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Apache Incubator Project: Current Sub-projects.

apacheApache Incubator is the gateway for open-source projects intended to become fully fledged Apache Software Foundation projects.

The Incubator project was created in October 2002 to provide an entry path to the Apache Software Foundation for projects and codebases wishing to become part of the Foundation's efforts. All code donations from external organizations and existing external projects wishing to move to Apache must enter through the Incubator.

The Apache Incubator project serves on the one hand as a temporary container project until the incubating project is accepted and becomes a top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation or becomes subproject of a proper project such as the Jakarta Project or Apache XML. On the other hand, the Incubator project documents how the Foundation works, and how to get things done within its framework. This means documenting process, roles and policies within the Apache Software Foundation and its member projects.

Current Sub-projects.

    Ambari is a monitoring, administration and lifecycle management project for Apache Hadoop clusters.
    The Amber project will deliver a Java development framework mainly aimed to build OAuth-aware applications.
    Anything To Triples (any23) is a library, a web service and a command line tool that extracts structured data in RDF format from a variety of Web documents.
Bean Validation
    The Bean Validation project will create an implementation of Bean Valiadation as defined by the Java EE specifications.
    Bigtop is a project for the development of packaging and tests of the Hadoop ecosystem.
    Bloodhound is a software development collaboration tool, including issue tracking, wiki and repository browsing.
    Celix is an OSGi like implementation in C with a distinct focus on interoperability between Java and C.
    Chukwa is a log collection and analysis framework for Apache Hadoop clusters.

clerezza logo

    An OSGi-based modular application and set of components (bundles) for building RESTFul Semantic Web applications and services.
    Apache Cordova is a platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (formerly Phonegap). The project entered incubation as Callback, but decided to change its name to Cordova on 2011-11-28.
    Deft is a non-blocking, asynchronous, event driven high performance web framework running on the JVM.
    DeltaSpike is a collection of JSR-299 (CDI) Extensions for building applications on the Java SE and EE platforms.
    Apache DeviceMap is a data repository containing device information, images and other relevant information for all sorts of mobile devices, e.g. smartphones and tablets. While the focus is initially on that data, APIs will also be created to use and manage it.
    DirectMemory's main purpose is to act as a second level cache able to store large amounts of data without filling up the Java heap and thus avoiding long garbage collection cycles.
    Drill is a distributed system for interactive analysis of large-scale datasets.
    Droids aims to be an intelligent standalone robot framework that allows to create and extend existing droids (robots).
    Easyant is a build system based on Apache Ant and Apache Ivy.
    a data persistence component that allows database vendor independent dynamic query definition as well as safe and simple data retrieval and updating
    A cross-platform, language- and transport-independent framework for building and consuming network services.
    a software development kit (SDK) released by Adobe Systems for the development and deployment of cross-platform rich Internet applications based on the Adobe Flash platform.[1]
    Flume is a distributed, reliable, and available system for efficiently collecting, aggregating, and moving large amounts of log data from many different sources to a centralized data store.
    Giraph is a large-scale, fault-tolerant, Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP)-based graph processing framework.

hama logo

    a distributed computing framework based on Bulk Synchronous Parallel computing techniques for massive scientific computations.
Apache HCatalog
    a table management service to provide unified access to Pig, Hive and MapReduce data
HISE (Human Interactions Service Engine)
    an open source implementation of WS-Human-Task specification (Web Services Human Task). This project has retired and is no longer actively developed or supported.
    The Isis project will be an extensible standards-based framework to rapidly develop and enterprise level deploy domain-driven (DDD) applications.
Apache JSPWiki
    a Java-based wiki engine
    Kafka is a distributed publish-subscribe system for processing large amounts of streaming data.
    Kalumet a complete environment manager and deployer including J2EE environments (application servers, applications, etc.), software, and resources.
    Kato is a project to develop the Specification, Reference Implementation, and TCK for JSR 326: the JVM Post-mortem Diagnostics API.
    Kitty is a lightweight, production focused, Java-based application server performance diagnostic and management utility.
    a logging framework for PHP
    a management console for Apache HTTP Server and Apache Tomcat
    Lucene.Net is a source code, class-per-class, API-per-API and algorithmatic port of the Java Lucene search engine to the C# and .NET platform utilizing Microsoft .NET Framework.
Manifold Connector Framework (ManifoldCF)
    Connectors for content repositories like Sharepoint, Documentum, etc.
    Mesos is a cluster manager that provides resource sharing and isolation across cluster applications.
    NPanday allows projects using the .NET framework to be built with Apache Maven.
    Nuvem defines an open application programming interface for common cloud application services, allowing applications to be easily ported across the most popular cloud platforms.
ODF Toolkit
    Java modules that allow programmatic creation, scanning and manipulation of OpenDocument Format (ISO/IEC 26300 == ODF) documents
    Server-based workflow scheduling and coordination system to manage data processing jobs for Apache Hadoop
    Openmeetings is a web conferencing solution.
    OpenNLP is a machine learning based toolkit for the processing of natural language text.


    open source photo gallery application
RAT (Release Audit Tool)
    a comprehension and auditing for distributions and source code
S4 (Simple Scalable Streaming System)
    a general-purpose, distributed, scalable, partially fault-tolerant, pluggable platform that allows programmers to easily develop applications for processing continuous, unbounded streams of data.
SIS (Spatial Information System)
    a toolkit that spatial information system builders or users can leverage to build applications containing location context.
    A modular software stack and reusable set of components for semantic content management
    An infrastructure for cloud computing on big data.
    Virtual Computing Lab. Framework for creating, dispensing and running virtual images.
    A standards compliant XML Query processor.
    Wave is a rich, distributed, near-real-time collaboration platform which allows users to work together.
    a framework for creating and consuming RESTful Web services
    a W3C widget engine with Google Wave and Open Social Extensions.

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