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Lazygal is another static web gallery generator written in Python

lazygal Lazygal is another static web gallery generator written in Python. It is command line based, uses reusable engine and is lazy - it regenerates only parts that have to be regenerated.

There is support for many interesting features like subgalleries, EXIF information, theming and custom folder meta data. Included themes are pure XHTML + CSS.

It can be summed up by the following features :

  • Commande line based (thus scriptable).
  • Reusable engine (to make a GUI for instance).
  • Lazy : do not build what's already there.
  • Recursive : generates subgalleries.
  • Does not change your original pictures directories (the source argument).
  • Tells you what should not be in your generated directories (and delete it if you want to).
  • Can generate multiple sizes to browse pictures according to your screen.
  • Sort pictures in the same directory by EXIF date if available, else file modification time.
  • Theming.
  • XHTML and CSS compliance for provided themes.
  • Support for per folder meta data.
  • RSS feed generation for your album updates.
  • Optional generation of ZIP archives of original pictures.
  • Output internationalization.
  • Optional breaking of big galleries (directories) on multiple pages.
  • Multiple sorting options for pictures and galleries.

A huge gallery shows Lazygal in action : Album. Another example using album images: Photos from Japan.


Usage is straightforward :

usage: lazygal [options] albumdir

-h, --help Show this help message and exit.
--quiet Don't output anything except for errors.
--debug Output everything that lazygal is doing.
-o DEST_DIR, --output-directory=DEST_DIR
Directory where web pages, slides and thumbs will be
written (default is current directory).
-t THEME, --theme=THEME
Theme name (looked up in theme directory) or theme
full path.
Default style to apply to the theme.
Common variables to load all templates with.
--clean-destination Clean destination directory of files that should not
be there.
-v, --version Display program version.
--check-all-dirs Exhaustively go through all directories regardless of
source modification time.
-s IMAGE_SIZE, --image-size=IMAGE_SIZE
Size of images, define as <name>=<x>x<y>,..., eg.
small=800x600,medium=1024x768. The special dimensions
0x0 use original size.
Size of thumbnails, define as <x>x<y>, eg. 150x113.
-q QUALITY, --quality=QUALITY
Quality of generated JPEG images (default is 85).
-O, --original Include original photos in output.
Do not copy original photos in output directory,
instead link them using submitted relative path as
--puburl=PUB_URL Publication URL (only usefull for feed generation).
-m, --generate-metadata
Generate metadata description files where they don&#039;t
-n THUMBS_PER_PAGE, --thumbs-per-page=THUMBS_PER_PAGE
Maximum number of thumbs per index page. This enables
index pagination (0 is unlimited).
-z, --make-dir-zip Make a zip archive of original pictures for each
Webalbum picture background color. Default is
transparent, and implies the PNG format. Any other
value, e.g. red, white, blue, uses JPEG.
--optimize Run an extra optimization pass an each image.
--progressive Generate Progressive JPEG images.
--pic-sort-by=ORDER Sort order for images in a folder: filename, mtime, or
exif. Add &#039;:reverse&#039; to reverse the chosen order.
Sort order for sub galleries in a folder: filename or
mtime. Add &#039;:reverse&#039; to reverse the chosen order.

If you want to force lazygal into checking a directory's contents, simply touch the source directory to modify its modification time :

$ touch album_source/gallery_to_check

Download & Changelog

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