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Home » » Install a million games in one click with DJL.

Install a million games in one click with DJL.

djlWell, not really a million, but how about tens or hundreds?
Good enough for you? Today, we will talk about two extremely useful applications that allow to you search for hundreds of games that run on Linux, sorted by category, popularity, license, or price, read game synopses, check out the screenshots, and then, should you decide that you like some of them, install them with a single mouse click. 

Do you know what this means? 

This means that all and any other method of getting Linux games is virtually obsolete. 

You now have a Steam Valve style programs for Linux, capable of bringing hundreds of great titles to your desktop. Follow me. 

DJL is an open-source game manager for Linux, written in Python and inspired by Steam Valve for Windows. 

You can see the full list of games available through DJL, HERE.
TeaserGet DJL.
The first thing you will have to do is download the installer script from the website. It's contained in a tar.gz archive, so you will have to extract it first. The djl.sh contained inside the archive needs to be executable in order to run, so you may have to make it that way. For less experienced users, this is the sequence of commands you will have to run to start djl: 

tar zxvf <archive-name>
cd <extracted-archive-dir>
chmod +x djl.sh

When you run the script the first time, if you do not have the Python framework installed, you'll get an error. Luckily, the script points you out to the missing python-qt4 libraries. Fire up your package manager and install it. Alternatively, use the command line to install the package.
Run DJL.
Once you have everything in place, run the application. You will be asked to configure the tool. This includes configuring the installation directory for your games, the Web browser of your choice, the default tab in the main menu, the font size, updates, dependencies, and more. Very convenient.
Using DJL.
Now comes the really cool part. After you download the News items, you're ready to roll. 

First run
Go to Repository tab and start enjoying this beautiful, powerful game manager. You can search the games by genre, like First Person Shooter, Strategy, Role Playing, etc, or by additional categories, like license or price. Very soon, you'll have games ready for you, including descriptions and screenshots. Absolutely amazing! Here we go, we have Postal and UFO from my seventh game compilation and Sauerbraten from my very first article on Linux First Person Shooters.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Just click Install to get the game downloaded and setup. If it's already there and you don't want, use Remove. Likewise, Update to upgrade to the latest game version available. Simply incredible. You don't have to leave the comfort of the pleasant, ease-to-use interface, you don't have to mess with the command line or go to any website. Just use djl and you have everything you can possibly need!
What more, you're bound to succeed. For example, Racer is a car racing game that I never managed to install using conventional methods, but djl made the affair oh so simple. Choose the game, watch the download progress and enjoy.
Racer working
Racer more
We'll talk about Racer and many other games in the eighth mega thread coming soon. With djl, getting the games downloaded and tested is going to be a breeze.
djl is an extensive tool, with plugins available. For example, you can add Urban Terror server monitor or follow Unreal Tournament statistics. And you can chat, too! Fantastic!

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