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K-Yamo, Music Collection Organizer

kyamo K-Yamo is a mp3-Tagger.It is able to clean-up complete diricetories with an easy to use filtersystem.


  • 11.August 2009

    If files tags get changed, or files get deleted the playlist updates its contents, and always shows actual taginformation. (file-rescan every 2 seconds) This includes splitting up into subalbums, if only a part of an album is retagged. Now trying to fix this for the tagger. (QFileSystem Watcher can only watch up to 256 files, so this does not work in bigger directories.) The first try yesterday was to slow on really big directories. I tested it in my MP3-dir where are about 19000 files.

  • 27.Juli 2009

    Wrote the code to split up albums, when something gets dragged between them. Albums are also merged again, when the intersecting things get removed. The playlistwidget seems to be ready now.

  • 23.Juli 2009

    Finally integrated the test-widget into the player.
    Activated drag and drop. (External dropping in of files works with files and folders, and creates albums.
    Finally the files are inserted into the list, and not only appended at the end, as it was in the old playlist.
    And this is how it looks like now. (I think, it really looks much better than the dull old playlist) -


  • 19.Juli 2009

    Further on in playlist-programming. Added a bling-function to keep the active-track and album flashing.

  • 18.Juli 2009

    Worked on the playlistcode a bit. Needs much more work, but it looks good so far.

  • 13.Juli 2009

    Writing on some code that should restructure the playlist in the player subwindow. (Group the tracks into their corresponding albums) Sounded easy, but what happens with tracks, if they get moved out of their albums. -> Needs more time, than I thought it would take.

    The second thing I am thinking of, is a directory-merger: Merge two existing directories into one new, keeping only the best quality files, and with help of the database, dont generate any doubles. But this will take a while.

    The multithreaded fileoperator seems to work good. (all new CDS got ripped and moved well)

  • 04.June 2009

    Wired a testing-setup for the dialogues of fileoperator. Works fine in first basic tests. Needs more testing, and than cleanup of old code.

  • 01.June 2009

    Found out what was the reason, that the fileoperator did not really work in an extra thread. If derivated from QThread the really running part must be reiplementated in the run-function BUT it must be called over the start-function. Now the gui doesn't freeze anymore, when files are moved. But therefore I have to rewrite some stuff, cause I can't use any gui-elements in the worker-thread. (Not really bad: some signals and slots will do the trick)
    The database also runs in an extra thread without blocking the gui now. (But it is still only testcode till now)

  • 30.May 2009

    The destinationpath is now changed imediately, when it is changed in settings. (Forgot to send it to fileoperator,tststs...)

  • 28.May 2009

    Fixed the moving of playlist-items, so they don't get sorted the wrong way anymore.
    Further on in the mysql-interface. (files are stored and updated in the db now)

  • 26.April 2009

    Made some tests with the mysql-interface. Tags can be stored into the db, Also the images are stored in it.
    So far it is only testcode to understand how the stuff works.

  • 31.March 2009

    Replacing some signs on playlistsaving with their official html-names: & , " ,' always caused the settingsfile to be corrupt. Now this phenomen should be away.
    Reordered the contextmenu so delete is not the action that is under Mouse on open. (This was requested, because it is dangerous)

  • 01.April 2009

    Implemented the possibility for autoskipping on errors.(This was also requested)

  • 31.March 2009

    Replacing some signs on playlistsaving with their official html-names: & , " ,' always caused the settingsfile to be corrupt. Now this phenomen should be away.
    Reordered the contextmenu so delete is not the action that is under Mouse on open. (This was requested, because it is dangerous)

  • 25.March 2009

    Since the prealphas did run without hassles, I made the settings ready today, modified the install script, and uploaded the first Alphaversion
    Use the install.sh file in the archive to compile and install the application and the skins. (You need write privileges to /usr/bin and /usr/share)

  • 24.March 2009

    Wrote some settings for the player, so the skins are exchangable.
    Wrote a mini bash-installer that installs kyamo and the skins. It's only a small bash-script, no checking if something succeeds.
    Maybe I complete the playersettings tomorrow, and upload the next version with skinsupport.

