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Home » » Gnumeric is a free spreadsheet program that is part of the GNOME desktop.

Gnumeric is a free spreadsheet program that is part of the GNOME desktop.

Gnumeric is a free spreadsheet program that is part of the GNOME desktop and has Windows installers available. It is intended to be a free replacement for proprietary spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel, which it broadly and openly emulates.

Gnumeric was created and developed by Miguel de Icaza, but he has since moved on to other projects. The current maintainer is
Jody Goldberg.

Gnumeric has the ability to import and export data in several file formats, including CSV, Microsoft Excel, HTML, LaTeX, Lotus 1-2-3, OpenDocument and Quattro Pro; its native format is the Gnumeric file format (.gnm or .gnumeric), an XML file compressed with gzip.

It includes all of the spreadsheet functions of the North American edition of Microsoft Excel and many functions unique to Gnumeric. Pivot tables and conditional formatting are not yet supported but are planned for future versions.

Gnumeric's accuracy has helped it to establish a niche among people using it for statistical analysis and other scientific tasks.

For improving the accuracy of Gnumeric, the developers are cooperating with the R Project.

Gnumeric has a different interface for the creation and editing of graphs than the competing software. For editing a graph, Gnumeric displays a window where all the elements of the graph are listed. Other spreadsheet programs typically require the user to select the individual elements of the graph in the graph itself in order to edit them.

Gnumeric version 1.0 was released December 31, 2001. The current stable release is version 1.8.x, the first to have basic Microsoft Office Open XML support.

The Gnumeric Team is pleased to announce the availability of Gnumeric version 1.9.3.

This release is a development release with lots of bug fixes. We have brought the number of open bugs down below 450. (It was well above 500 a few months ago.) While 450 still is a lot of open bug reports, it should be mentioned that about 220 are classified as enhancement requests.

This release requires the concurrently released goffice 0.7.2. We also recommend the new libgsf 1.4.10.

  • Andreas
    • Do not print hidden sheets. [Bug 525368].
    • Print wysiwyg. [Bug 153578].
    • Fix column ordering in analysis tools. [Bug 516052].
    • Make the paired t-test analysis tool use only complete pairs. [# 531852].
    • Improve regression tool.
    • Fix row height and column width dialogs [Bug 360873].
    • Don't force text export of empty sheets [Bug 521726].
    • By default cells with hyperlinks should not be empty [Bug 152617].
    • Fix command names for hyperlink additions.
    • Improve histogram tool [Bug 385458][Bug 552161].
    • Make external hyperlinks work. [Bug 535015].
    • Make more dialog buttons obey no-icon request. [Bug 302883].
    • Fix and improve the sampling tool. [Bug 552975].
    • Improve moving averages tool. [Bug 527489].
    • Add weighted and cumulative moving averages.
    • Add Spencer's 15-point moving average.
    • Fix and improve exponential smoothing tool. [Bug 553267].
    • Added Holt's trend corrected exponential smoothing. [Bug 385467].
    • Added additive Holt-Winters exponential smoothing.
    • Fix scenario report shift. [Bug 554591].
    • Added multiplicative Holt-Winters exponential smoothing.
    • Fix minor bugs. [Bug 554818] [Bug 553342].
    • Update some of the analysis tools documentation.
    • Add non-numeric frequency tables tool. [Bug 134166].
    • Add basic Kaplan-Meier Estimates Tool. [Bug 453765].
    • Fix scrolling issue in function selector. [Bug 556718].
    • Delete cell overwrite dialog. [Bug 556773].
  • Jean
    • Fix printing of rotated text. [Bug 539734].
    • Fix leakage in histogram tool. [Bug 552596].
    • Fix horizontal position of sheet objects in print. [Bug 554993].
    • Reimplemented the goffice component.
  • Jody
    • Extend ssgrep to search VBA too.
    • Add column width doubling in 'display formula' mode.
    • Fix OO.o style import. [Bug 553506].
    • Support XLSX themed colours. [Bug 555687].
    • Restore the undocumented magic for solid fills in XLSX conditions.
    • Work around gtk behavior change in IMContext initialization.
    • XLS : support anachronistic objs in newer versions. [Bug 546887].
    • WIN32 : build fixes.
    • WIN32 : Fix Decimal keypad character. [Bug 555522].
  • J.H.M. Dassen (Ray)
    • Understand and ignore byte-order markers for CSV/stf probing and importing. [Bug 549743].
  • Morten
    • Fix display of array formulas. [Bug 550902].
    • Fix off-by-one for random_landau.
    • Fix error check for printing to file.
    • Fix SUMIF crash. [Bug 552006].
    • Fix NETWORKDAYS problem. [Bug 553047].
    • Bring SUMX2MY2, SUMX2PY2, and SUMXMY2 into 21st century. [Bug 554040].
    • Fix XIRR problem with missing data. [Bug 554732].
    • Switch to LINGUAS file. [Bug 554348].
    • Fix problems with saving undefined names. [Bug 554325].
    • Fix parser crash. [Part of Bug 552750].
    • Fix clipboard leak.
    • Fix reading magic version of ancient file format. [Bug 555933].
  • Nakai
    • Enable Perl plugin again. [Bug 553939].
    Goffice 0.7.2 aka "TBD" is now available.
  • Hib Eris
    • Fix crash in go_help_display when non gnome applications use goffice with gnome. [Bug 551128]
  • Jean
    • Implement probability plots for some common distributions. [Bug 500168].
    • Fix invalid write in gog_probability_plot_series_update. [Bug 555161].
    • Fix Null pointer crash in gog_contour_view_render. [Bug 555757].
  • Jody
    • Patch foocanvas to work around behaviour change in gtk 2.14.
  • Morten
    • Fix go_url_resolve_relative. [Bug 550898].
    Libgsf 1.4.10 aka "TBD" is now available.
  • Jody
    • Patch some coverity issues [189, 250, 251]
  • Morten
    • Work around sshfs bug. [Bug 509883].
    • support tar archives.
    • Improve gsf support for broken archives. [Bug 553861].
    • Avoid a critical for bad ole2. [Bug 554848].




Gnumeric in Linux Gnome (Ubuntu)

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