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Home » , , » MythDora is a specialized Linux distribution based on Fedora and MythTV.

MythDora is a specialized Linux distribution based on Fedora and MythTV.

MythDora is a specialized operating system based on Fedora and MythTV. Since 2009, the version number comes from the version of Fedora used followed by the version of MythTV used. For example, the current version 12.23 uses Fedora 12 and MythTV 0.23. Like KnoppMyth, MythDora is designed to simplify the installation of MythTV on a home theatre PC. MythDora has since version 10.21 had Live CD support.

In addition to MythTV and its plugins, Mythdora includes extra Linux packages that are necessary for MythTV to run, and drivers for hardware commonly encountered in machines intended to run MythTV. Also included in Mythdora are several video game emulators, and extra tools and scripts. These aid with the initial configuration of the system and allow the user to perform such tasks as rebooting the machine and backing up program data, directly through the MythTV interface.

The MythDora project was created in the spring of 2005 by Dennis Hand. It started out as a Fedora 3 distro heavily customized around ivtv & nvidia hardware. After the initial release, Ryan Pisani joined and assisted in feature enhancements and setup tools. Ryan was followed by Jarod Wilson who joined in early 2007 and brought further customizations and enhancements to the project.

Today the project is maintained by Ryan Pisani & Jarod Wilson.

MythDora started out using a mixture of packages provided from multiple 3rd party repos. ATrpms.net was our major package provider, along with livna, dribble, dag and others. This mixture of packages worked very well out of the box, but upgrade ability was quite minimal due to conflicts. The introduction of rpmfusion in 2008 paved the way for MythDora to use a stable repo that provided most of the packages we use in the distro today. MythDora 10.21 is the first of our versions that seamlessly was upgradable from one version of MythTV to the next.

MythDora is now a mature project compared to where we started. We have a solidified feature set, build tools, and a configuration framework that assists us in creating a more stable & upgradable distribution than we could previously.
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MythDora Ryan Pisani has announced the release of MythDora 12.23, a Fedora-based Linux distribution designed to simplify the installation of MythTV on a home theatre PC: "Mythdora 12.23 has been released. There are a few changes from 10.21 but mostly on the cosmetic side of things. We're now using the stock MythTV theme out of the box, as well as stock paths. General features: Fedora 12 + updates; MythTV 0.23-rc2; Linux kernel; LIRC 0.8.6. DVD features: GNOME, KDE, LXDE, Xfce and Ratpoison desktops; NVIDIA driver packages 195, 173 and older 96; Handbrake 0.9.4; live CD features: Xfce desktop environment; NVIDIA 195 driver package; ability to change time zone in first boot configuration. Changes in MythDora 12: the auto-installation method has been removed; the front-end now heavily relies on the time zone of the system matching the backend...."

Read the rest of the release announcement for further details.

Download: MythDora-12-i386-DVD.iso (1,1180MB, SHA256), MythDora-12-x86_64-DVD.iso (1,185MB, SHA256).

MythDora 5 features.

- Fedora 8 - kernel
- MythTV-0.21-185
- More remote control support
- PVR-350 TV-out GUI installer
- MythWeb password protect at install
- Automatic lircrc file generator script
- NFS/Samba GUI installers
- MythTV Add/Remove module GUI menu
- MythTV Setup access from MythDora Tools
- IMDB Bulk updater script
- IR Blaster / STB GUI installers
- Both DVD and CD install disks, as well as a network-installable tree and yum repositories
- A very nice database backup module in MythDora Tools
- Latest nVidia & nVidia Legacy drivers
- Latest ATI/AMD video drivers
- Latest OpenChrome video drivers
- Latest ivtv drivers, including X driver for the PVR-350
- Latest video4linux(DVB) drivers
- K9copy (DVD shrink for Linux)
- Nuvexport

• 2010-04-17: Distribution Release: MythDora 12.23
• 2009-01-08: Distribution Release: MythDora 10.21
• 2008-04-28: Distribution Release: MythDora 5.0

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Version history.

* November 28, 2006 MythDora-3.0

"MythDora 3.0 is now using FC5 along with MythTV-0.20 all on DVD... now uses KDE and goes onto a DVD rather than a CD... The ISO size isn't too much bigger, about 940mb total."

* May 8, 2007 MythDora 4.0
o Fedora Core 6
o kernel-2.6.20-1.2944.fc6
o New MythTV 0.20.1 fixes release, with default settings customized for MythDora
o MythDora-4.0_DVD.iso SHA1SUM=393e623a9efdfd600976adbffc4a59e9c8735fdf
o MythDora-4.0_disk1.iso / MythDora-4.0_disk2.iso

* January 7, 2009 MythDora 10.21
o Based on Fedora 10
o MythTV 0.21, with the latest svn fixes and default settings customized for MythDora
o I386 and X86_64 versions with LIVECDs of each.
o MythDora-10-i386-DVD.iso SHA1SUM=64384afa6b85e798e401a0f0010a24ac716a37d1
o 663MB MythDora-10-LiveCD-i386.iso SHA1SUM=4c21830e2f1e3744a60f35387f96837b570c7b18
o MythDora-10-i386-disc1.iso / MythDora-10-i386-disc2.iso / MythDora-10-i386-netinst.iso

* April 17, 2010 MythDora 12.23
o Based on Fedora 12
o MythTV 0.23


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sources: MythDora & Wikipedia

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