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Fontmatrix is a font manager for Linux desktops.

Fontmatrix is a font manager for Linux desktops. It can manage fonts installed system-wide or for individual user accounts. It relies on FreeType to render font samples, and on Qt for its user interface. Bruce Byfield hailed the creation of Fontmatrix with an article concluding with: "Finally, the long wait for a GNU/Linux font manager is ending."

Fontmatrix lets the user label a font with multiple tags (similar to Gmail labels), which may be activated or deactivated as sets. It also allows the user to toggle features of OpenType fonts for testing purposes. As of November 2008, the PANOSE classification present in fonts may also be used to select them by similarity. Fontmatrix is included in Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora Linux.

We provide source packages of Fontmatrix as public releases which you can download here.

Fontmatrix is highly available on Linux, check here for your distro.

Finally, we are please to offer a direct access to our versionning system where you can grab latest code:
svn co http://svn.gna.org/svn/undertype/trunk/tools/typotek fontmatrix

Fontmatrix is a real Linux font manager, available on any platform and as well for KDE (which already had Kfontinstaller) as for Gnome.

It's purpose is to recursively query the fonts (ttf, ps & otf) in the directories you give it to search, sort them quickly, (avoiding bugged or broken ones) and show them.

Then, you can tag them, sub-tag, re-sort according various tags, preview... Even create a pdf Font Book...
Next step, you will activate/deactivate the fonts you want at that moment using the tags system constituting various “user profiles needs”, with more sub-tags if created, family check box grouping automatically all variations (regular, italic, bold etc.) of one font, or even fonts selected one by one.

Each font selected can show different kind of information : name and family related, detailed font information; one word preview (user defined); one sentence (or set of character) preview with the ability to keep various user's sets in the preferences; detailed glyphs view according various subsets (ie Basic Latin, Punctuation, Mathematical Operators... and of course All Glyphs).

If you see then that the perfect font you wanted is missing one glyph or that you want to modify one other, just call Fontforge from within Fontmatrix (if installed of course).

And most of all, if you aren't still happy because the only function you wanted is not available, just go here and ask kindly what you 'd like, then for sure if it's a good idea, it will be done ! And if you want to debate to explain in life, come to irc : #fontmatrix channel at freenode.

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