnome-netstatus 2.12.1gnome2
*gnome-nettool 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-panel 2.20.1gnome2

gnome-pilot 2.0.15gnome2

gnome-pilot-conduits 2.0.15gnome2

gnome-power-manager 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-print10 0.37gnome14

gnome-python 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-python-desktop 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-python-extras 2.19.1gnome2

gnome-screensaver 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-session 2.20.1gnome2

gnome-sharp 2.16.0gnome2

gnome-speech 0.4.16gnome2

gnome-spell 1.0.8gnome2

gnome-system-monitor 2.20.1gnome2

gnome-system-tools 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-terminal 2.18.2gnome2

gnome-themes 2.20.1gnome2

gnome-user-docs 2.20.1gnome2


gnome-vfs 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-vfs-extras 0.99.13gnome2

gnome-vfs-monikers 2.15.3gnome2

gnome-vfsmm 2.20.0gnome2

gnome-volume-manager 2.17.0gnome2

gnome14-dirtree 0000gnome14

gnome2-dirtree 0000gnome2

gnome2-user-docs 2.8.1gnome2

gnomeicu 0.99.10gnome2
*gnomemm12 1.2.4gnome14

gnonlin 0.10.5gnome2

gnopernicus 1.1.2gnome2

gnotepad+ 1.3.3gnome14
*gnubg 0.14.3kasc
*gnucash 2.0.0stefanp
*gnuchess 5.07kasc