  • 19.March 2009

    Since everything seems to work great with the QWebView, I tried a bit of JavaScript in the playersubwindow. The result is, that the player will not only be skinnable, it will also make use of external scripts written in JavaScript, that belong to the skin.
    I have to setup some functionnames, that are called on clicking or on mouseover,... Stay tuned. The css and javascript-stuff is standing. Get yourself the empty skin, and create your own themes based on it. You can include as much pictures you like, as all is changable with css.
    Here is the Emptyskin you can modify.
    Feel free to contact me, if you need help.

  • 15.March 2009

    Optimized the html of the player a little, and adjusted the css of the themes. Wrote a default-skin (The 3rd one):




  • 14.March 2009

    Removed a bug in singleselction of tagger, that crashed K-Yamo, wehn selecting an already loaded file.
    Made some minor adjustments that caused the gui to show shrinked in player and tagger. (Parents where set wrong)
    Playing with webkit again, but this will lock to a need of Qt 4.4. This makes the player skinable with simple css.

  • 12.March 2009

    Removed the dependencie for webkit (Qt-4.4). I did some tests with it, but decided to keep normal QLabels instead of the QWebViews. I simply forgot to remove the includes, and change the pro-file. So if you had compiling-problems, because of missing webkit, catch the source again, because I fixed it. I also changed the profile to use the releaseversion.

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  • 10.March 2009

    Activated internal dragging in the player, so the playlist can be adjusted.
    Fetch the new pre-alpha

  • 09.March 2009

    Wrote the contextmenu-stuff for player. Added the played file to the displayed info. This is the most important thing, since the player is for testhearing of unknown stuff. Activated dropping of files and directories. All works fine till now.

  • 08.March 2009

    Further on in player. Reformated the gui a little bit. The buttons and the timeslider are all connected now. It plays, it is adjustable over the slider, playlist can be enqueued over tagger-contextmenu. Play,Pause,Stop,Prev and Next work. Only selecting by doubleclick, playlistediting and adding by drag and drop does not yet work.
    It automaticly uses mplayer as interface at the moment, more interfaces will follow in the (near or far) future.

  • 07.March 2009

    Could not resist to start with the playerpart. The playergui is standing so far, and the the mplayerinterface already starts playing. The time is not yet tracked, and the buttons are not connected.

  • 06.March 2009

    Started with the id3lib-interface. (only writing)
    Gathered information for some player-interfaces.
    Looks like gstreamer,mplayer and xine will make it into K-Yamo.
    I was not very lucky with the kind of mplayer-interface in the old version. But I think the slave-mode will make it better. ;-)

  • 03.March 2009

    Made the german translation. If someone feels like translating K-Yamo in any other language than english and german, he or she is always welcome.

  • 27.February 2009

    Ok, it is done. Deactivated the stuff, not yet written, and uploaded the new pre-alpha.

  • 26.February 2009

    The first settingfile is written , and the most stuff in ripper and tagger is linked to the stuff loaded with the settingsfile now. Only the directory-options and the ripperoptions in the dialog itself need to get wired. If this is done we are ready for the next pre-alpha.

  • 24.February 2009

    The loader for the settingfile, how it is supported so far, is ready. Need to write the saveroutine, and the defaultfile.
    When I integrate the stuff that is loaded into the settingsgui we got the new pre-alpha hopfully.

  • 23.February 2009

    Fixed the abortfunctions for the ripper. For this I used the new messaging-system. I had to port the progressview to the new system first. I also have to port all other app-parts to the new messaging-system, cause this does not get out of order on multithreading. The old system got stuck sometimes, when two threads manipulated the same data.
    Wrote the first xml-settingsfile by hand, now I have to write the code for reading and writing that files.
    Made a new logo with gimp, cause I want a splashscreen for the app. ;-)

  • 21.February 2009

    Wired most of the slots in the fileoperator, so it won't get stuck so easy anymore. I also had to modify the code of the resume and retry-function, because it did not work very well in multithreading. I did some organise-tests, and they really did well. Also moving of files works, and the tree changes immediately. This is beginning to outperform the old version by far. ;-)
    I will write on the settingsfile as next, so there is a testable version out soon, for the ones that already want to try.

