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Home » , » Vyatta Open Networking, the Open-Source Alternative to Cisco.

Vyatta Open Networking, the Open-Source Alternative to Cisco.

Vyatta software is a complete, ready-to-use, Debian-based distribution that is designed to transform standard x86 hardware into an enterprise-class router / firewall.

Vyatta software includes support for commonly used network interfaces, and industry-standard routing protocols and management protocols.

Unlike previous open-source routing projects, all these features are configurable via a single command-line interface (CLI) or web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

Vyatta software is available as a free Community Edition as well as tiered Software Subscriptions that include maintenance, upgrades and support.

Vyatta Tom McCafferty has announced the release of Vyatta 6.1, a new version of the Debian-based distribution for firewalls are routers: "Vyatta, the leader in open networking and network virtualization, today announced Vyatta 6.1, the latest release of the company’s open network OS encompassing enterprise-class routing and network security. With several key advances including IPv6 certification, cloud-specific features and enhanced security, Vyatta continues to expand the applicability of software-based networking across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. Vyatta 6.1 has received IPv6 Ready Logo Phase 2 certification, verifying the implementation of IPv6 core routing protocols. For cloud providers and enterprises moving applications or servers to the cloud, Layer 2 cloud bridging allows physically separate networks to securely communicate with each other over the internet as if they were on a single Ethernet network."

Read the complete
release announcement for further information.

Download: vyatta-livecd_VC6.1_i386.iso (160MB).

Recent releases:

• 2010-08-24: Distribution Release: Vyatta 6.1
• 2010-03-31: Distribution Release: Vyatta 6.0
• 2009-03-10: Distribution Release: Vyatta 5.0.2
• 2008-04-21: Distribution Release: Vyatta 4.0
• 2007-10-30: Distribution Release: Vyatta 3.0
• 2007-09-02: Distribution Release: Vyatta 2.2


Vyatta's open source, software-based approach to networking allows us to deliver a complete network OS that can connect and secure enterprise and service provider networks as well as virtual and cloud infrastructures. Vyatta software and appliances offer users a flexible, affordable alternative to proprietary, hardware-based, routers, firewalls, VPN concentrators and intrusion prevention devices.

Vyatta develops and delivers three distinct packages of the Vyatta open networking software:

* Vyatta Core (VC) - Open source, free to download, unsupported
* Vyatta Subscription Edition- Open source and proprietary, enterprise-ready exclusive feature set, commercial add-ons, commercial support
* Vyatta PLUS - Additional enhanced services available to Vyatta Subscription Edition customers.

A commercial version of the Vyatta network OS (Vyatta Subscription Edition) is also available with enterprise-ready management and security product extensions and complete engineering support including proactive notifications of security alerts and software releases as well as priority access to patches & bug fixes. Vyatta SE is available as pre-integrated hardware appliances, software subscriptions and optimized virtual machines that include your choice of technical support level.

Broad Set of Enhancements.

Vyatta Version 6.1 enhancements include:

    Vyatta Core 6.1
  • Layer 2 Bridging / Cloud Bridging
  • Stateful Firewall/NAT Failover
  • LLDP - Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • QoS Input Interfaces
  • Port Mirroring and Redirection
  • BGP Hop Count Security
  • DHCPv6
  • IPv6 BGP
  • IPv6 SNMP
  • More Than 120 Bug Fixes
    Vyatta Subscription Edition
  • IPv6 Ready Logo Phase 2 Certification
  • Configuration Replication
  • Remote Access API Enhancements
  • TACACS+ Enhancements
    Vyatta Plus
  • Vyatta Snort VRT IPS Rules: Vyatta now offers the official Sourcefire/Snort VRT rule-base as a subscription service. This new add-on service allows customers to proactively protect systems by accessing updates to the Sourcefire VRT rule-base directly from Vyatta as new vulnerabilities are found.

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