gnugo 3.6blindcoder
*gnumeric 1.7.14gnome2

gnupg 1.4.7base

gnupg2 2.0.7base
*gnuplot 4.0.0x11

gnuplotpy 1.7public

gnupod 0.97nikolaus

gnutls 1.6.2mathieu

gob 2.0.14gnome2

gocr 0.39public

goffice 0.5.2gnome2

gok 1.3.7gnome2

gossip 0.28gnome2

gpa 0.7.0public
*gpac 0.4.0r2stf
*gpart 0.1hnikolaus

gpdf 2.10.0gnome2

gperf 3.0.3base

gpgme 1.1.4base

gphoto 2.3.0public

gpl-fonts 1.002public
*gpm 1.20.1base

gpsdrive 2.09blindcoder

gqview 1.4.5esden
*grace 5.1.14misc

grande 0.6kasc

grandr_applet 0.2gnome2

graphicsmagick 1.1.10base
*graphviz 2.8tschmidt

grep 2.5.3base

grepmail 4.91nikolaus

grip 3.2.0teha

grml-x 20070603x11

groff 1.19.2base

grub 0.97x86

gscanbus 0.7.1avm

gsl 1.10base

gsm 1.0.12public
*gsmlib 1.10public

gst-ffmpeg 0.10.1gnome2

gst-plugins-base 0.10.14gnome2

gst-plugins-good 0.10.6gnome2

gstreamer 0.10.14gnome2

gthumb 2.6.9gnome2

gtk+ 2.12.1gnome2

gtk+12 1.2.10gnome14

gtk-engines 2.12.2gnome2

gtk-engines10 0.12gnome14

gtk-perl10 0.7008gnome14

gtk-sharp 2.10.2mnemoc

gtk2mp 0.8.0mathieu
*gtkam 0.1.11mathieu

gtkdoc 1.8gnome2

gtkextra 2.1.1gnome2

gtkhtml 3.16.1gnome2

gtkmm 2.12.1gnome2

gtkmm12 1.2.10gnome14

gtkpbbuttons 0.6.1powerpc

gtkpod 0.99.4fake

gtksourceview 2.0.1gnome2

gtoaster 1.0Beta6public

gucharmap 1.10.1gnome2

guile 1.6.7public
*gutenprint 5.0.0public

gv 3.6.3x11
*gwenview 1.3.1avm

gworldclock 1.4.4gnome2


gzip 1.3.12base


hal-info 20070618base

hddtemp 0.3-beta15blindcoder

hdf5 1.6.2public

hdparm 7.3base

heartbeat 2.1.2clifford

hercules 3.05clifford
*hermes 1.3.2public

hesiod 3.0.2tsa

hexedit 1.2.3tibit
*hexxagon 1.0kasc

hfsutils 3.2.6base

hibernate 1.02hannes
*hicolor-icon-theme 0.5gnome2

hnb 1.19.18silicit
*hostap 0.4.8avm

hotplug 2004_09_23base

howtos 0000base

hpijs 2.1.4base

hping 2.0.0-rc3mathieu

htdig 3.2.0b6base

htop 0.6.5silicit

httrack 3.40daja77

hwinfo 15.3base

hylafax 4.3.0avm

i810switch 0.6.5blindcoder

i8krellm 2.5mathieu

icc 6.0x86

iceauth 1.0.2xorg

icecast 2.1.0mathieu
*icewm 1.2.23daniel

ico 1.0.2xorg

icon-naming-utils 0.8.1gnome2

icon-slicer 0.3daja77
*iconbar 2005-09-11e17

id-utils 3.2base

id3lib 3.8.3nikolaus
*ieee80211 1.0.3avm
*ifenslave 0alessandro
*ifhp 3.5.20base

ifplugd 0.28base

imagemagick 6.3.4-10x11

imake 1.0.2xorg
*imgseek 0.8.6stf

imlib 1.9.15x11

imlib2 2005-09-11e17

imlib2_loaders 2005-09-11e17

indent 2.2.9base

initramfs 1target-finish

inkscape 0.46base


intltool 0.36.2public

iproute2 2.6.23base

ipsvd 0.9.7mnemoc

iptables 1.4.1base
*iptraf 2.7.0tsa

ipvsadm 1.21mnemoc
*ipw2100 1.1.2avm
*ipw2200 1.0.6hannes

ircii 20040820base
*ircp 0.3blindcoder

irda-utils 0.9.18base

irmanager 0.1.16avm

irqbalance 0.12hannes

irssi 0.8.10ablindcoder
*isdn4k-utils v3.2p1base

iso-codes 0.58gnome2

isofs 1target-finish

itcl 3.2.1public

iverilog 0.8.6clifford

ivman 0.6.8avm
*jack 0.102.20public
*jamin 0.9.0sirkull

jasper 1.701.0public

jed 0.99-18clifford

jfsutils 1.1.12base
*jhead 2.5avm

jikes 1.22sirkull

joe 3.5base
*john 1.6tsa

joystick 2006-05-06blindcoder

jpilot 0.99.7tibit

jpilot-syncmal 0.72tibit

k3b 1.0.4kde

k9copy 1.0.4-beta1avm

kaffeine 0.8.5base
*kahakai 0.6.2avm

kanatest 0.4.2blindcoder

kanjipad 1.2.3mathieu

kbd 1.12base

kbproto 1.0.3xorg
*kchm 1.0avm

kde-i18n 3.5.7import

kdeaccessibility 3.5.8kde

kdeaddons 3.5.8kde

kdeadmin 3.5.8kde

kdeartwork 3.5.8kde

kdebase 3.5.8kde
*kdebindings 3.5.8kde

kdebluetooth 1.0_beta1fake

kdeedu 3.5.8kde

kdegames 3.5.8kde

kdegraphics 3.5.8kde

kdelibs 3.5.8kde

kdemultimedia 3.5.8kde

kdenetwork 3.5.8kde

kdepim 3.5.8kde

kdesdk 3.5.8kde

kdetoys 3.5.8kde

kdetv 0.8.9tschmidt

kdeutils 3.5.8kde

kdevelop 3.4.1kde

kdewebdev 3.5.8kde

kdirstat 2.5.3kde

kdissert 1.0.5avm
*keepalived 1.1.7mnemoc

kiax 0.8.5-preavm

kile 1.6.2stf

kim 0.9.0avm
*kino 0.9.0blindcoder

kiosktool 0.9sirkull
*kismet 2005-04-R1valentin

kiss 0.21base
*kmplayer 0.9.1stf
*kobo_deluxe 0.4pre8kasc

koffice 1.6.3kde

koffice-l10n 1.6.3import

kompose 0.5.3avm

kooldock 0.3public

koules 1.0.0blindcoder
*kphone 4.2stefanp
*kphotoalbum 2.2stf

kqemu 1.3.0pre11daja77
*krusader 1.70.0avm

ksendfax 3.0.2avm

ksimus 0.3.6-2 0.3.6 0.3.6 0.3.6blindcoder
*ksubtile 1.1-2blindcoder

ksymoops 2.4.11base

ktcpvs 0.0.16mnemoc
*kterm 6.2.0blindcoder

ktorrent 2.1.4stf

kvpnc 0.8.4avm

kxdocker 0.39avm

lablgtk 1.2.7mathieu
*ladspa 1.12sirkull
*ladspa-caps 0.2.1sirkull
*ladspa-cmt 1.15sirkull
*ladspa-mcp 0.3.0sirkull

ladspa-rev 0.3.1sirkull
*ladspa-swh-plugins 0.4.13sirkull
*ladspa-tap 0.7.0sirkull
*ladspa-vcf 0.0.5sirkull
*ladspa-vco 0.3.0sirkull
*ladspa-vlevel 0.5sirkull
*ladspa-vocoder 0.3sirkull