  • 20.February 2009

    Played a little with my treeview in the tagger. Now the view gets automaticly updated, when something changes in the directory. The rescan-option in the 0.40-version was not really state of the art. ;-) Drag and drop also works on the filetree now. Contextmenu has working entries for CD, rename and delete now. Also sending signals to tagger now, to delete activefileslist on dirchange, and to delete single files from the activefileslist if they get deleted on the disk. Still the signals of the fileoperator are ignored, so if it gets stuck, it is stuck for forever, and waits for a resume-signal that never comes. The possibilities are set already but not wired yet.

  • 30.January 2009

    Yes, the tagger works like a charme now as it seems. I tagged a whole testdirectory without any problems. This looks really promising. Cleaned up the gui a little bit, so that the toolbar is used now in the ripper also, not some buttons on the bottom.

  • 29.January 2009

    Further on in tagger. Changing of tags works and keeps on changing of files. Flags are set propperly recursively. Only the Coverart is not yet changed. Saving is not yet done.
    Here is a screenshot of some tagger-action


  • 27.January 2009

    Wrote a little bit on the tagger. Now multiselect works, and the files show their state, wether they are changed or not.

  • 25.January 2009

    Had trouble with the new interfaceclass, bashing the fileoperator. This was caused by the multithreading of the fileoperator. Locking the joblist with a mutex, caused this to work once again. I am really surprised it worked before. First thing in multithreading, so I think I have to learn, what can go wrong with this.

  • 03.January 2009

    Yes I am still alive.
    And since I got a good idea finally, I write a little bit on K-Yamo again. I thought it would be a good Idea to have a class that does all the communication inside the app. This way all application-parts only have to know one interface, and listen to the signals of this one. The first aproach went into a messy overload of handed through signals. So lets start a new class communicationinterface, that handles all communications over passing of QVariants that can be defined in the globals.h. This is the only planned include for this class. Lets see if I can get this done that way.
    The database-interface has to wait since it needs the communication, but I have some ideas there too:
    -Finding and correcting files that have tags, that only vary in upper or lower case.
    -Getting rid of double files, because the database should know if the same tag is given twice.

  • 30.September 2008

    Converted my Homepage to XHTML-Strict, and changed the design.
    (Only the frames need an exception,because otherwise there is a white border around them, and target does not work anymore)
    Finally started with the mysql-interface.

  • 30.July 2008

    Set up the testdatabase today.
    Inserted the Artist_id Foreign key back into the Albums-table.
    Without it, it is to risky to get wrong albums, and it makes searches also slower.
    For compilations there is the Artistid VA.
    Setting up first db-thoughts into code.

  • 21.July 2008

    Reading a new SQL-Book at the moment. (SQL von Kopf bis Fuß)
    Played a little bit with my K-Yamo-Database today.
    Looks like I can speed up my databaseperformance by inner joins.
    I will continue on writing the databaseinterface, when I completed the book.
    Looks really like the new interface will get much, much better.
    I really recommend the "von Kopf bis Fuß"-Book-series (Head first in english) PS:I did not get payed for this sentence. ;-)

  • 10.July 2008

    Tested threading with QT for the databaseinterface.
    Looks like I have the clou now. Thinking about an API for Database.
    Converted the fileoperator to threaeded design, so all operations are done in an extra thread now.
    Still the error-signals are not connected in fileoperator.

