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Home » , , » The Siduction distribution is a desktop-oriented operating system and live medium based on the "unstable" branch of Debian GNU/Linux.

The Siduction distribution is a desktop-oriented operating system and live medium based on the "unstable" branch of Debian GNU/Linux.

The Siduction distribution is a desktop-oriented operating system and live medium based on the "unstable" branch of Debian GNU/Linux.

Forked from aptosid in late 2011, siduction offers three separate live media with KDE, LXDE and Xfce desktops.

The project also promises regular releases, an open development model, and friendly relationship with its developer and user community.

Updates (via Distrowatch):
siduction Ferdinand Thommes has announced the release of siduction 11.1, a desktop-oriented distribution and live CD/DVD based on Debian's "unstable" branch, recently forked from aptosid: "We are excited to present to you, after last week's release candidate, the first final release of siduction, a new distribution based on our great mother Debian's 'Unstable' branch and forked from aptosid. This first release ships three desktop environments - KDE SC, Xfce and LXDE, all three in 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

The released images represent a snapshot of Debian 'Sid' from 2011-12-30, improved with a few useful packages and scripts, an installer, and our own, patched version of kernel 3.1-6 and X.Org server"

Read the remainder of the release notes for further details. Download: siduction-11.1-kde-i386.iso (965MB, SHA256), siduction-11.1-kde-amd64.iso (961MB, SHA256), siduction-11.1-lxde-i386.iso (630MB, SHA256), siduction-11.1-lxde-amd64.iso (625MB, SHA256), siduction-11.1-xfce-i386.iso (823MB, SHA256), siduction-11.1-xfce-amd64.iso (819MB, SHA256).

Recent versions:

  • 2011-12-31: Distribution Release: siduction 11.1
 • 2011-12-22: Development Release: siduction 11.1 RC


Siduction uses different mirrors for our users to obtain our images, kernel and packages in a most comfortable way. Please choose a mirror close to you. Mirrors that provide a deb-line can be used in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/siduction.list. We need more mirrors. If you can provide one or know someone that could, please contact us. A mirror needs to be able to handle heavy traffic, so universities and other institutions are the most likely hosters.

siduction, as a Linux-LIVE-DVD/CD, is heavily compressed. For that reason, please be careful, if you burn a CD/DVD to install from or run live. Please use DAO-mode (disk at once) and don't burn faster than 8x. Nowadays its a lot easier and more convenient to just use dd or cat to put the iso-image on a usb-pen and boot right of that. Please see the manual section about installs for that.

Download  URLs, bitte gebt den Mirrors etwas Zeit zur Synchronisation:

  • Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin/ spline (Student Project LInux NEtwork), Deutschland

    deb ftp://ftp.spline.de/pub/siduction/siduction unstable main 
    deb ftp://ftp.spline.de/pub/siduction/fixes unstable main 
    deb-src ftp://ftp.spline.de/pub/siduction/siduction unstable main
    deb-src ftp://ftp.spline.de/pub/siduction/fixes unstable main 
Nord Amerika

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