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Home » , » AcetoneISO, is a feature-rich and complete software application to manage CD/DVD images.

AcetoneISO, is a feature-rich and complete software application to manage CD/DVD images.

AcetoneISO is a free software program to mount and manage image files. Its goals are to be simple, intuitive and stable. Written in Qt 4, this software is meant for all those people looking for a "Daemon Tools for Linux".

However, AcetoneISO does not emulate any copy protection while mounting. AcetoneISO also supports Direct Access Archive (*.daa) images because it uses the non-free and proprietary PowerISO Linux software as a backend while converting images to ISO.

In recent releases (as of 2010), AcetoneISO also gained native support at blanking CD/DVD optical discs and burn ISO/CUE/TOC images to CD-R/RW and DVD-+R/RW (including DL) thanks to external open source tools such as cdrkit, cdrdao and growisofs.

It is free software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.


    Mount automatically ISO, BIN, MDF, and NRG without the need to insert admin password. Only single-track images are supported for the moment.
    Burn ISO/TOC/CUE to CD-R/RW optical discs
    Burn ISO images to DVD-+R/RW (including DL)
    A native utility to blank CD-RW, DVD-RW, and DVD-RW discs
    A nice display which shows current images mounted and possibility to click on it to quickly re-open mounted image
    Convert 2 ISO all image types: bin mdf nrg img daa dmg cdi b5i bwi pdi and much more
    Extract images content to a folder: bin mdf nrg img daa dmg cdi b5i bwi pdi and much more
    Play a DVD Movie Image with Kaffeine / VLC / SMplayer with auto-cover download from Amazon
    Generate an ISO from a Folder or CD/DVD
    Check MD5 file of an image and/or generate it to a text file
    Calculate ShaSums of images in 128, 256, and 384 bit
    Encrypt / Decrypt an image
    Split / Merge image in X megabyte
    Compress with high ratio an image in 7z format
    Rip a PSX CD to *.bin to make it work with ePSXe/pSX emulators
    Restore a lost CUE file of *.bin *.img
    Convert Mac OS *.dmg to a mountable image
    Mount an image in a specified folder from the user
    Create a database of images to manage big collections
    Extract the Boot Image file of a CD/DVD or ISO
    Backup a CD-Audio to a *.bin image
    Complete localization for English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish and much more!
    Quick and simple utility to rip a DVD to Xvid AVI
    Quick and simple utility to convert a generic video (avi, mpeg, mov, wmv, asf) to Xvid AVI
    Quick and simple utility to convert a FLV video to AVI
    Utility to download videos from YouTube and Metacafe.
    Extract audio from a video file
    Extract a *.rar archive that has a password
    Quick and simple utility to convert any video for Sony PSP PlayStation Portable
    Display History that shows all images you mount in time


    Does not emulate copy protection mount like Daemon Tools.
    Can't mount correctly a multi-sector image. Only the first track will be shown.
    Converting a multi-track image to ISO will result in a loss of data. Only first track will be converted.
    Image conversion to ISO is only possible on x86 and x86-64 CPU architecture due to PowerISO limitations.

    AcetoneISO is currently translated to: English, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, German, Czech, and Russian.


Source Code: here
- starting from Ubuntu 10.04 and up "apt-get install acetoneiso"
- Updated or previous packages for ubuntu can be found
Debian Sid: "apt-get install acetoneiso" or here
OpenSuse: here
Fedora: here
Mandriva: urpmi acetoneiso
Archlinux: here
Slackware: here
Gentoo: here
Subversion for developers (SVN): here


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