  • 25.June 2008

    Searched for an encoding-bug, only to realise, that my LANG and LC_ALL Environmentvariables where not set on my new Computer.
    This causes drops of all not ASCII-signs on filenamegeneration through fileoperatorclass.
    So the code was right, as it was before, there was no bug in it. ;-)
    If you have strange filenamebehaviour, check what the locale-command says.
    Rethinking the databasemodel of kyamo, since there are artists, like Coheed and Cambria ("Good Apollo, Im Burning Star IV, Volume One - From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness" for example), that have Albumname-lengthes beyond the 80 signs I had set as a VARCHAR in every datafield containg strings. This will be replaced by the datatype TEXT, since this allows variable lengthes. Doubleentries into the database,because of cut names, will be history then. Next thing useless, I will drop out, is the artistcountry, since I do not intend to use it. Also it makes no sense to have an artist_id foreign key in the albums-table, since there are CDs, that have various artists. If I try to normalise the tables, these are the things that I have to get rid of. The only way to find albums, that contain songs from a band, is over the trackstable than. Furthermore I want to try, if integrating of albumart as BLOB-Type makes the database slow. This means another table with pictures in it. As on the last db-change, I will write an importer for the old database.

  • 28.March 2008

    Only a few more things wired in the settings.
    Modified the filemover so it replaces all problematic signs, causing it to halt.
    This was only now a problem, because the error-signal is not connected to anything.
    Nevertheless it makes sense to remove those sings. (/,?,:,|,!,#,*,. are replaced with underscores now)

  • 05.March 2008

    Catched myself a QNap TS-209Pro for at home. (If you need a NAS, this is a good one)
    It not only handles my NFS-Partitions, it also is my Subversionserver now.
    I experimented a little bit with subversion, and must say I like it.
    The next things are, that I once again bought some computer-books.
    Now I am learning Python. One never knows, when I can use it.
    Next in line is a XML-book, since I plan using XML for saving, and import from musicbrainz.
    As you can see, I am not really lazy, but I don't write on K-Yamo-code atm.

  • 12.February 2008

    Finally I had some more time, so development continued.
    Start of the settings, and write of the saveoptionspart.
    You will realise a recode-part in the settings-screenshot below, since I plan to implement a recoder also.
    Finally update of the progress, and of the authors-page.


  • 21.November 2007

    Grabbed the wrong sourcetree yesterday, that is why the finder did not work in released pre-alpha.
    Get new one here:kyamoqt4-0.50-Pre-alpha2

  • 20.November 2007

    Coded the rest of the coverfinder, and made the connections in the ripper.
    The state of development is, that the ripper is a full functional mp3-ripper that rips into your home directory, and always uses 192kb. I decided to throw out a pre-alpha for you to test, if you feel like taking a glimpse at the new versions state, than you can try it.
    But please keep in mind its a pre-alpha, so not everything is yet coded. (No settings, no upload, tagger is only tagviewer)
    Get it here: kyamoqt4-0.50-Pre-alpha
    No installing possible atm. Use qmake and than make to generate the executable.
    Have fun with testing it, if you dare. ;-)

  • 17.November 2007

    Restart of the coversearch-class, and getting some links from google finally.
    It even looks like it finally catches the pictures the old version didn't catch.

  • 16.November 2007

    The fileoperationclass is working well it seems. Only the writing of pictures needs to be written.
    Also the new Signals need to be connected, to make resuming after errors possible.
    So far, I m am quite pleased, how it works atm.

  • 07.November 2007

    Since it is getting hard to delete directories, when several classes do fileoperations on them, I started a fileoperationclass that does all fileoperations.
    I had troubles before, to delete the tempdir on ripping abort, because of the decentralised filedesign of cdparanoiinterface and lameinterface. None of the classes seemed to have the last file, because of more than one filehandle. With normal exit it always worked as expected. Its easier anyway, with one class only. I only have to write the filecode once, and I can pack it with features. (also delete coverfiles, recursivedelete)

  • 01.November 2007

    Integrated a safetycheck before ripping, that checks if still the same disc is present.

  • 02.October 2007

    Made a quick german translation, of what is ready yet.

  • 26.September 2007

    The rudimentary version of the filemover works.
    It copies, it moves, it is restartable, it deletes empty dirs, but it does not check bitrates yet.

  • 15.September 2007

    Started with a filemover-class, that moves files, based on tags and a filter.
    The API is standing, and waiting for the code to be written.
    It is similar to the cleanup-class in old version, but it has a few new functionalities.
    -Retrying of files. (So retagging and retrying gets possible)
    -Skipping of files that dont work.(Reject-directory not needed anymore)

  • 14.September 2007

    Progressdialog works like a charm now.
    All progresses are single abortable, or all at once.