lame 3.97base

laptop-mode-tools 1.26avm

latex2html 2002-2-1public

lbreakout2 2.5.1kasc

lbxproxy 1.0.1xorg

lcap 0.0.6base

lcdemu 0.6.0esden

lcdproc 0.4.3esden

lcdutils 0.2mips

lcms 1.15base

leafnode 1.11.2base

leif 0.7daja77

less 382base

lesspipe 1.35tibit

lesstif 0.95.0x11

lftp 3.2.1mathieu
*lgeneral 1.2beta-2kasc

libao 0.8.6public

libapplewm 1.0.0xorg

libart_lgpl23 2.3.19x11

libassuan 1.0.3base

libavc1394 0.5.3blindcoder

libbonobo 2.20.1gnome2

libbonoboui 2.20.0gnome2

libcaca 0.9stf

libcap 2.09base

libcdaudio 0.99.12fake

libcddb 1.2.1base

libcdio 0.77base

libcdk 5.0-20060507blindcoder

libchipcard 0.9.1tibit

libcompizconfig 0.6.0compiz

libcroco 0.6.1gnome2

libcss 0.1.0public

libdaemon 0.12base

libdca 0.0.2base

libdiscid 0.1.1public

libdmx 1.0.2xorg

libdockapp 0.5.0a-tui

libdrm 2.3.0x11

libdv 0.104tibit

libdvbpsi 0.1.5base

libdvdcss 1.2.9base

libdvdnav 0.1.10base

libdvdplay 1.0.1public

libdvdread 0.9.7base

libebml 0.7.7blindcoder

libelf 0.8.9base

libesmtp 1.0.3gnome2

libevent 1.3dbase

libexif 0.6.16base

libfame 0.9.1fake

libfontenc 1.0.4xorg

libfs 1.0.0xorg

libgail-gnome 1.20.0gnome2

libgcrypt 1.2.3base

libgd 2.0.33x11
*libgda 3.1.2gnome2
*libgift 0.11.7tschmidt

libglade 2.6.2gnome2

libglade10 0.17gnome14

libglademm 2.6.5gnome2
*libgli 0.4blindcoder


libgnomecanvas 2.20.1gnome2

libgnomecanvasmm 2.20.0gnome2

libgnomecups 0.2.2gnome2
*libgnomedb 3.1.2gnome2

libgnomekbd 2.20.0gnome2

libgnomemm 2.20.0gnome2

libgnomeprint 2.18.2gnome2

libgnomeprintui 2.18.1gnome2

libgnomeui 2.20.1gnome2

libgnomeuimm 2.20.0gnome2

libgpg-error 1.4base

libgphoto 2.3.0public

libgpod 0.3.2fake

libgsf 1.14.7gnome2

libgtkhtml 2.11.1gnome2

libgtop 2.20.0gnome2

libice 1.0.4xorg

libicu 3.6daja77

libidl 0.8.9gnome2

libidn 0.6.12base

libiec61883 1.0.0avm

libjpeg 6bbase

libkexif 0.2.2daja77

libkipi 0.1.2daja77

libkipi-plugins 0.1.0-rc1stf

libksba 1.0.2base

libkxl 1.1.7kasc

liblbxutil 1.0.1xorg

liblockfile 1.06.1base
*liblrdf 0.4.0sirkull

libmatroska 0.8.1blindcoder

libmcrypt 2.5.7alanw

libmhash 0.9.1tsa

libmikmod 3.1.10base

libmng 1.0.9base

libmpeg 1.3.1public

libmpeg2 0.4.0bbase
*libmpeg3 1.6public

libmrproject 0.10gnome2

libmspack 2006-09-20public

libmusicbrainz 2.1.5base

libmusicbrainz3 3.0.1public


libnfsidmap 0.15base

libnids 1.19avm
*libode 0.9daja77

libogg 1.1.3base

liboil 0.3.9public

libol 0.3.14alessandro

liboldx 1.0.1xorg

libole 2.2.8gnome2

liboobs 2.20.0gnome2

libosip 0.9.7stefanp

libosip2 2.0.9stefanp
*libowfat 0.25teha


libpcap 0.9.8base

libpng 1.2.22base

libpthread-stubs 0.1xorg

libraw1394 1.2.1blindcoder

librep 0.17public

librsvg 2.18.2gnome2

librsync 0.9.7mathieu

libsafe 2.0-16base

libsamplerate 0.1.2sirkull

libsdl 1.2.13base

libsdl_console 2.1base

libsdl_gfx 2.0.16base

libsdl_image 1.2.6base

libsdl_mixer 1.2.8base

libsdl_net 1.2.7base

libsdl_perl 1.20.0base

libsdl_sound 1.0.3base

libsdl_ttf 2.0.9base

libsdlmm 0.1.8base

libselinux 1.18hannes

libsepol 1.2hannes

libshout 2.0mathieu

libsigc++ 2.1.1base

libsigc++1 1.0.4public

libsigc++12 1.2.5public

libsm 1.0.3xorg

libsndfile 1.0.16public

libsoup 2.2.102gnome2

libstroke 0.5.1fvwmtibit

libtheora 1.0alpha7stf

libtiff 3.8.2base

libtommath 0.36avm

libtool 1.5.22base

