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Sunday, September 27, 2009

EzPlanet One release 2.0 SB2 available now

ezplanetone EzPlanet One is the Linux distribution tuned for the Enterprise and the Professional. A Linux distribution tuned for Enterprise solutions; EzPlanet One integrates advanced technologies, flexibility, high availability, security, quality. Built with the Enterprise in mind, it features also several tools for the Professionals and Individual users, that make its use more fun.

Most of the latest advances in technologies available for Linux have been included in the EzPlanet One distribution. For example it supports most wireless network adapters, including those that do not have specific Linux drivers. EzPlanet One is ready to be used for your server infrastructure and your desktop clients.

Quality is the secret of a robust and unbreakable foundation for the Technical Architect, with the tools and the ease of use to suit system administrators, bank managers, personal assistants, chief financial officers and beginners.

System's Requirements

EzPlanet One is one of the most complete Linux distributions and it is available for download on four CD ISO images. Installation requires from 620 MB up to 7 GB disk space. The Minimum processor requirement is Intel Pentium(tm), with 64 MB RAM. Please see the release notes for more details on hardware requirements.

If installed in a dual boot system where one of the operating systems is Windows, make sure to install Windows in the first disk partition. Microsoft(tm) operating systems are unable to boot from partitions other than the first.


Download bandwidth is limited, please consider getting the distribution on DVD or CD media here. This would also support our work and allow us to continue the improvement of our service. As of the 5th February 2005 the CD ISO images are no longer available for HTTP download. Please join the torrent (or get Azureus Java based client) to download using a peer to peer network. EzPlanet One 2.0 torrent ISO images are available at:


XMMS Audio Player

MPlayer - Multimedia Video Player Suite

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