  • 13.September 2007

    Wrote an internal displayed progressdialog.
    The signals-passing for the progresses works well it seems. (Only testcode atm)
    Made some improvements in most of the classes, so the constructors work faster.
    (Effective C++ by Scott Meyers really is a great book)

  • 05.September 2007

    Lameinterface is ready, and working well.
    Ripped the first Disc with all things working together in a nice way.
    Still need to show some progress. (Thinking about two different ways atm.)

  • 20.August 2007

    Started the lame-interface, when it is ready I can adapt the code for bladeenc,oggenc and gogo.
    The API allows to tell the encoderinterface how much instances are encoded at once.
    The old versions always started, when a track was ready read by cdparanoia.

  • 09.August 2007

    Somehow the easy way with Qt3 does not work anymore on google-requests, I have to find another way.
    Therefor I wrote the cdparanoiainterface from scratch, and in tests it already works good.

  • 04.August 2007

    Started with the coversearchdialog.

  • 03.August 2007

    Made a new "home" for my Chinchillas, so I was too busy for coding, the last view days.
    At least I made a selectiondialog for multi-disc-results from freedb.

  • 31.July 2007

    Freedbinterface now finds inexact matches also.(Did not rip such a disk before, so I did'nt realize this problem till now)
    Did some stuff in the coverbox-class. The only thing missing is the google-coverfinder now.(extra class)

  • 30.July 2007

    Further on in ripper-writing, and integrating the new coverbox-class into tagger.
    The new Coverclass works really well, but is not complete yet.

  • 29.July 2007

    Thrown out the coverstuff in an extra class, so I can use
    the same thing in ripper and tagger.

  • 28.July 2007

    Started with writing of the ripper-code.As the layout is ready, I can present a Screenshot.


  • 25.July 2007

    The new freedb-class works now.
    I had to implement a cdinterface first.

  • 15.July 2007

    Wrote some API-Specifications for freedb- and Musicbranz-interface.
    Started the rewrite of the freedb-part

  • 08.May 2007

    Made some first testgui-parts.
    Tags are already shown, but can not be saved, and there is no multiselect yet.

  • 02.May 2007

    Now the multi-picturesupport-code seems to work quite pleasant.

  • 01.May 2007

    Made some experiments with more than one picture in the Tags.
    The saving and loading in new code and kid3 work.
    Compatibility with the old version is reached over the order of the frames.

  • 27.April 2007

    Wrote reading and saving of Ogg-files in taglibinterface.
    Wrote some sort of fix, to get foreign signs to work in the tags. (convert the QStrings to wchar_t did the trick)
    Wrote the saving-functions for Id3v1 and Id3v2 with Mp3-Files in Taglib.

  • 26.April 2007

    Wrote the reading part of taglibinterface.
    Wrote a struct that holds all fileinformation, that can be swapped by reference.
    Introduced namespaces, with enums holding frequent used variables.
    This makes the code so much more readable.

  • 25.April 2007

    Finally made the restart of K-Yamo with Qt4.
    Since I read a lot of books, the resulting source should look quite better.
    Made some experiments with doxygen, and started programming the mediafile-class.
    The differnce to my old code is, that the class is complete capsulated, and uses inline-const-getter and setter-functions.
    The objectorientationbooks had a deep impact on me, you see.

  • 27.March 2007

    Found a bug in my code, when trying to fetch info from freedb, and getting more than one disc.
    I simply forgot to take out one line in the code, but I would say this is not enough for a new release.
    If you want to have a working version, comment out line 158 in file src/freedbinterface.cpp , and than compile kyamo again.
    I wanted to use the new dialog for that, and forgot to take this out for release.
    Read my booklist under Author, than you will realise, why kyamo is frozen atm.
    Thinking about a restart with QT4 at the moment, that would improve the code also, but would be really much work.

