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Home » , , , , » Fuduntu is a Fedora-based Linux distribution that earns its name by its ambition to fit somewhere in-between Fedora and Ubuntu.

Fuduntu is a Fedora-based Linux distribution that earns its name by its ambition to fit somewhere in-between Fedora and Ubuntu.

Fuduntu Linux is a Fedora-based Linux distribution created by Andrew Wyatt. It is designed to fit in somewhere between Fedora and Ubuntu (hence the name), and, while optimized for netbooks and other portable computers, it is a general-purpose OS.

Fuduntu is considered a "remix" of Fedora; it does not qualify as a "spin" because it contains packages not included in Fedora.

As Fuduntu was originally targeted at the Asus Eee PC and other netbooks, it contains some tweaks to reduce power consumption. Among them, the /tmp and /var/log directories have been moved to RAM disk, and swappiness has been reduced to 10, to reduce the frequency of disk spin-up. In addition, Fuduntu includes the Jupiter power management applet (also developed by Andrew Wyatt), for convenient adjustment of CPU performance settings, screen output and resolution, etc.

The default packages include Nautilus Elementary, Adobe Flash, the Fluendo MP3 Codec, VLC, Infinality Freetype, Google Docs, Gmail, and the nano editor.

Also featured is Likewise Open, which facilitates connecting a Fuduntu machine to a network that uses Active Directory authentication.

The Fuduntu Difference:
  • The latest stable Linux Kernel (2.6.39)
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Unbelievable Performance
  • Unparalleled battery life

Updates (via Distrowatch):

Fuduntu Andrew Wyatt has announced the release of Fuduntu 14.10, a Fedora-based desktop distribution: "The Fuduntu team is pleased to announce the general availability of Fuduntu 14.10. This release continues our tradition of small incremental improvements bringing new versions of several important packages and bug fixes to the Fuduntu Linux distribution. Included in this release: Linux kernel, Adobe Flash 10.3, Chromium 12, Shotwell 0.10.1; ext4 is now our default file system during installation; support for NVIDIA (akmod-nvidia), and ATI (akmod-catalyst) proprietary drivers; a tool to help simplify customizing your installation; a theme refresh, correcting several bugs and streamlining the look and feel; new background choices; new tweaks to improve Flash playback; bug fixes; the quarterly patch roll-up."

The release announcement.

Download: Fuduntu-14.10-i386-LiveDVD.iso (907MB), Fuduntu-14.10-x86_64-LiveDVD.iso (937MB).

Recent releases:

  • 2011-06-18: Distribution Release: Fuduntu 14.10

OLD_VERSIONS 2011-05-24
Fuduntu-14.10-x86_64-LiveDVD.iso 2011-06-17 982.5 MB i
Fuduntu-14.10-i386-LiveDVD.iso 2011-06-17 951.1 MB i
Fuduntu-14.9-x86_64-LiveDVD.iso 2011-03-11 1.2 GB i
Fuduntu-14.9-x86_64-LiveDVD.iso.asc 2011-03-11 66 Bytes i
Fuduntu-14.9-i386-LiveDVD.iso 2011-03-11 1.2 GB i
Fuduntu-14.9-i386-LiveDVD.iso.asc 2011-03-11 64 Bytes i
README 2011-02-01 312 Bytes

A few of the default packages found in Fuduntu:


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