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Enigmail, extension to the mail client of Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Seamonkey

Enigmail is an extension to the mail client of Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Seamonkey which allows users to access the authentication and encryption features provided by GnuPG (see screenshots).

Enigmail is open source and dually-licensed under the GNU General Public License and the Mozilla Public License.

You can download and install Enigmail from the Download page. See the Help page for post-installation instructions.
Enigmail is an email plugin. It cannot be run by itself.
You need a supported email client, the GNU Privay Guard (GnuPG), and a little patience. You may also need to install the proper Enigmail language pack.
Complete installation instructions can be found in the Quick start guide.
Main Features
  • Encrypt/sign mail when sending, decrypt/authenticate received mail
  • Support for inline-PGP (RFC 2440) and PGP/MIME (RFC 3156)
  • Per-Account based encryption and signing defaults
  • Per-Recipient rules for automated key selection, and enabling/disabling encryption and signing
  • OpenPGP key management interface
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See the Features page for a full list of Enigmail's features.
Enigmail is cross-platform like all Mozilla products, although binaries are supplied only for selected platforms on this website. Enigmail uses inter-process communication to execute command-line versions of GnuPG to carry out encryption/authentication.
(Taken from Enigmail version 0.95.3)
OpenPGP menu and Main Thunderbird window with Decrypt button
OpenPGP menu and Compose window with OpenPGP Security button
Enigmail Preferences
Enigmail per-account Settings
Enigmail Downloads
Please Note:
  • New users should read the installation instructions first.
  • Enigmail does not install GnuPG for you. You need to do that yourself.
  • If you have any problems, please check the FAQ.
  • Some users may want to check the OpenPGP signature
  • And don’t forget to check the Help Page for HOWTOs, user guides, and more.
  • 01/05/2008 The new website has been launched.
  • 01/03/2008 Enigmail v0.95.6 has been released. This release fixes a signature verification bug and several problems with localized builds.
  • 10/27/2007 Enigmail v0.95.5 has been released. This release fixes a bug leading to garbled PGP/MIME messages.
  • 10/17/2007 Enigmail v0.95.4 has been released. This release fixes an incomaptibility with GPGOL.
  • 08/04/2007 Enigmail v0.95.3 has been released. This release fixes an incomaptibility with gpg4win v1.1.1
  • 07/01/2007 Enigmail v0.95.2 has been released. This release contains again more languages
  • 06/25/2007 Enigmail v0.94.4 has been released. This release fixes a compatibility issue with Thunderbird
  • 06/07/2007 Enigmail v0.95.1 has been released. This release contains many more languages
  • 04/13/2007 Enigmail v0.95.0 has been released. Simplified preferences for non-advanced users added
  • 03/06/2007 Important Security fix for Enigmail. A security bug detected by Core Security Technologies has been fixed in Enigmail v0.94.3.
  • 01/11/2007 Enigmail v0.94.2 has been released. A crash bug that could affect security has been fixed.
  • 08/06/2006 Enigmail v0.94.1 has been released. Added support for signing attachments with inline-PGP.
  • 01/11/2006 Enigmail v0.94.0 has been released. Many fixed bugs for Thunderbird 1.5.
  • 12/10/2005 Enigmail v0.93.2 has been released. Fixed bug with attachments and inline PGP.
  • 11/28/2005 Enigmail v0.93.1 has been released. Better compatibility with Thunderbird 1.5.
  • 10/02/2005 Enigmail v0.93.0 has been released. New setup wizard for beginners added.
  • 09/11/2005 A security bug has been detected in Enigmail. Users are adviced to upgrade to v0.92.1 as soon as possible.
  • 06/20/2005 Linux Magazine published Patrick and Olav's article on eMail security using Thunderbird and Enigmail.
  • 06/11/2005 Enigmail v0.92.0 has been released. New support for OpenPGP SmartCards
  • 03/27/2005 Enigmail v0.91.0 has been released. New support for OpenPGP: MIME header
  • 03/12/2005 Enigmail v0.90.2 has been released. Use this version for Thunderbird 1.0.2.
  • 02/12/2005 Enigmail v0.90.1 has been released.
  • 01/10/2005 NewsForge: Securing Thunderbird email with OpenPGP
  • 01/05/2005 Enigmail v0.90.0 has been released. Complete OpenPGP key management
  • 12/18/2004 Enigmail v0.89.6 has been released. Fixed compatibility issued with GnuPG 1.4
  • 12/05/2004 Enigmail v0.89.5 has been released. Enhanced OpenPGP key management
  • 11/08/2004 Thunderbird with Enigmail on OS/2 Warp!
  • 11/07/2004 Enigmail v0.89.0 has been released. New OpenPGP key management frontend
  • 09/15/2004 Enigmail v0.86.1 has been released. Fixed improper decoding of Umlauts and non-ASCII characters
  • 08/30/2004 Enigmail v0.86.0 has been released. Extended signature information in message preview header and some bug fixes.
  • 07/24/2004 Enigmail v0.85.0 has been released. Lots of fixed bugs.
  • 06/29/2004 Enigmail v0.84.2 has been released. New feature for downloading missing keys when sending messages.
  • 06/06/2004 Enigmail v0.84.1 has been released. Contains a better dialog for per recipient settings and some bug fixes.
  • 05/08/2004 Enigmail v0.84.0 has been released. New user friendly frontend for per-recipient encryption settings.
  • 04/05/2004 Enigmail v0.83.6 has been released. New backend support for per-recipient encryption settings.
  • 03/14/2004 Enigmail v0.83.5 has been released.
  • 02/12/2004 Enigmail v0.83.3 has been released.
  • 02/04/2004 Enigmail v0.83.2 has been released.
  • 01/22/2004 Enigmail 0.83.1 has been released. This version works with the latest Thunderbird 0.5a release.
  • 15/01/2004 Enigmail 0.83.0 has been released. Enhanced user interface for message composition, lots of bugs fixed
  • 12/30/2003 Enigmail 0.82.6 and 0.76.8 have been released. They avoid triggering a Mozilla bug that causes frequent crashes at startup
  • 12/15/2003 Enigmail 0.82.5 has been released. Adds support for 'sign only encrypted messages'
  • 12/03/2003 Enigmail 0.82.4 has been released. Supports Mozilla 1.6b and Thunderbird 0.4
  • 11/07/2003 Enigmail 0.82.2 has been released
  • 11/03/2003 Enigmail 0.82.1 has been released for Mozilla 1.x. Provides the same user interface as for Thunderbird
  • 10/29/2003 Enigmail 0.82.0 has been released. Contains a reworked preferences dialog and several bug fixes
  • 10/6/2003 Enigmail 0.81.7 has been released. Contains a new encryption settings dialog for message composition
  • 9/8/2003 Enigmail 0.81.6 and 0.76.7 have been released to fully support GnuPG 1.2.3
  • 8/29/2003 Bugfix versions Enigmail 0.81.4 and 0.76.6 have been released
  • 8/10/2003 Bugfix versions Enigmail 0.81.3 and 0.76.5 have been released
  • 7/30/2003 Bugfix versions Enigmail 0.81.2 and 0.76.4 have been released
  • 7/24/2003 Enigmail 0.81.0 for Thunderbird has been released. Major parts of user interface have been redesigned
  • 7/21/2003 Bugfix release 0.76.3 for Mozilla 1.4/Netscape 7.1
  • 6/20/2003 Enigmail 0.80.0 for Mozilla Thunderbird released

