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Thursday, April 18, 2013

iMagic OS is a Linux-based operating system designed to help you get your work done the way it needs to be done

imagicosiMagic OS is a Linux-based operating system designed to help you get your work done the way it needs to be done, when it needs doing, with ease. 

Our goal is to be the most aesthetic, most powerful, and most flexible, operating system on the planet; right for you.
Always remember: With a little iMagic, anything is possible.

Why iMagic?
There are no viruses, trojans, or malware that have been written for iMagic OS. Therefore, it will never have a security problem and rarely bothers you about firewall, although it does have three of the strongest ones available.
Ease of Use.
iMagic OS has a better Interface, and an sleek, new, bleeding edge 3 Dimensional Desktop.

You can buy iMagic OS for $50, with an Adobe Photoshop equivalent, and two Microsoft Office Ultimate alternative office suites, and much more. 

Install Software.
iMagic OS uses a two new installation tools which allow you to choose from over 10 million programs, and then install them with a single click. 

Compatible. In addition to almost all Windows programs, you may also run Millions of iMagic OS programs. 

Software Installed.
iMagic OS comes shipped with more software than you could ever ask for. 2 complete Microsoft Compatible Office Suites, inluding the iOffice Suite an extra Word Processor, wireless capabilities, 9 Multimedia programs including Wii and PS3 support and an XBox Media Center. It also comes with as many Graphics and Photo editing applications as you could ask for. 

Developement. If you get iMagic OS Developer Edition, you get most of the above features, and very powerful developement. No need to buy more applications.


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