libungif 4.1.4base

libunicode 0.4.gnomepublic

libusb 0.1.12base

libvisual 0.2.0avm

libvncserver 0.7.1avm

libvorbis 1.1.2base

libwbxml2 0.9.0public

libwindowswm 1.0.0xorg

libwnck 2.20.1gnome2

libx11 1.1.3xorg

libxau 1.0.3xorg

libxaw 1.0.4xorg

libxcb 1.0xorg

libxcomposite 0.4.0xorg

libxcursor 1.1.9xorg

libxdamage 1.0.4xorg

libxdmcp 1.0.2xorg

libxevie 1.0.2xorg

libxext 1.0.2xorg

libxfixes 4.0.3xorg

libxfont 1.3.1xorg

libxfontcache 1.0.4xorg

libxft 2.1.12xorg

libxi 1.1.3xorg

libxinerama 1.0.2xorg

libxkbfile 1.0.4xorg

libxkbui 1.0.2xorg

libxklavier 3.3gnome2

libxml 1.8.17base

libxml++ 2.20.0gnome2

libxml++1 1.0.5daja77

libxml2 2.6.32base

libxmu 1.0.3xorg

libxp 1.0.0xorg

libxpm 3.5.7xorg

libxprintapputil 1.0.1xorg

libxprintutil 1.0.1xorg

libxrandr 1.2.2xorg

libxrender 0.9.4xorg

libxres 1.0.3xorg

libxscrnsaver 1.1.2xorg

libxslt 1.1.24base

libxt 1.0.4xorg

libxtrap 1.0.0xorg

libxtst 1.0.3xorg

libxv 1.0.3xorg
*libxvmc 1.0.4xorg

libxxf86dga 1.0.2xorg

libxxf86misc 1.0.1xorg

libxxf86vm 1.0.1xorg

libzvbi 0.2.17stf

libzvt 2.0.1gnome2

licq 1.3.4blindcoder
*liferea 0.9.7bmathieu

lighttpd 1.4.15teha

lilo 22.7.1x86

linesrv 2.1.21nikolaus

links 2.1pre23mnemoc

linphone 0.12.2stefanp

*linux-drm 4.4-2005-11-20x11


linux-mol 0.9.70powerpc

liquidwar 5.6.2kasc
*lirc 0.8.0fake

listres 1.0.1xorg

lives 0.9.1stf

lm_sensors 2.10.5base

lmarbles 1.0.7kasc
*lmms 0.3.0clifford

lndir 1.0.1xorg

lock-keys-applet 1.0gnome2

log4cpp 0.3.4bavm

longrun 0.9fake

loudmouth 1.2.3gnome2

lpairs 1.0.1kasc
*lphdisk 0.9.1avm
*lprng 3.8.28base

lrzsz 0.12.20base
*lsdvd 0.15stf

lshw B.02.06base

lsof 4.78base
*ltrace 0.4base

ltris 1.0.10kasc
*lua 5.1.1blindcoder

luit 1.0.2xorg

lvm 1.0.8base

lvm-wrapper 1.0base

lvm2 2.02.25base

lvp 0.3.4lvp

lynx 2.8.6rel.5base
*lyx 1.3.7avm

lzo 2.02base

m2crypto 0.15guru

m2vrequantiser 2004-01-22stf

m4 1.4.10base

mac-fdisk 0.1-13powerpc

macosd 0.1.7powerpc

mad 0.15.1bbase

madwifi 0.9.4clifford

magicpoint 1.12aclifford

mahjong 1.6.3kasc
*maildrop 1.8.1tsa

mailscanner 4.27.7-1sirkull

mailx 8.1.1-11base

mairix 0.16.1mathieu

make 3.81base

makedepend 1.0.1xorg

man 1.6ebase

man-pages 2.67base

maverik 6.2stf

maxima 5.14.0public

mbuffer 20051006base

mc 4.1.40-pre9public

mdadm 2.6.2base

mdnsresponder 107base

memprof 0.6gnome2

memtest86 1.70x86

mercurial 0.9.5avm
*mergeant 0.67gnome2

mesalib 7.0.2xorg

metacity 2.20.0gnome2


metamail 2.7tsa

metatheme 0.9.7gnome2

mew 3.3public

mgt 1.6.2nikolaus

micq 0.4.11daniel

microcode_ctl 1.17x86

microsoft-web-core-fonts 0.1public

mine 0.25base
*mined 2000.12.2stefanp

minicom 2.1base

minisip 0.7fake

minit 0.10teha

miscfiles 1.4.2base
*misdn-user 3.4avm

mixmagic 0.1.7clifford
*mjpegtools 1.8.0tibit

mkdvd 2.13avm

mkfontdir 1.0.3xorg

mkfontscale 1.0.3xorg

mkpwd 0.7public

mktemp 1.5base

mkttfontdir 0.1x11

mldonkey 2.7.5mathieu

mlmmj 1.2.11avm

mmv 1.01bbase

mod_jk 1.2.15fake

mod_jk2 2.0.4fake
*mod_mono 1.0.6mnemoc
*mod_ruby 1.2.2michiel

modplug-xmms 2.05stf

module-init-tools 3.2.2base

modutils 2.4.27base

mol 0.9.70powerpc

mono 1.1.8mnemoc

mono-doc 1.1.18mnemoc
*mono-xsp 1.0.6mnemoc
*monotone 0.35daja77

moto4lin 0.3avm

motor 3.4.0jimmy
*mozilla 1.7.13x11
*mozilla_searchplugins 0.1blindcoder
*mp3fs 0.06stf

