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Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron CDs to be Available Through Shipit

Ubuntu is available free of charge and we can send you a CD of the latest version (8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) trough ShipIT with no extra cost, but the delivery may take up to ten weeks, so you should consider downloading the CD image if you have a fast Internet connection.

Questions About Shipped CDs

Will you really ship CDs free of charge, and where can I get one?

If you cannot download CDs, or would simply like more attractive pressed CDs, we can send you pressed copies of Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Edubuntu CDs free of charge. You may request CDs at:

What Is On The CD?

All CDs currently contain the currently released version of Ubuntu. For every CD you order, we will send you one package that contains a single CD (live CD installer) in a cardboard wallet. This is true for all architectures.

How Many CDs Can I Order?

When you log in to your ShipIt account, you can select from a number of different standard options. You can also make a special request for dif

ferent quantities, but please note that this will take longer to process. We will consider special requests if you are a teacher giving CDs to your students, or if you are distributing CDs at a conference or other organized event. If you experience any problems with ShipIt, please:

Short Answer: 6-10 Weeks. Shipment time can vary considerably in relation to a wide range of factors (when you order CDs; where you are located in the world; the speed of your local mail delivery; etc). That said, a good rule of thumb is to allow at least 6-10 weeks for delivery although in some cases they will be delivered substantially more quickly. Instead, you may prefer to download the CD images and record them yourself.

CD Request Status

We send out CDs on a weekly basis. You can check to se e if your request has been sent to the factory by logging into ShipIt. Unfortunately we do not have additional information and can not track individual orders. We're sorry but we cannot provide information on individual orders, unless it was sent High Priority.

Deadline To Order CDs?

There is no deadline to order CDs. As each new release of Ubuntu comes out we update shipit in order to make it possible to obtain CDs for the newest release.

How Do I Order More CDs?

You can order a second time once your first order was shipped. Since we have limited resources, we would appreciate it if you could think carefully about the quantities you order.

Can You Send Me Kubuntu CDs?

Yes. You can request Kubuntu CDs from https://shipit.kubuntu.org.

Can You Send Me Edubuntu CDs?

Yes, we have also decided to offer Edubuntu CDs. You can request the latest version of Edubuntu from https://shipit.edubuntu.org.

Can You Send Me Source CDs?

We do not normally distribute source CDs and you cannot order them through shipit. That said, in order to comply with the GPL, we are happy to distribute source code on CD to anybody we give a binary CD. More information is written in fine print on the back of each CD. Source for everything on the CD is always available at http://archive.ubuntu.com or can be ordered from Canonical for the cost of the media plus shipping.

Can You Send DVDs?

Ubuntu and Kubuntu DVDs are now available for purchase from Amazon.com if you live in the United States. Some vendors who sell Ubuntu CDs may also make DVDs available for purchase from time to time. You can visit the purchase page to see the latest Amazon DVD links and the links to other vendors around the world who sell Ubuntu media.

Will I have to pay taxes/duties?

While the CDs and the shipping are completely free o

f charge, taxes and duties that customs in your country decide to charge you is not within Canonical's control. The larger the order, the larger the chance of the shipment being stopped and the larger the duty that could be demanded. For the vast majority of shipments (including the vast number of small or relatively small shipments), duties have not been charged and CDs have passed through borders without problems. In several countries (e.g., Croatia, FYROM, Serbia and Montenegro and others), even small shipments of CDs have been stopped. Currently, because most shipments are passing customs untaxed, we do not include a list of the values for the CDs on each package. However, in some situations, this has made customs officials suspicious. In the future, we will list a value on shipments to the most problematic countries in regards to customs and all of those shipments will be taxed. That list will be posted here. At the moment, here is our advice in regards to taxes/duties:

  • Anyone ordering a large shipment of CDs should first check with their local customs officials before they place an order in the database. Explaining that the CDs are free before could save a huge headache in the future.

  • If your CDs have been stopped, download the generic letter to customs officials. This letter is also available in the following languages:

  • If you need a personalized or signed copy of the letter or if you need a letter FAXed directly to customs officials, email info@shipit.ubun

    tu.com directly.

  • Can You Provide Localized Boxes or CDs?

Unfortunately, no. Canonical is only able to send CDs because we get bulk discounts. As a result, we cannot print separate or different CDs or boxes as we would not be able to keep our bulk discount. If your local community team wants to fund the production of a localized CD, we are happy to transfer you the necessary artwork.

How much does Ubuntu cost?

$0.00. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Edubuntu are, and always will be, 100% free.

CD does not boot

I downloaded the .iso file and burnt it to a CD, but can not get it to boot. When I reboot, the system says "Booting from CD..." then "failure" and proceeds to boot from harddrive.

