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TuxPaint, open source drawing program for young children

Tux Paint is a free, award-winning drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 (for example, preschool and K-6).

It combines an easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program.

Kids are presented with a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help them be creative.

(See the full list of features.)

Download - Linux
Download Tux Paint packages or source for Linux:
Debian GNU/Linux Packages
Debian users can simply download pre-compiled Tux Paint packages for their release and architecture from their preferred Debian archive mirror. Backports of recent versions of Tux Paint for older Debian releases are also provided through backports.org.
Ubuntu Linux Packages
Ubuntu users can download pre-compiled Tux Paint packages for their release and architecture from Launchpad.
RPM Linux Packages
Users of RedHat and Fedora Linux distributions can download Tux Paint for Intel x86 architecture (i386) or source-code in RPM format.
Slackware Linux Packages
Slackware users can download pre-compiled Tux Paint packages for Intel x86 systems.
Other Linux and Unix users can download the source-code to compile and install Tux Paint. (Developers can get the latest from the CVS source-code repository.)
This page includes various screeshots of Tux Paint's interface, and examples of features, put together by the developers. Be sure to check out the gallery for real drawings made by children using Tux Paint!

Starting out
Starting out
Tux Paint starts with an empty canvas, ready to be drawn on.
A coloring book picture
You can also load 'Starter' pictures, like this coloring-book chicken.
'Starter' scene
Some 'Starter' pictures include both a foreground (which can't be drawn over), and a background.



A simple drawing
Draw freehand pictures using the various brushes.

The Line tool
Perfectly straight lines can be drawn with the line tool.

The Shapes tool
Filled and unfilled shapes can be drawn in different colors and at various angles using the shapes tool.

Rubber Stamps
The stamp tool allows a wide array of pre-drawn and photo-realistic images to be added to a drawing.
(Or compose the drawing entirely of stamps!)

Tinted Rubber Stamp images
Most stamps can be mirrored, flipped, shrunk and grown. Some stamps can be colored or tinted, like these flowers.

Outer-space rubber stamp images

Many stamp themes are included with Tux Paint. You can also add your own.

The text tool
A simple text tool lets children annotate their pictures or create greeting cards. It also helps keyboarding skills!

Opening a picture
Saved pictures are accessed using a thumbnail browser.

Saving a picture
Children are never presented with more than simple Yes/No dialogs.

'Magic' Tools

The blocks magic tool
Pixelate pictures with the blocks magic tool.

The chalk and blur magic tools
Turn a picture into a chalk drawing, or blur parts of it.

The sparkles and negative magic tools
Add sparkles to a picture, or invert the colors.

The rainbow and fade magic tools
A rainbow of colors can be drawn with ease, and faded later.

The fill tool
Large swaths of an image can be filled with various colors.


Language Support

Tux Paint in Spanish

Entering Japanese text
Entering Japanese characters with Tux Paint's 'Text' tool

Tux Paint in French

Tux Paint in German

Tux Paint in Icelandic

Tux Paint in Chinese (Simplified)

Tux Paint in Korean

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  1. My TuxPaint installed straightly from Edubuntu DVD with no changes. This is far better than regular Windows Paint.


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