mp3info 0.8.4public
*mpack 1.6avm

mpc 0.11.2mathieu

mpd 0.11.5mathieu

mpfr 2.2.1base
*mpg123 0.59ravm

mpg321 0.2.10public

mpgtx 1.3.1blindcoder

mplayer 1.0rc2base

mplayer-fonts 1.0.3jimmy
*mplayerplug-in 3.45avm

mrproject 0.10gnome2

mrtg 2.11.1blindcoder
*mt-st 0.9bstf

mtools 3.9.10base

mtr 0.72base
*multisync 2004-12-18public
*musicdns 0.9.3stf
*mutella 0.4.5daja77

mutt 1.5.15base

muttprint 0.71nikolaus

mysql 4.1.22 5.0.41base
*mythtv 0.19fake
*mythtv-plugins 0.19fake

mythtv-themes 0.19fake

nagios 2.0avm

nano 1.2.5sirkull

nas 1.7base

nasm 0.99.05x86
*nautilus 2.20.0gnome2

nautilus-cd-burner 2.20.0gnome2

ncftp 3.2.1base
*ncompress 4.2.4base

ncp 1.2.3stefanp

ncurses 5.6base

nd 0.8.2stefanp

ndiswrapper 1.47stf

ne 1.39jimmy

nedit 5.5praenti

neon 0.26.4base

nessus 2.2.4tsa

net-snmp 5.4.1base

net-tools 1.60base

netcat 0.7.1esden

nethack 3.4.3blindcoder

netkit-base 0.17base

netkit-ftp 0.17base

netkit-ntalk 0.17base

netkit-routed 0.17base

netkit-rsh 0.17base

netkit-telnet 0.17base

netpbm 10.33x11
*netperf 2.2p14avm

netspeed_applet 0.10gnome2

nettle 1.9avm

newsfeed 1.9blindcoder

nfs-utils 1.1.1base
*nget 0.27.1avm

ngrep 1.42tschmidt
*nload 0.5public

nmap 4.01public

noia-icons-gnome 1.0sirkull

noia-icons-kde 1.00sirkull

normalize 0.7.6avm
*noteedit 2.8.0avm

nspr 3.11.7public

ntfs-3g 1.2812public

ntfsprogs 1.13.1base

ntp 4.2.0base

nudelstats 0.5avm

nullmailer 1.00RC7jimmy
*numpy 23.3public

nusmv 2.3.1avm

nvi 1.49base

nvidia 1.0-8776 1.0-7174tsa

nvram-wakeup 0.9.7stf
*nvrec 20030316tibit

nx-x11 1.5.0-112avm

nxcomp 1.5.0-80public

nxproxy 1.5.0-9public

nxssh 1.5.0-21avm
*obexftp 0.10.6public

ocaml 3.09.1mathieu

oclock 1.0.1xorg
*octave 3.0.0public
*ogle 0.9.1public
*opal 2.2.11public

openal 20071022kasc

openbox 3.0misc
*openct 0.6.11stefanp

openexr 1.2.2base

openglad 0.98kasc

openh323 1.18.0public

openhbci 0.9.16tibit
*openjade 1.3.2public

openldap 2.3.35base
*openmotif 2.2.3praenti

openobex 1.3public
*openobex-apps 1.0.0teha

openoffice 2.2.0stf
*opensc 0.9.4stefanp

openslp 1.2.0tsa

openssh 4.7p1base
*openssl 0.9.8gbase

openvpn 2.0.7mnemoc

oprofile 0.9.3base

orbit10 0.5.17gnome14

orbit2 2.14.10gnome2

orbitcpp 1.3.9gnome2


p3nfs 5.19avm

packagedb 1target-finish

palcal 0.3.4kasc


pam_ldap 169public


pango 1.18.3gnome2
*paragui 1.0.4kasc
*parchive 0.4avm

parted 1.8.7base

patch 2.5.4base

patchutils 0.2.31base

pathological 1.1.3daja77

pbbuttons 0.5.8powerpc

pciutils 2.2.5base
*pcmcia-cs 3.2.8public

pcmciautils 014base

pcre 7.1base

pcsc-lite 1.2.9-beta7tibit

pdisk 0.8a2powerpc

pdksh 5.2.14base

pdnsd 1.2.1-parpublic

pearpc 0.4.0fake

pegasus 2.5stf
*pekwm 0.1.3teha

perl5 5.8.8base

perltidy 20031021mathieu

pessulus 2.16.3gnome2

php 4.4.7 5.2.2base

phppgadmin 3.5mnemoc

pidentd 3.0.19base

pike 7.6.66avm

pil 1.1.5daja77

pilot-link 0.11.7tibit

pine 4.64base

pinentry 0.7.2base

pinfo 0.6.8esden
*pingus 0.6.0kasc
*pioneers 0.9.55daja77

pixman 0.9.6freedesktop

pkgconfig 0.22base

pkgview 1.0.6gnome2
*plib 1.8.4kasc

ploticus 232public

plugger 5.1.3public

pmount 0.9.13base

pmud 0.10.1powerpc

polgen 0.8hannes

policycoreutils 1.18hannes

policykit 0.3base

polypaudio 0.7stf
*poppler 0.5.4gnome2

poppler-data 0.1gnome2

popt 1.7base

portaudio v19_20071207stf

portmap 4base

postfix 2.5.2base

postgresql postgresql-8.2.6base

povray 3.6public

powermanga 0.79kasc

powernowd 0.97silicit

powerpc-utils 1.1.3-10powerpc

ppp 2.4.4base
*ppracer 0.3daja77

pptp-linux 1.7.1base
*prboom 2.3.1stf

prelink 20050610base

printproto 1.0.3xorg

privoxy 3.0.6blindcoder

procinfo 18base

procmail 3.22base

procps 3.2.7base

prosper 1.00.4avm

proxymngr 1.0.1xorg

pseudonative-daemon 0.1fake

psi 0.10stefanp

psmisc 22.6base

pspresent 1.3clifford

psutils p17base

psyco 1.5daja77

pth 2.0.6base

pureftpd 1.0.21sirkull

pv 0.9.6stefanp

pwgen 2.03mathieu

pwlib 1.10.10public

py2play 0.1.8daja77
*pybliographer 1.2.11gnome2

pycairo 1.4.0public

pycrypto 2.0.1public
*pygame 1.7.1daja77

pygobject 2.14.0gnome2

pygtk 2.12.0gnome2

pygtksourceview 2.0.0gnome2

pynumarray 1.0public

pyogg 1.3daja77

pyopenal 0.1.5daja77

