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Home » , , » Fusion Linux is a Fedora remix that adds all the best software that is available for Linux.

Fusion Linux is a Fedora remix that adds all the best software that is available for Linux.

Fusion Linux is a Fedora remix that adds all the best software that is available for Linux (free, non-free and even some non-open source firmware and applications for better user experience).

It is an installable live DVD image that includes multimedia functionality out of the box, with added desktop tweaks for better usability, and additional software.

Fusion Linux is 100% compatible with Fedora, including packages from Fedora and RPM Fusion software repositories.

Updates (via Distrowatch):

Fusion Linux Valent Turkovic has announced the availability of the release candidate for Fusion Linux 14.1, a Fedora-based distribution with a variety of user-friendly enhancements, media codecs and updated software packages: "We have worked hard to produce the next release of Fusion Linux. We hope you will enjoy Fusion Linux 14.1. This is a release candidate but our test users have already invested much time into testing so for the most part this release is rock-stable and fully usable. Features for this release: latest Fedora 14 updates (saves time and hundreds of megabytes); LibreOffice 3.3.2 replaces OpenOffice.org; Firefox 4.0 bug fixed; Chrome 11 stable as the default browser; lots of other small bug fixes and enhancements."

Here is the brief release announcement.

Download (MD5) the installable live DVD image from here: Fusion-Linux-14.1-RC.iso (1,702MB).

Recent releases:

 • 2011-05-16: Development Release: Fusion Linux 14.1 RC
 • 2011-03-10: Distribution Release: Fusion Linux 14
 • 2010-11-10: Development Release: Fusion Linux 14 RC

Here are some key features of "Linux Fusion":

· Command encoding and decoding
· Transport of command packets
· Transport of data referenced by commands
· Context switches between client and server processes
· Strict seperation of client and server implementation
· Shared memory for data normally held solely by the server
· High level messaging for virtually local event handlers and callbacks
· Advanced locking techniques for synchronization and access control
· Framework for distributed allocation and cleanup of resources

New Fusion Linux logo (killing the Hotdog)

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The feature I get asked the most is “when will you replace that horrid hotdog logo”, or something like that. Well in doing that I need your help. If you have any basic GIMP and RPM packaging skills you can help in making this happen.

Once we have new graphics logo in place and few minor tweaks in place new release will be ready for release.

How can you help? Join our mailing list so we can go into details in there.

But here are the steps that needed to be done:
  • Download generic-logos package
  • Extract generic-logos package
  • Replace existing hotdog images with new logo image
  • Repackage new images into fusion-linux-logos package

New logo will be from Kollision game. Scalable version of logo can be found in /usr/share/icons/oxygen/scalable/apps/kollision.svgz after installing kdegames package.

Two types of skills are needed here, this can be two people; one who knows how to manipulate images in GIMP and other who knows RPM packaging or one person that has both skills.

Features and highlights are:
* a brand new custom made theme
* Fusion Linux post install welcome wizard script
* Skype removed so Fusion Linux can be freely redistributed
* multimedia support out of the box (Flash, MP3 & DivX playback)
* better hardware compatibility for broadcom wireless cards
* better games selection
We put a lot of work in the brand new custom made theme. It is based on Faenza icons and Alliance GTK theme with the little Fusion touch.
Desktop highlihgts:
* mintMenu
* DockbarX
* Compiz Fusion
mintMenu and DockbarX are two GNOME panel addons that make this Linux distro unique. These are the most obvious features that you will encounter first time you login.
Software highlights:
* Chromium + Firefox 4.0
* Thunderbird 3.0
* OpenOffice 3.3
* K3b – best CD/DVD and Blu-ray burning app
* GIMP 2.7 beta, Scribus 1.4 svn, Inkscape and Blender
* Dropbox – online backup and file sync
* TeamViewer – multiplatform remote desktop app
* F-Spot – image organizer and personal photo management
* Banshee – media player
* HandBrake – DVD ripping application, convert DVD to a video file
* Arista video transcoder – right click on any video file to convert
* PlayOnLinux – easily install numerous Windows games and apps
* Miro – free and open internet TV application
* Ailurus GNOME tweaking app
* GParted – partition editor for graphically managing your disk partitions
* FedoraPlus – scripts for customizing
* Gwibber – GNOME Twitter and Identica app
* Redshift – takes care of your eyes if you work late
* Development package and tools
Chromium is the default browser. We think Firefox 4.0 is not quite ready yet, but we wanted to give you the choice.
Desktop tweaks:
* Nautilus browser mode by default
* Clicking via touchpad by default
/Get involved/
Feel free to join this project, we eagerly like to hear your ideas about how Fusion Linux should look and work.
Get in touch with us on our forum:
* http://groups.google.com/group/fusion-linux

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