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15 Cool Alternatives to Google Calendar

google-calendar-final1Like a lot of others, I love Google Calendar. It’s well maintained and constantly updated with useful features. 

While it has the right set of features with almost no bloat, some of us might find it to be a bit underwhelming. 

Lack of social sharing features is clearly one downside to Google Calendar.

After the break, we have rounded up a list of Calendar and scheduling apps that go above and beyond the conventional usage.
There’s so many ways you can schedule your time and collaborate with your team. With the diversity of web apps available today, there’s a calendar app for almost any type of scheduling you can think of. 

Read on to see the 15 most unique calendar apps we’ve rounded up.
1.- 1Calendar
1calendar is a gorgeous and functional web app that combines private activities, tasks, Facebook and even your school timetable from its web and mobile calendar applications. Thanks to the integration with Facebook, you can now keep track of all your invitations, events and birthdays without leaving the app.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : Yes
2.- 30Boxes
30Boxes is a critically acclaimed calendar app that supports natural language entry, invitations, SMS reminders, integrated maps and more. The app is a must have fr people who love customizing the experience and interface to their taste. It’s just not a plain old calender app but integrates tightly with popular social networks and blogging platforms.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : Yes
3.- Cozi
Cozi is an organizer for the entire family. With this amazing app, it shouldn’t be tough to keep track of the family schedule, organize your grocery shopping lists and to-do lists, and capture favorite memories in a family journal from a centralized online destination.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : Yes
4.- Coolendar
True to its name, coolendar is a super cool app both in terms of user interface and functionality. The app breaks the conventional matrix style layout of the conventional calendar apps in favor of a design that looks more like a task management app. From Kindle to Gtalk, there isn’t a device that doesn’t run this digital planner.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : Yes
5.- CalendarFly
CalendarFly is a calender and scheduling solution on steroids. Its specialty is handling group schedules, so it’s ideally for schools, families or any other organization that requires automatic maintenance of the schedules of the team.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : No
6.- Genbook
Genbook goes beyond the regular calendering activities and is a full fledged online appointment booking system as well. On top of adding events from the standard backend we have been accustomed to, users can take advantage of the book now button to reserve their slots in the calendar. After a free 30 day trial, the paid plans start from $19.99
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : No
7.- TimeBridge
TimeBridge is an online scheduling solution that lets you bring people together at the precise time. Send a single email to coworkers, clients, or friends and the app will find a meeting time everyone can make. The web app plays nice with your existing Google, Outlook or iCal calendars, so rest assured you don’t have to create events all over again.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : No
8.- WhichTime
WhichTime is a rather simple calendaring app that differs a whole lot from the ones listed above and below. With a Point and click interface, the app just performs one task well – adding and updating events.
Nature of the Platform : Both SaaS and Self Hosted
Social Network Integration : No
Jiffle makes scheduling appointments and meetings quick and simple. The app is primarily targeted for business users, but the web app is a perfect fit for for anyone who needs to coordinate appointments or meetings. You can fit your schedule right into Webex online meetingplace too.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : No
10.- Braveapps
Braveapps Calendar
While the developers promote the app as a calendar that’s right fit to stay on top of special occasions, the Braveapps Calendar has a rich featureset that makes it a full blown calendar and scheduling app. You can also customize the calendar to match and enhance the theme of your website.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : No
11.- Mixin
Mixin is a gorgeous scheduling app for those who love being social. Use mixin to share your agenda, discover opportunities from your social circle, and easily make plans with your friends. The app also allows you to attach pictures and videos automatically to the events.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : Yes
12.- Scheduly
Scheduly is targeted at businesses who want their customers to book appointments or to register for sessions in advance. With the help of their appointment policy, you can screen those who try to register a session with you. After the 90 day free trial period, the app will cost you $9.99 per month.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : Yes
13.- TimeTrade
TimeTrade is a scheduling app that is dedicated for business and enterprise use. Its developers call it an appointment CRM, and it could be very useful for businesses in the service vertical. The app comes with a free trial period but if you plan on buying a subscription, you will have to mail their sales team.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : No
14.- Tungle
I have experienced first hand the awesomeness of Tungle. Meet with others by proposing multiple times to one or many people, inside or outside your organization, across systems and time zones. Their dynamic real time booking algorithm ensures that there is no double booking at all.
Nature of the Platform : SaaS
Social Network Integration : Yes
15.- Web Calendar
Web Calendar
Web Calendar is a free, open source calender application written in PHP. It may not look gorgeous, but comes with a boat load of features including a multi-user calendar for groups of users. For those planning to use it behind a firewall, the web app supports a range of databases from MySQL to Oracle.
Nature of the Platform : Self Hosted
Social Network Integration : No

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