  • 23.January 2007

    Looks like google changed theyr picturesearch over night.
    Changed the coverfinder, to work again
    New release 0.40a4-2

  • 22.January 2007

    Included a check for reading-dir in the contextmenu.
    Commented out some parts not ready, so I finally can present New release 0.40a4

  • 16.January 2007

    Made Filter-system aware of points.
    Started rewrite of freedbinterface and choices-dialog, so they dont consume so much cpu-time.
    (No more Problems with files like Jhonny_B..mp3 anymore)
    Updated the wishlist finally
    Improved the navigationbar of the website, so it does not display borders with firefox and IE anymore.

  • 14.January 2007

    Made MPlayer-Interface modular, so player can be exchanged
    Fully included player into the settings.
    Again some minor improvements on the player-routine.

  • 01.January 2007

    Included a verbosity-choose option. (Only pop up status on error)
    Partly included player into the settings.
    Some minor improvements on the player-routine.
    Using an non existing directory doesn't popup empty window anymore.
    Always make sure files are copied, before they are deleted.

  • 20.December 2006

    Finally all encoding-hassles with utf8 are over. (at least on my system the code runs perfect now)
    Dont use the move option with files containing foreign signs, till this fixed version comes out.
    Otherwise you might loose some files!!

  • 11.December 2006

    Integrated an interface to mplayer, so you can testhear tracks.
    You can see the new features (integrated player, and coverfetcher) in this Screenshot

  • 24.November 2006

    Wrote the coverfinder new from scratch, with nicer code. (No kapp->processEvents() anymore!)
    This makes the dialog much less CPU-Intensive, when waiting for Results out of Internet.
    I think I have to improve the cddb-code the same way, and other parts of k-yamo maybe too.
    I still have to find a way to get all pictures loaded.(still needs fixing)

  • 14.November 2006
    The coverfinder finds the right pictures over google.(Using the tags as search criteria)

    But somehow, not all of the pictures get loaded. (Needs fixing)

  • 24.September 2006

    Started to write on a coverfinder-class.
    It should search and find pictures over the google-picture-search.

  • 18.Sepember 2006

    I am still quite occupied with the new flat, and therefore don't have time for further development.
    But at least I made an update to my authors-page. ;-)

  • 17.August 2006

    I have no time for programming at the moment, as you can recognise on the stagnation of the project.
    This is , because I am relocating to Munich, and this will gonna take a while.
    I will continue with K-Yamo as soon I have time for it again.

  • 07.August 2006

    Started writing on a contextmenu in the tagger.(delete, rename, directory up,...)

  • 28.June 2006

    Did all the rest of the settingsdialog.
    Enhanced the german locale to the new stuff.
    Rewrote parts of the howto, that needed change.
    New release 0.40a3
    I gave a versionnumber of 0.13 already, so updating is a pain for distros, so I decided to make a "big Jump".

  • 27.June 2006

    Coded almost all of the rest from settingsdialog.
    Threw out the settings from ripper, and removed a small problem with databasesupport in ripper.
    The next alpha begins to come into view.

  • 26.June 2006

    Removed a bug, causing k-yamo not to enter freedb-albums into the database.
    Coded some of the submenus of the new settingsdialog.

  • 23.June 2006

    Reworked the new sttings-dialog, and have the final layout ready now.
    You can look at a screenshothere.

  • 20.June 2006

    Course-map for the new settings is standing.
    Started with the mainsettingsdialog.

  • 19.June 2006

    Wrote mini-masterclass for encodingengines.
    Wrote bladeencengine.
    Wrote oggencengine.
    Fixed the time shown in ripperdialog. (75 frames per second,not 60!)

  • 15.June 2006

    Included a querylist to the musicbrainz-stuff, so everything gets queried only once, even if there was no result.
    Included a progressinfo in the tagguesser.
    Prettied up some dialogs with pictures.
    Drop me a mail, if you want to test the new features.

  • 13.June 2006

    Wrote the last two routines for musicbrainzimport:
    -Find by artist, album and tracktitle.
    -Find by tracknumber, album and tracktitle.
    Both queries store complete albums in the database, and in memory, so they get only fetched once.
    Improved the query, that did not use the already-fetched list.