You probably have recorded the .iso file to CD as a

file, not as a CD image. The .iso file is a CD image and needs to be recorded as such. If you burn it as a regular file, the resulting CD will not work. Try opening the CD in any computer. You should see a few files and directories. If you see "ubuntu-xxxxx-xxxxx.iso" as the only file in the CD

instead, you haven't correctly created the CD. Look for the 'Write CD image' or similar option of your favourite CD creation program and use it to record the .iso file to CD. Reboot and enjoy

Release notes

Version 7.10 (October 2007)

Ubuntu 7.10 continues to deliver the best of the open source

world to your desktop, laptop and server. New desktop features include improved hardware management features, integrated desktop search and enhanced visual effects. Server improvements include increased security through AppArmor, and tools to rapidly deploy Mail, Print and Database servers. More »

Version 7.04 (April 2007)

With the Ubuntu 7.04 release came a host of new features inc

luding data migration from Windows, new and easier ways to install multimedia codecs, binary drivers, as well as networking improvements and of course, GNOME 2.18, the 2.6.20 kernel and more.More »

Version 6.10 (October 2006)

With Ubuntu 6.10 release came a whole host of excellent new features. Improvements were made all around, such as faster system boot up times, faster GNOME start up times, improvements to the user interface, a shiny new optimised kernel, and GNOME 2.16. More »

Version 6.06 LTS (June 2006)

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Support) is supported with security updates for five years on the server and three years on the desktop. These Release Notes cover the new features that came with Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, download and installation notes, known issues, and frequently asked questions. More »

Version 5.10 (October 2005)

These Release Notes cover the new features that came in Ubuntu 5.10, download and installation notes, known issues, and frequently asked questions. Please read these notes before, during, and after installation and configuration of Ubuntu 5.10. More »

Software catalogue

The following partners provide tested and supported applications that run on Ubuntu. If you need an application to deliver substantial business function and benefit, then you will find the very best listed here. All of these partners can provide commercial support for their applications. These products can all be found in the Add/Remove facility in Ubuntu or for expert users through using apt-get at the command line.


Based in Oregon, United States The PostgreSQL Company, Command Prompt, Inc. is the oldest and largest dedicated PostgreSQL support provider in North America. Since 1997, they have been developing, supporting, deploying and advocating the use of the “World's Most Advanced Open Source Database”. Their preferred deployment platform for PostgreSQL is Ubuntu.

http://www.alacos.com/ Alacos provides award-winning, secure enterprise level automated desktop migration software to global enterprises, governments, and systems integrators.


Arkeia Software provides powerful, innovative data protection software for networked storage.
Centrify Centrify DirectControl delivers access control and centralized identity management by seamlessly integrating Linux, UNIX, Mac and web platforms with Microsoft Active Directory. DirectControl turns a non-Microsoft system into an Active Directory client, letting you secure that system using the same authentication and Group Policy services deployed for your Windows systems.


DB2 Universal Database is the database management system that delivers a flexible and cost-effective database platform to build robust on demand business applications.
http://www.mysql.com/ MySQL provides database products to meet the needs of ISV/OEM, Enterprise, and Community Users.


The NullBound Malware Prevention System utilizes an advanced filtering process unlike anything else. Our unique, cutting edge technology allows you to protect an entire enterprise network, regardless of size. This proactive system runs on a stable, secure Linux platform that protects your network passively through a mirrored port on your switch. It's as effortless as plugging in a computer; no end-user software, no proxy servers and no worries. It's just that simple.

OCM Manager’s web-based graphical interface allows you to effectively manage, update and monitor systems in any size organisation.

openbravo is a fully functional integrated web-based open source enterprise management system : an ERP for everyone.
Secure, fast, and easy to use, the full-featured Opera browser gives The Best Internet Experience.
Omnis Studio is a powerful and cost-effective Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool. It allows creation of multi-tier and web applications under Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS.

RealPlayer lets you play every major media type, delivers pristine audio and video playback quality, plays CDs, DVDs and all major file type.

http://www.ruffdogs.com/ One of North America's Leading Linux Solutions Company. Through our channel partner program, we design, deliver, implement and support a wide range of Linux based solutions across North America.

Parallels Workstation 2.2 for Ubuntu - Parallels Workstation is an easy-to-use, easy-on-the-pocket solution that lets you run Windows, Linux and more side-by-side on a single PC without rebooting. Truly revolutionary, Parallels Workstation empowers users of any skill level - including computer professionals, sales executives and home users - to easily run multiple operating systems on a single computer. Completely networked. Stable. Secure.


The Tersus Visual Proramming Platform enables easy creation of enterprise web applications by drawing visual flow diagrams instead of writing code.
http://www.userful.com/ Desktop Multiplier™ allows your Linux operating system to support up to 10 independent users, monitors and keyboards with just one PC.
http://www.vmware.com/ VMware products provide enterprise-class virtual machines that increase server and other resource utilisation, improve performance, increase security and minimise system downtime, reducing the cost and complexity of delivering enterprise services.

Win4Lin delivers the fastest and most cost-effective, resource-efficient, high-performance solution for running Windows applications on Linux.


Zend Technologies, Inc, the PHP Company, is the leading provider of products and services for developing, deploying and managing business-critical PHP applications. The Zend family of products is a comprehensive platform for supporting the entire lifecycle of PHP applications, used on over 20 million websites. For more information, please visit www.zend.com or call 408-253-8800


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