pyorbit 2.14.3gnome2

pypanel 2.4avm
*pyqt 3.16stf


pyslsk 1.2.5tsa

pytables 0.8.1public

python 2.5.1base
*python-gammu 0.7mathieu

python-ldap 2.2.0guru

python-xlib 0.12avm

pyvorbis 1.3daja77

pyxml 0.8.4stf

pyzor 0.4.0sirkull

qca 1.0base

*qcake 20040510 20050831 20060524 20060524 20060817public

qdvdauthor 0.1.0avm
*qemu 0.9.1daja77

qiv 1.8tibit
*qjackctl 0.2.14sirkull
*qmatplot 0.4.2public

qt 3.3.8 4.3.3x11

qtcurve 0.22sirkull
*qtparted 0.4.4nikolaus

quagga 0.99.2tsa

quake2 0.2.1tschmidt

quick-lounge-applet 2.12.4gnome2

quik 2.0-1kpowerpc

quilt 0.32hannes

quota 3.14base
*raidtools 1.00.3public

randrproto 1.2.1xorg

raptor 1.4.5sirkull

rarian 0.6.0freedesktop

razor 2.67sirkull

rcs 5.7base

rdesktop 1.4.1nikolaus

readline 5.2base

recode 3.6base

recordproto 1.13.2xorg

redhat-artwork 0.117daja77

regexxer 0.8gnome2

reiser4progs 1.0.6base

reiserfsprogs 3.6.20base

renderproto 0.9.3xorg

rep-gtk 0.18gnome2

rep-gtk01 0.15gnome14

rescue-stage1-init 0000teha

resourceproto 1.0.2xorg

rexml 3.1.2avm

rfc 0000base

rgb 1.0.1xorg

rhythmbox 0.11.3gnome2

ripperx 2.6.7avm
*rivatv 0.8.6stf

rng-tools 2base

rock-debug 0000base

rock-src 0000base

rockinitramfs 7teha

rockinitrd 20080112base

rocknet 0000base

rockplug 0.1.0base
*rocksndiamonds 3.1.0kasc
*root 4.00.08public

root-tail 1.2tsa

rox-filer 2.4.1blindcoder
*rpm 4.1base

rrdtool 1.2.12tsa

rsbac 1.2.2mnemoc

rss_glx 0.7.5public

rstart 1.0.2xorg

rsync 2.6.9base

rsynth 2.0fake

rtai 24.1.13daja77

rte 0.5.6stf

rtsp 2007.02.20base

rubiclox 2.0.0kasc

ruby 1.8.6-p111michiel

ruby-postgres 0.7.1michiel

rubygem-actionmailer 1.1.5guru

rubygem-actionpack 1.11.2guru

rubygem-actionwebservice 1.0.0guru

rubygem-activerecord 1.13.2guru

rubygem-activesupport 1.2.5guru

rubygem-rails 1.0.0guru

rubygem-rake 0.7.0guru

rubygem-rubyzip 0.5.12guru

rubygems 0.9.2guru

runit 1.1.0mnemoc

rxvt 2.7.9public

rxvt-unicode 3.0misc

sabayon 2.20.1gnome2

samba 3.2.4base

sane-backends 1.0.17base

sane-frontends 1.0.13public

sawfish 1.3gnome2
*scanlogd 2.2.4tschmidt

scientificpy 2.4.6public
*scilab 4.1.2kasc

scmxx 0.9.0blindcoder

scons 0.96.92fake
*scorched3d 39.1daja77

screen 4.0.3base
*scribus 1.3.1public

scripts 1.0.1xorg

scrnsaverproto 1.1.0xorg
*scrollkeeper 0.3.14gnome2

scummvm 0.11.0daja77
*seahorse 2.20.1gnome2

secpanel 0.5.1avm

sed 4.1.5base

sendmail 8.14.1base

senken 0.3.0kasc
*sensors-applet 1.7.8gnome2

ser2net 2.3avm

sessreg 1.0.3xorg

setools 1.5hannes

setserial 2.17base

setxkbmap 1.0.4xorg

sge 5.3p3be-el

shadow 4.0.14base

shadowfs r36base

shared-mime-info 0.22x11

sharutils 4.7base

shorewall 1.4.10csirkull

showfont 1.0.1xorg
*siefs 0.5public

silo 1.4.13sparc
*sim-im 0.9.3avm
*simgear 0.3.9kasc

simh 3.7-3clifford

simutrans 0_84_16_2kasc
*sip 4.4.5stf

sipsak 0.9.6fake

sjog 0.6fake

slang 2.0.7base

slat 1.2.2hannes

slidentd 1.0.0sirkull
*slmodem 2.9.10avm

sloccount 2.26avm

slune 1.0.10daja77

smake 1.2stf

smartmontools 5.37base

smb4k 0.6.9avm
*smpeg 2005-06-18kasc

smproxy 1.0.2xorg

snmpsession 1.07tsa

snort 2.3.2misc

snownews 1.5.7avm

socket 1.2p1esden

socklog 1.5.0mnemoc

sodipodi 0.34public
*softdog 1.21base

sonypid 1.9.1fake
*sound-juicer 2.20.1gnome2

soundtracker 0.6.8clifford

sox 12.17.9public
*soya 0.10.1daja77

spacearyarya 1.0.2kasc

spamassassin 3.2.3public

spandsp 0.0.2pre25avm

spectemu 0.94misc

speex 1.1.12fake

spheres-and-crystals 0.7gnome2

spicctrl 1.9fake

spice 3f5nikolaus

spidermonkey 1.5fake
*spiralsynthmodular 0.2.2aclifford
*spl 1.0pre4clifford

splint 3.1.1tschmidt

sqlite 2.8.17clifford

sqlite3 3.5.1clifford
*squaroid 0.60.3kasc

squashfs-tools 3.2-r2fake

squeak 3.6-3stf

squid 2.6.STABLE7public
*srm 1.2.8daniel

ssleay-perlmod 1.25alessandro

startup-notification 0.9freedesktop

stone 0000base

stow 1.3.3base

strace 4.5.15base
*straw 0.27gnome2

streamripper 1.61.3hannes
*streamtuner 0.99.99mathieu

stress 0.18.8avm

strigi 0.5.7public

stunnel 4.0.5alessandro

submaster 105base

subversion 1.4.6base

sudo 1.6.8p12base

sun-jdk14 1.4.2_11java

sun-jdk15 1.5.0_13java

sun-jdk6 6u3java
*superkaramba 0.35public
*supertux 0.1.2teha
*svgalib 1.9.24jimmy

