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Home » , » Install ArtistX to your hard disk, free multimedia live Gnu/Linux distribution for audio, 2D and 3D graphics.

Install ArtistX to your hard disk, free multimedia live Gnu/Linux distribution for audio, 2D and 3D graphics.

To install ArtistX  you will need at least 512 MB of Ram and 20 gigabytes of disk space (also if installing in VirtualBox or other emulators).

Backup, backup, backup: save your most important files on an external hard disk or DVD. Better safe than sorry.

Burn ArtistX on a DVD, put it in your DVD reader and reboot your computer.

At the first screen just press enter.

Then you will see ArtistX loading, please wait. When the Desktop has loaded double-click on the "INSTALL" icon.

First press enter (blank password):


Than choose your language:


Just press Continue on this step:


Again just press Continue on this step:


This and the following screen will depend a lot on your configuration. If you don't know please ask on our forum BEFORE installing:


Press Continue:


Select your location:


And your keyboard layout:


Than fill out your account details:


Take a beautiful picture of yourself if your computer has a camera or select one of the standard ones:


Wait while ArtistX installs (it may take a lot):


When you see this screen you can restart and use your new ArtistX!

Upgrade to a newer version.  Print E-mail

If you want to upgrade an ArtistX installation you basically have two options:

1) the "dist-upgrade" process: open a terminal on your current ArtistX installation and write "sudo apt-get update" followed by "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".

If any package files fail you will need to force the installation with "sudo dpkg -i --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/name_of_software_that_fails_the_installation.deb (write the name exactly). Make sure you have a full backup of your important files in case of problems. At the end of the dist-upgrade process write "sudo update-manager -d" and follow the instructions after choosing the option to upgrade to the new version.

2) the "clean install" process: just make a copy of your /home/yourusername folder on a portable hard drive or usb key and install the new version of ArtistX as usual. Wen you have finished copy the entire contents of your /home/ folder into the freshly created /home/yourusername in the new installation of ArtistX. Be sure to select in the file manager Nautilus the option to display hidden files (Menu View -> Show Hidden Files) in order to copy all the relevant files.

For example if you wish to restore only your Firefox settings copy on the usb key only the directory .mozilla situated into your /home/yourusername folder. If you start Firefox you should see all your extensions, bookmarks.

Special starting options (in case of problems). Print E-mail
Sometimes it happens (very rarely) that the ArtistX DVD will have some problems working on your personal computer.

In this case you can "tune" your boot sequence by adding some boot parameters.
Here we will try to explain how this can be done. Keep in mind that "Linux does an exceptionally good job at detecting most hardware and picking reasonable default settings for most parameters" (as written in the introduction to the BootPrompt-HOWTO)  but sometimes it fails to do so.

Some useful resources are:
1) The Linux BootPrompt-HOWTO
2) The Kernel Boot Parameters, a documentation page included in the Linux Kernel sources (online version at Mauriat Miranda web page)
3) This article on Linux Journal: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/2866

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