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Home » , , » Legacy OS (formerly TEENpup Linux) is a distribution based on Puppy Linux.

Legacy OS (formerly TEENpup Linux) is a distribution based on Puppy Linux.

Legacy OS (formerly TEENpup Linux) is a distribution based on Puppy Linux.

Although the original concept was to create a flavour of Puppy Linux with more applications and a more appealing desktop aimed at teenage users, Legacy OS has now grown to become a general purpose distribution.

It comes with a large number of applications, browser plugins and media codecs as standard software.

Despite these enhancements Legacy OS is still perfectly suitable for installation on older and low-resource computers, as well as modern hardware.

Legacy OSJohn Van Gaans has announced the release of Legacy OS 2, a Puppy-based distribution for older computers: "After 9 months of development, today sees the release of Legacy OS 2. With this release comes a host of improvements over Legacy OS. The focus was to look at all aspects of Legacy OS and make improvements. We started by looking at the default desktop and the GTK+ and KDE themes it used. It was decided to create a pleasant neutral look to tie all the included applications together. A desktop environment that was easy on the eye and usable every day. The look had to be usable for those who want or need to use Legacy OS 2 as their main operating system. While the GTK+ and KDE themes share common elements, there are differences by design. You'll only find one window manager (IceWM), One IceWM, GTK+ and KDE theme. The goal was to keep it as simple as possible. We didn't want to confuse new users with multiple options. Next was the look and feel of the applications."

Read the full release announcement for further information about the release, list of the main packages included, as well as download links.



Recent releases:

 • 2011-06-02: Distribution Release: Legacy OS 2
 • 2010-09-03: Distribution Release: Legacy OS 2010
 • 2010-02-23: Development Release: TEENpup 2010 Beta
 • 2009-06-11: Distribution Release: TEENpup Linux 2009

Applications New in Legacy OS 2:

asunder 1.6.2 (Music CD Ripper)
gwenview 1.1.8 (Image Manager)
k9copy 1.0.4 (DVD9 to DVD5 converter)
kadu 0.6.0 (Internet Chat Client for Linux)
kalcul 0.1 (Allows children to test their Maths skills)
kamix 0.6.6 (Sound Mixer will lots of options)
kdocker 1.3 (Docks open Applications in to the system tray)
kid3 0.5 (Edit/Rename MP3 song files)
koverartist 0.3.2 (Create CD/DVD cover art)
ksquirrel 0.8.0 (Image / document viewer)
kuake 0.3 (Pop down Terminal)
mandvd v2.2 (Video DVD Creator)
mrxvt 0.5.1 (Terminal)
multimedia converter 1.5 (Convert many Video/Sound formats easily)
oregano 0.40.4 (Schematic capture and circuit simulation)
pconvert v2.15-1 (Units Converter cms to inches, kmh to mph etc)
qalculate v0.7.2 (Units Converter cms to inches, kmh to mph etc and more)
quacc v3.5 (Home accounting software)
rekordmydesktop 0.3 (Record your desktop in to OGG format)
screensaver mu-v0.2 (MU's experimental basic Screensaver improved)
tuxpaint 0.9.14 (Small children's paint Application)
xvidcap 1.1.5 (Record parts of your desktop in to Mpeg format)
you2pup 2.1.4 (Download and convert videos from Youtube)

Applications Removed for the following reasons:
fluxbox 0.9.3 (To focus on one window manager only)
frostwire 4.13.3 (No longer connected to Host/Legal problems with files)
kooldock 0.3 (Again to focus on one window manager)
kover 2.9.6 (Replaced KoverArtist)
kuickshow 0.8.12 (Replaced by better Applications)
numerical chameleon 1.6.0 (Replaced by Qalculate)
showimg (Replaced by better Applications)
grip 3.0.0 (Replaced by Asunder)

A number of files applications rely on have also been updating.
For Example: ffmpeg updated to 0.6.1 (A number of newer multimedia formats now supported)

The Hard Drive Installer has been improved within the original framework. Message boxes to guide a user through the install and rewording of the Installer should allow more users to successfully install Legacy OS 2 on their Hard Drives. While it's no up to Ubuntu standards, it's still an improvement over the Installer in Legacy OS.

The above processors were performed many times over and are what makes Legacy OS 2 our best release ever.


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