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Home » , » Zanshin high-level library for HTTP, WebDAV and CalDAV operations.

Zanshin high-level library for HTTP, WebDAV and CalDAV operations.

zanshin logoZanshin is a Python library for collaboration over HTTP, WebDAV and CalDAV. 

It was originally conceived by Lisa Dusseault, and is currently being developed and maintained by Grant Baillie.
Its primary client is the Chandler Sharing Project.

Zanshin works at the level of resources and properties of resources, rather than HTTP requests and responses. 

This, coupled with careful thought about what data to persist, will hopefully lead to an easier-to-use and better performing API than what you get by making the obvious 1:1 mapping between Python method calls and HTTP requests.

Worried about forgetting something? Unexpected memory losses? Zanshin is here to help you. 

You can collect your tasks and notes and free your mind. 

You will soon stop hearing this voice nagging you about what you probably forgot, or what you should do. 

Just fire up Zanshin, once something is collected, you are sure to find it there.


Zanshin makes it simple to put your daily life in order. 

Just create a few projects, a few contexts and start filling them with tasks. 

You can simply do that using drag and drop. 

Something has to be done before a given day? 

Just set a due date and it'll stand out from your other items. 

You need to work on a project? Focus on it and you will see all the related tasks. 

Feeling like dealing with your phone calls? Focus on your phone context to find all the pending calls you've to give.


We hackers love our keyboards, but you probably find yourself more efficient with your hands on the keyboard as much as possible. 

That's why we crafted Zanshin carefully to be completely drivable from the keyboard. 

We added shortcuts to add tasks, move them to a project or a context, navigate, etc.


Zanshin is an application of the KDE community, as such it unleashes even more power when used with other KDE Applications or within KDE Plasma Desktop. 

Using KMail? You can create a task right from an email you received and it'll appear in Zanshin's Inbox. 

Using KOrganizer? All your overdue and coming task will appear in the calendar view. Using Plasma Desktop? 

Then you can collect from anywhere using KRunner, just type in "todo: Buy apples", and you will find that tasks in Zanshin's Inbox, even if it wasn't running.

Zanshin is also available for Linux based systems, used with other KDE Applications or within the Plasma Desktop is unlocks more of its best features, try it out!
  • On OpenSUSE, it is available through the home:ervin and KDE:Unstable:Playground repositories;
  • On Fedora, it is directly available for all releases since Fedora 15.
  • On Ubuntu, it is available through Aurélien Gâteau's repository;
  • On Arch Linux, is is available in the Arch User Repository;
  • On Gentoo, it is directly available through the package simply named zanshin.
Your distribution is missing? Don't hesitate to join us to help up getting it working on your distribution.

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