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Home » » Bastille Unix is an interactive hardening script for selected Linux distributions

Bastille Unix is an interactive hardening script for selected Linux distributions

Bastille Unix is an interactive hardening script for selected Linux distributions and other operating systems. It is free software licensed under the GPL.

The Bastille Hardening program "locks down" an operating system, proactively configuring the system for increased security and decreasing its susceptibility to compromise. Bastille can also assess a system's current state of hardening, granularly reporting on each of the security settings with which it works.

Bastille currently supports the Red Hat (Fedora Core, Enterprise, and Numbered/Classic), SUSE, Debian, Gentoo, and Mandrake distributions, along with HP-UX. Full Mac OS X is ready for download today. Bastille's focuses on letting the system's user/administrator choose exactly how to harden the operating system. In its default hardening mode, it interactively asks the user questions, explains the topics of those questions, and builds a policy based on the user's answers. It then applies the policy to the system. In its assessment mode, it builds a report intended to teach the user about available security settings as well as inform the user as to which settings have been tightened.
Bastille Linux renamed to Bastille Unix

As of September 11th, 2007, Bastille Linux has been renamed to Bastille Unix. A press release indicates that this has been due for some time, but an unfortunate mishap with the domain pushed the change forward.

As of January 27, 2005, Bastille hardens these distributions:

* Debian
* Fedora Core
* Gentoo
* Mandriva
* Red Hat and Red Hat Enterprise
* SuSE and SuSE Enterprise
* TurboLinux

Other operating systems supported are HP-UX and Mac OS X. The lead developer is Jay Beale. The name most likely comes from the Bastille.

Bastille presents a series of console-based screens that present a short description and a multiple-choice prompt. This makes Bastille an interactive security tutorial for Linux beginners.

On the morning of September 11th, 2007, alerted by handlers from the Internet Storm Center, I learned that one Mykhaylo Perebiynis purchased our Bastille Linux domain and is demanding $10,000 to return it to the project. He appears to be in business as a domain squatter. I'll post more information about this soon - refresh this page later today (9/12/07) for more information.

That's the bad news. Now time for the good news and our future plans.

First, the squatter hasn't focused on having a functional website. He isnt hosting any downloads: Trojan horses or otherwise. He seems to just be in it for the money. The Bastille Linux downloads were always hosted at Sourceforge, where they continue to be available.

Second, the lawyers tell me that we shouldnt have trouble getting the domain back. It will take a bit of time, but both legal action and the domain arbitration process should prove effective. We have an existing trademark on the domain dating back to 1999. This will simply take some time.

Third, the real Bastille Linux website has always been available, along with our downloads, via the http://bastille-linux.sourceforge.net site, similar to every other Sourceforge project. This is where the www.Bastille-Linux.org site used to virtual host to, so it's ready and tested. We'll be updating the major software index sites with this URL over the course of the next week.

Now for our future plans.

We're going to take this event as an opportunity. Bastille Linux has been running on two non-Linux platforms for years, Mac OSX and HP-UX. Hewlett Packard packages Bastille by default with HP-UX, integrates it with their installer, and provides technical support to their customers for it. Much like Douglas Adams' increasingly mis-counted Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, Bastille Linux is now two non-Linuxes past its name. We've been considering a name change to reflect this for some time. So...

Bastille Linux is now Bastille UNIX!

We've purchased the Bastille-UNIX.org domain and will set the Bastille-Linux.org website to transparently forward to the Bastille-UNIX.org website once we get the domain back.

I'll write more soon, but I wanted to get the word out as quickly as possible. Please use the the new domain now:


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