sweep 0.9.2clifford

swi-prolog 5.2.6public

swig 1.3.27base

sword 1.5.7public

sylpheed 1.0.0public

synaptics 0.14.6x11

syncpod 0.68fake

synergy 1.3.1fake

sysfiles 0000base

sysfsutils 2.1.0base

sysklogd 1.5base

syslinux 3.52x86

syslog-ng 1.6.5alessandro

sysstat 6.0.2base

system-tools-backends 2.2.1gnome2

sysvinit 2.86base

taglib 1.4base

taper 6.9bavm

tar 1.19base

tcl 8.4.15base

tcp_wrappers 7.6base

tcpdump 3.9.8base

tcpflow 0.21base

tcsh 6.15.00base

tdb 1.0.6clifford
*tecnoballz 0.91kasc

termcap 1.3.1base

terminus-font 4.09jimmy
*tetex 3.0base
*tetradraw 2.0.2esden
*tex-ttf 0.3public

tex4ht r3public

texinfo 4.9base

tftp-hpa 0.48base

thin-keramik 3.2.1sirkull


tidy 050302sirkull

time 1.7base

timidity++ 2.13.2avm

tinyproxy 1.6.3guru

tiobench 0.3.3stf

tk 8.4.14x11
*tla 1.2.1mnemoc

tlswrap 1.0.4daja77


tomboy 0.8.1gnome2
*tomcat 5.5.16java

toolame 0.2lstf

toppler 1.1.1kasc

*torcs 1.2.2kasc

totem 2.20.1gnome2

towitoko 2.0.7tibit

tpb 0.6.4avm
*tpctl 4.17avm

traceroute 1.4a12base
*transcode 1.0.2public

transconnect 1.3-Betaavm

transfig 3.2.5-alpha7public

transset 2004-09-14x11

trapproto 3.4.3xorg


tsclient 0.116nikolaus
*tse3 0.3.1clifford

tsocks 1.8beta5blindcoder

tunepimp 0.4.2base

tuxcursor 0.4public
*tuxkart 0.4.0kasc

tuxnes 0.75avm
*tvtime 1.0.2stf

twisted 2.4.0public

twm 1.0.3xorg
*twoftpd 1.20mnemoc

txt2regex 0.8blindcoder

typespeed 0.4.4mathieu

typo3 3.6.2public

uae 0.8.25stf

ucl 1.03blindcoder

uclibc 0.9.26mnemoc
*ucspi-unix 0.36mnemoc

udev 116base

umix 1.0.2jimmy

uml_utilities 20060323base

unison 2.9.20nikolaus

units 1.86base

unrar 3.6.7base

unreal-ircd 3.2.2btschmidt

unzip 5.52base

upn 1.5misc

upx 1.25blindcoder

upx2 2.03blindcoder

urlview 0.9mathieu

usbutils 0.72base

usbview 1.0blindcoder

util-linux 2.12rbase

util-linux-ng 2.13.1base

util-macros 1.1.5xorg

uucp 1.07tsa

uudeview 0.5.20base
*valgrind 3.3.0base

validator 1.2.2sirkull

vamps 0.99.1stf

vcdimager 0.7.23public
*vice 1.13misc
*videoproto 2.2.2xorg

viewres 1.0.1xorg

vim 7.1base
*vino 2.20.1gnome2
*visualboyadvance 1.7.2blindcoder

vlan 1.7malessandro
*vlc 0.9.3base

vlock 1.3public
*vnc 4.0public

vobcopy 0.5.16base
*vorbis-tools 1.1.1public
*vpnc 0.3.3avm

vserver 1.26mnemoc

vsftpd 2.0.5alessandro

vte 0.16.9gnome2

w32codec 20061022public

w3m 0.5.1base

waimea 0.4.0public

wakeonlan 0.41blindcoder

wakkabox 1.0.0kasc
*wammu 0.8mathieu
*wavemon 0.4.0besden

wdiff 0.5base

webalizer 2.01-10avm

webmin 1.180alessandro
*wengophone-classic 1.0-r6665stf

wesnoth 1.2blindcoder

wget 1.10.2base

whatsnewfm 0.6.1nikolaus

whois 4.7.24base
*widelands b9halfblindcoder

windowmaker 0.91.0public

windowswmproto 1.0.3xorg

wine 0.9.59public

wireless-tools 29base
*wireshark 0.99.5daja77

wmacpi 2.1rc1fake
*wmi 10kasc

wmint 0.9a-tui

wmpal 0.5a-tui

wmx 6avm
*workbone 2.4base

worker 2.8.3a-tui
*wormux 0.7beta3daja77
*wpa_supplicant 0.4.9stf

wu-ftpd 2.6.2base

wv2 0.2.3base
*wvdial 1.54.0esden
*wvstreams 4.0.1esden

wwwoffle 2.8dpublic

wxwidgets 2.8.8base

x11perf 1.4.1xorg

x11vnc 0.7.2avm

x264 20080913-2245base

x2x 1.30-betafake

x86info 1.20x86

xalan-j 2.7.0java

xanim 2801x11
*xarchon 0.50kasc

xauth 1.0.2xorg

xautolock 2.1public
*xautomation 0.96avm

xaw3d 1.5Ex11
*xawtv 3.94public

xbiff 1.0.1xorg

xbitmaps 1.0.1xorg

xblasttnt 0.50kasc

xboard 4.2.7kasc

xcalc 1.0.2xorg

xcb-proto 1.0xorg

xcdroast 0.98alpha15mathieu

xchat 2.4.3daniel

xclipboard 1.0.1xorg

xclock 1.0.3xorg

xcmiscproto 1.1.2xorg

xcmsdb 1.0.1xorg

xcompmgr 2004-09-14x11

xconq 7.4.1kasc

xconsole 1.0.3xorg

xcursor-themes 1.0.1xorg

xcursorgen 1.0.2xorg

xdaliclock 2.20tibit

xdbedizzy 1.0.2xorg

xdelta 1.1.3stf

xdialog 2.3.1x11

xditview 1.0.1xorg

xdm 1.1.6xorg

xdpyinfo 1.0.1xorg

xdriinfo 1.0.2xorg
*xdu 3.0tibit

xedit 1.0.2xorg

xemacs 21.4.15public

xemacs-packages 2004-02-02public

xerces2-j 2.9.1java

xev 1.0.1xorg

xextproto 7.0.2xorg

xeyes 1.0.1xorg

xf86-input-acecad 1.2.1xorg

xf86-input-aiptek 1.0.1xorg

xf86-input-calcomp 1.1.1xorg

xf86-input-citron 2.2.1xorg

xf86-input-digitaledge 1.1.0xorg

xf86-input-dmc 1.1.1xorg

xf86-input-dynapro 1.1.1xorg

xf86-input-elo2300 1.1.1xorg


