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Home » , » The cb2Bib is a free, open source, and multiplatform application for rapidly extracting unformatted.

The cb2Bib is a free, open source, and multiplatform application for rapidly extracting unformatted.

The cb2Bib is a free, open source, and multiplatform application for rapidly extracting unformatted, or unstandardized bibliographic references from email alerts, journal Web pages, and PDF files.

The cb2Bib facilitates the capture of single references from unformatted and non standard sources. Output references are written in BibTeX. Article files can be easily linked and renamed by dragging them onto the cb2Bib window. Additionally, it permits editing and browsing BibTeX files, citing references, searching references and the full contents of the referenced documents, inserting bibliographic metadata to documents, and writing short notes that interrelate several references.
Advanced features.

Advanced features, and processing and extraction details are described in the following sections:

Configuration information is described in the following sections:

Utilities and modules are described in the following sections:

To compile cb2Bib, the following libraries must be present and accessible:
  • Qt 4.4.0 or higher from Qt Nokia. On a Linux platform with Qt preinstalled, make sure that the devel packages and Qt tools are also present.
  • WebKit library (optional) to compile cb2Bib Annote viewer. It is already included in Qt > 4.4.0 library. No special action/flag is needed during compilation.
  • LZO 2.03 library and headers available at http://www.oberhumer.com/opensource/lzo. If LZO2 were unavailable on a particular platform, type configure --disable-lzo or, equivalently, qmake -config disable-lzo before compiling.
  • X11 header files if compiling on Unix platforms. Concretely, headers X11/Xlib.h and X11/Xatom.h are needed.
  • The header files fcntl.h and unistd.h from glibc-devel package are also required. Otherwise compilation will fail with referencelist.cpp:227: `::close' undeclared.


Although not needed for running cb2Bib, the following tools extend cb2Bib applicability:
  • The bib2xml and xml2end BibUtils, to test the postprocess script bib2end.bat on Windows platforms.
  • ... and LaTeX and friends, to check for BibTeX file correctness and to get a nice printing through the shell script bib2pdf.

Current version: cb2Bib 1.4.6. (See ChangeLog File for a detailed list of changes and acknowledgments, and Release Notes for additional notes and information.).



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