  • 6/18/2003 Version 0.76.1 for Mozilla 1.4-rc2
  • 6/8/2003 Version 0.76.0 for Mozilla 1.4-rc1 with enhanced support for encrypting/decrypting attachments
  • 5/2/2003 Bugfix Version 0.74.3 for Mozilla 1.3
  • 4/28/2003 New enhanced version 0.75.0 for Mozilla 1.4a
  • 28/4/2003 First information on Enigmail support for Mozilla Thunderbird (0.1-pre)
  • 4/4/2003 Version 0.74.1 for Mozilla 1.4a
  • 3/31/2003 Version 0.74.0 for Mozilla 1.3
  • 2/17/2003 Version 0.73.1 for Mozilla 1.3b
  • 2/14/2003 Version 0.73.0 for Mozilla 1.3b
  • 1/10/2003 Version 0.72.0 for Mozilla 1.3a
  • 12/20/2002 Version 0.71.3 for Mozilla 1.3a
  • 10/17/2002 Version 0.70.0 for Mozilla 1.2b
  • 9/13/2002 Branch version 0.65.4 for Mozilla 1.2a
  • 8/27/2002 Branch version 0.65.2 for Mozilla 1.1
  • 7/24/2002 Branch version 0.65.1 for Mozilla 1.1b
  • 7/12/2002 Version 0.63.1 for Mozilla 1.0 and 1.1a
  • 5/31/2002 PGP/MIME support added in Version 0.60.0 for Mozilla 1.0 RC3
  • 5/23/2002 Version 0.49.5 for Mozilla 1.0 RC2 and Netscape7 PR1
  • 4/27/2002 Version 0.49.3 for Mozilla 1.0 RC1. Linux/PPC and FreeBSD platforms also supported now
  • 4/12/2002 Version 0.49.1 for Mozilla 1.0 Release Candidate
  • 3/12/2002 Version 0.39 for Mozilla 0.9.9; RPMs also available
  • 2/21/2002 Version 0.28 for Mozilla 0.98
  • 1/21/2002 Improved version that automatically verifies/decrypts
  • 12/26/2001 A version that works with Mozilla 0.9.7
  • 12/13/2001 A version that works with Mozilla 0.9.6
  • 11/5/2001 Incorporating new button icons contributed by Jochen Eisinger!
  • 10/29/2001 A version that works with Mozilla 0.9.5
  • 8/3/2001 A version that works with mailnews and Mozilla 0.9.3
  • 5/15/2001 Finally a version that works with mailnews and Mozilla 0.9
  • 3/15/2001 Initial source/XPI files created
Features List


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