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Home » , » Vine Linux is a supreme Linux distribution with integrated Japanese environment for desktop PCs and notebooks.

Vine Linux is a supreme Linux distribution with integrated Japanese environment for desktop PCs and notebooks.

Vine Linux is a compact and lightweight Japanese Linux distribution for desktop PCs and notebooks.

The whole Vine Linux distribution consists of two categories: one CD install media (Vine Linux main) which can also be installed from 1GB USB memory media; and additional package collections (Vine Plus).

Vine Linux is an rpm-based distribution with apt-rpm powered, which helps easy and straightahead package managements.

Key features:

The following are some of the key features of Vine Linux:

  • Graphical installation interface powered by Anaconda
  • Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and RAID are supported by the installer. LVM is the default disk partitioning scheme
  • Disk encryption is not supported by the installer
  • Ext3 is the only journaling file system type available during installation
  • RPM-based, but APT-ified
  • Firewall is enabled out of the box

Update (via Distrowatch):

Vine Linux Daisuke Suzuki has announced the release of Vine Linux 5.2, a Japanese general-purpose community distribution. This is mostly a security and errata update of the free distribution which does not contain any proprietary components, non-free applications or non-free fonts. Some of the more interesting changes include: miscellaneous package version updates (Firefox 3.5.15, Pidgin 2.7.5, Sylpheed 3.0.2, Thunderbird 3.1.6); improved video card support for various Intel, NVIDIA and ATI cards; system installer fixes, including improved detection of FAT file systems, support for SD cards and Firewire controllers, and better detection of wireless network cards; updated list of APT mirrors; the DVD edition now includes the Vine Linux manual.

Read the
release announcement (in Japanese) and release notes for more details about the new version of Vine Linux.

Download: Vine52-i386-DVD.iso (1,064MB, SHA1), Vine52-x86_64-DVD.iso (1,064MB, SHA1), Vine52-ppc-DVD.iso (1,112MB, SHA1).

Recent Releases:

• 2010-11-30: Distribution Release: Vine Linux 5.2
• 2010-02-26: Distribution Release: Vine Linux 5.1
• 2009-08-25: Distribution Release: Vine Linux 5.0
• 2009-04-28: Development Release: Vine Linux 5.0 Alpha
• 2007-12-25: Distribution Release: Vine Linux 4.2
• 2007-12-09: Development Release: Vine Linux 4.2 RC1

Vine Linux 5 runs on 32bit Intel PC (ix86), 64bit Intel PC (x86_64) and 32bit PowerPC Macintosh (ppc), and all editions provide nearly equivalent experience on all archtectures.


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