  • 13.June 2006

    Further improvements of the choicesdialog.
    Wrote two further routines for musicbrainzimport:
    -Find by artist, and tracktitle.
    -Find by album and tracktitle.
    Both queries store complete albums in the database, and in memory, so they get only fetched once.
    This makes a total of 11 working lookups. Still 2 others are needed. 1 needs rework, to use already-fetched-list

  • 10.June 2006

    Really nice weather today, so I went out with the laptop.
    Prettied up the choicedialog, cause without internetconnection, no test of musicbrainzcode.
    If you want me to get ready with it, better set on bad weather. ;-)

  • 08.June 2006

    Hopefully fixed compilation-problem with Suse 10.1
    Wrote two further routines for musicbrainzimport:
    -Find by artist, album and tracknumber
    -Get releasedate, when rest is given.
    Both queries store complete albums in the database, and in memory, so they get only fetched once.
    This makes a total of 9 working lookups. Still 4 others are needed. 1 needs rework, to use already-fetched-list
    Uploaded a maintenance-release 0.4a22
    Only included:
    -Bugfix for the saving of wrong filenames
    -Fix for compilationproblems, with some kernel-sources
    -Included the manual again.
    The Musicbrainzcode is not included in this version, it is not ready yet!

  • 07.June 2006

    Wrote two further routines for musicbrainzimport:
    -Find by album and tracknumber, using the tracklength
    -Find by artist and tracknumber, using the tracklength
    Both queries store complete albums in the database, and in memory, so they get only fetched once.
    This makes a total of 7 working lookups. Still 6 others are needed.

  • 05.June 2006

    Removed a bug, causing K-Yamo to save the wrong files in some circumstances.Fix for problem
    (I forgot to change the code to match the new fileselector)
    Wrote two further routines for musicbrainzimport:
    -Find by album only, using the tracklength
    -Find by album and artist
    Both queries store complete albums in the database, and in memory, so they get only fetched once.
    This makes a total of 5 working lookups. Still 8 others are needed.

  • 01.June 2006

    Wrote two further routines for musicbrainzimport:
    -Find by title and number
    -Find by title,number and artist
    This makes a total of 3 working lookups. Still 10 others are needed.

  • 31.May 2006

    Included length into the mediatag-class, so time-matching with musicbrainz will work later.
    Wrote two new parsers for musicbrainz:
    -Find albums in a tracklist, when a trackname was searched.
    -Find albums out of a releaslist, when a albumname was searched.
    First routine works: Find tags by songname and songlength only.

  • 29.May 2006

    Musicbrainzcode does not work with artists that have a lot of albums.
    Queries are timing out, and there is no result.
    By the way: It creates lots of traffic.
    Checking out the XML-Interface of the musicbrainzserver instead.
    So once again I have to rethink my code, stay tuned.
    -Made first steps with the XML-Interface.
    -So far I can fetch albums and artists from musicbrainz and parse the results.(parsing tracks will follow hopefully tomorrow)

  • 27.May 2006

    Made some really heavy speedimprovements with my musicbrainzcode:
    -Getting all Informations about artist at once, and not fetching all tracks afterwards for every album.
    -Storing all results from musicbrainz in a list, whole the time K-Yamo is running,so everything is only fetched once.

  • 26.May 2006

    The tagguesser successfully found the first few tags with the help of musicbrainz.(If artist and songname are known)
    In fact it is too slow, so I have to rethink my way I fetch stuff from musicbrainz maybe.

  • 25.May 2006

    Wrapperclass for database is ready.
    Database can store the albumlists from musicbrainz now.

  • 24.May 2006

    Enhanced the code to get all the tracks for the albums, and the releasedate, and store it in musicbrainzalbum-class-object.
    Only read singles and standard-albums, to don't become a "blowfish", when artist have tons of albums, that are just compilations, and bootlegs.
    Read every album only once, and ignore doubles because k-yamo-database doesn't allow same album twice.

    Download - kyamoqt4-0.50-alpha-1.tar... (768.1 KiB)

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