xf86-input-evdev 1.2.0xorg

xf86-input-fpit 1.1.0xorg

xf86-input-hyperpen 1.1.0xorg

xf86-input-jamstudio 1.1.0xorg

xf86-input-joystick 1.2.3xorg

xf86-input-keyboard 1.2.2xorg

xf86-input-magellan 1.1.1xorg


xf86-input-microtouch 1.1.1xorg

xf86-input-mouse 1.2.2xorg

xf86-input-mutouch 1.1.0xorg

xf86-input-palmax 1.1.0xorg

xf86-input-penmount 1.2.1xorg

xf86-input-spaceorb 1.1.1xorg

xf86-input-summa 1.1.0xorg

xf86-input-tek4957 1.1.0xorg

xf86-input-ur98 1.1.0xorg

xf86-input-vmmouse 12.4.3xorg

xf86-input-void 1.1.1xorg

xf86-video-apm 1.1.1xorg

xf86-video-ark 0.6.0xorg

xf86-video-ast 0.81.0xorg

xf86-video-ati 6.6.3xorg

xf86-video-chips 1.1.1xorg

xf86-video-cirrus 1.1.0xorg

xf86-video-cyrix 1.1.0xorg

xf86-video-dummy 0.2.0xorg

xf86-video-fbdev 0.3.1xorg

xf86-video-glint 1.1.1xorg

xf86-video-i128 1.2.1xorg

xf86-video-i740 1.1.0xorg

xf86-video-i810 1.6.5xorg

xf86-video-imstt 1.1.0xorg


xf86-video-neomagic 1.1.1xorg

xf86-video-newport 0.2.1xorg

xf86-video-nsc 2.8.3xorg

xf86-video-nv 2.1.3xorg

xf86-video-rendition 4.1.3xorg

xf86-video-s3 0.5.0xorg

xf86-video-s3virge 1.9.1xorg

xf86-video-savage 2.1.3xorg

xf86-video-siliconmotion 1.4.2xorg

xf86-video-sis 0.9.3xorg

xf86-video-sisusb 0.8.1xorg

xf86-video-sunbw2 1.1.0xorg

xf86-video-suncg14 1.1.0xorg

xf86-video-suncg3 1.1.0xorg

xf86-video-suncg6 1.1.0xorg

xf86-video-sunffb 1.1.0xorg

xf86-video-sunleo 1.1.0xorg

xf86-video-suntcx 1.1.0xorg

xf86-video-tdfx 1.3.0xorg

xf86-video-tga 1.1.0xorg

xf86-video-trident 1.2.3xorg

xf86-video-tseng 1.1.1xorg

xf86-video-v4l 0.1.1xorg

xf86-video-vesa 1.3.0xorg

xf86-video-vga 4.1.0xorg

xf86-video-via 0.2.2xorg

xf86-video-vmware 10.14.1xorg

xf86-video-voodoo 1.1.1xorg

xf86bigfontproto 1.1.2xorg

xf86dga 1.0.2xorg

xf86dgaproto 2.0.3xorg

xf86driproto 2.0.3xorg

xf86miscproto 0.9.2xorg

xf86rushproto 1.1.2xorg

xf86vidmodeproto 2.2.2xorg


xfd 1.0.1xorg
*xfig 3.2.4public

xfindproxy 1.0.1xorg

xfontsel 1.0.1xorg

xfree86 4.5.0x11



xfs 1.0.4xorg
*xfsamba 0.47nikolaus

xfsdump 2.2.46-1base

xfsinfo 1.0.1xorg

xfsprogs 2.9.4-1base

xfwp 1.0.1xorg

xgamma 1.0.2xorg

xgc 1.0.1xorg

xhost 1.0.2xorg

xine-lib 1.1.3base

xine-ui 0.99.4base

xineramaproto 1.1.2xorg

xinetd 2.3.14tsa

xinit 1.0.7xorg

xjdic 2.4blindcoder

xkbcomp 1.0.3xorg

xkbdata 1.0.1xorg

xkbevd 1.0.2xorg

xkbprint 1.0.1xorg

xkbutils 1.0.1xorg

xkeyboard-config 0.9xorg

xkill 1.0.1xorg

xli 1.17.0a-tui

xload 1.0.2xorg

xlockmore 5.14.1public

xlogo 1.0.1xorg

xlsatoms 1.0.1xorg

xlsclients 1.0.1xorg

xlsfonts 1.0.1xorg

xmag 1.0.2xorg
*xmame 0.106fake

xman 1.0.3xorg

xmessage 1.0.2xorg

xmh 1.0.1xorg

xmlsec 1.2.9guru

xmlto 0.0.20public
*xmltv 0.5.43fake

xmms 1.2.10clifford

xmms-alarm 0.3.4tschmidt

xmms-arts 0.7.1tschmidt
*xmms-crossfade 0.3.8tsa

xmms-crystality 0.92tsa

xmms-infinity 0.5.9tsa

xmms-nas 0.2blindcoder

xmms-nebulus 0.6.0tsa

xmodmap 1.0.3xorg

xmore 1.0.1xorg

xmp 2.0.5pre3clifford

xorg-cf-files 1.0.2xorg

xorg-docs 1.4xorg

xorg-server 1.4xorg

xorg-sgml-doctools 1.2xorg

xosd 2.2.12public
*xosview 1.8.2teha
*xpdf 3.02pl2public

xphelloworld 1.0.1xorg

xplanet 1.0.1tibit

xplsprinters 1.0.1xorg

xpr 1.0.1xorg

xprehashprinterlist 1.0.1xorg

xprop 1.0.3xorg

xproto 7.0.10xorg

xproxymanagementprotocol 1.0.2xorg

xrandr 1.2.2xorg

xrdb 1.0.4xorg

xrefresh 1.0.2xorg

xrx 1.0.1xorg

xsane 0.96public

xscreensaver 4.24x11

xset 1.0.3xorg

xsetmode 1.0.0xorg

xsetpointer 1.0.0xorg

xsetroot 1.0.2xorg

xskat 4.0kasc
*xsm 1.0.1xorg

xsnow 1.42public

xstdcmap 1.0.1xorg

xsteak 1.7.3misc
*xterm 225x11

xtrans 1.0.4xorg

xtrap 1.0.2xorg

xtris 1.15avm

xv 3.10ax11

xvattr 1.3fake

xvid 1.1.0tibit

xvidtune 1.0.1xorg

xvinfo 1.0.2xorg
*xvmc-wrapper 0.9.3stf

xwd 1.0.1xorg

xwininfo 1.0.3xorg

xwud 1.0.1xorg

xzgv 0.8public

yaboot 1.3.14powerpc

yeahwm 0.3.5avm

yelp 2.20.0gnome2

yp-tools 2.8tsa

ypbind 3.3daja77

ypserv 2.12.1tsa
*yudit 2.7.8mathieu
*zapping 0.10cvs6stf
*zd1211 20050822daja77

zenity 2.20.0gnome2

zgv 5.8jimmy

zip 231base

zisofs-tools 1.0.6stf

zlib 1.2.3base

zopeinterface 3.1.0c1public

zsh 4.3.4base

zsnes 1.51fake

Adserver                     610x250

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