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Home » » rcdrecord is a command line client of web CDwriter.

rcdrecord is a command line client of web CDwriter.

rcdrecord is a command line client of webCDwriter that offers the functionality of cdrecord over the network.

Alternative Windows software: None
Software requirements: None
Hardware requirements: None

rcdrecord is the property of respective authors, vendors and developers. You can download rcdrecord for your hardware. If you want to use rcdrecord for other purpose, Please contact the authors, vendors and developers of rcdrecord.


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Using rcdrecord

* Writing the image file cdimage.iso

rcdrecord cdimage.iso

* Creating an image and writing it

mkisofs -r /bin | rcdrecord -

* Copying the first track of a data CD

rcdrecord /dev/[hd?|scd?]

* Writing WAVs and MP3s to an audio CD

rcdrecord 1.wav 2.mp3 ...

* Adding the directory /bin to a data CD

files2cd /bin

In this case webCDwriter will automatically use multisession mode. This is a shortcut for

rcdrecord -J -r -multi -file /bin

* Adding the directory /bin to a DVD+RW

files2cd medium=DVD+RW uid=tester /bin

This will also write the user ID tester to the medium.
* For more options see

rcdrecord --help
files2cd --help


You may configure CDWserver (the server of webCDwriter) using your web browser. In some situations you will be told to enter a simple command line. To activate a new configuration close all connections to CDWserver and afterwards check the status.
Current password

To get the current configuration password enter

sudo cat /etc/CDWserver/password

on the server. This file should be readable only by the user "cdwserve".

Configuration reload


User/group of CDWserver

sudo /usr/sbin/CDWconfig.sh --help

Server restart

To restart the server enter

sudo /etc/init.d/CDWserver restart

Download it

wget http://JoergHaeger.de/webCDwriter//download/rcdrecord-2.8.1.tar.bz2

Compile it
bunzip2 --stdout rcdrecord-2.8.1.tar.bz2 | tar xvf - cd rcdrecord-2.8.1 ./configure --server=www.cbrandon.com --port=12411 make

Run it

./files2cd /bin/

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