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ScribeFire Blog Editor Beta Test 3.4 Released

Version 3.4 of ScribeFire will be coming out soon, and it has a few big new features, like exportable settings and customizable post slugs. The preferences system has also been rewritten, and lots of code cleanup has been done.

If you would like to help test these changes before they are made available to all ScribeFire users, download version 3.4pre of ScribeFire and start playing around with it. (The list of all the changes is here.)

if you find any major bugs, you can either comment on this post or fill out a bug report. Thanks for your help.

Getting started with ScribeFire

(If you haven’t already installed ScribeFire, read these installation instructions.)

Once you’ve installed ScribeFire, you can start using it to quickly and easily update your blog. To open the ScribeFire window in your browser, you can use any of the following methods:

  • Press F8
  • Click on the icon in the status bar:

    ScribeFire Icon

  • Select ScribeFire from the Tools menu:
  • Right-click on the page and select “Blog this page” from the ScribeFire submenu.


  • There is also a ScribeFire toolbar button you can use to open and close ScribeFire. Add it to your toolbar by selecting Customize from the View > Toolbars menu, and then drag the button to your chosen location.

The first time you open ScribeFire, an account wizard will appear to help you connect ScribeFire to your blog. (Here is a list of the blogging services that are compatible with ScribeFire.) Simply fill in the information it asks for, and when you finish, your blog will be listed in the right-hand pane:

To post to your blog, simply type some text in the main editor panel of ScribeFire, give it a title…

…and click the Publish button:

That’s all there is to it! ScribeFire will post the entry to your blog, and it will appear in the list of entries in the right sidebar so that you can edit or delete it later if you want.

Other Features

Other features of ScribeFire allow you to categorize and tag your blog posts, upload images, set the timestamp of your posts, save works-in-progress as notes, post an entry as a draft, share your posts on social websites, and upload files via FTP. For help with these features, see the complete listing of ScribeFire Help topics

Install ScribeFire Now »

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Last month, we asked you what new features you’d like to see in ScribeFire. Since then, we have been investigating the feasibility of the enhancements you requested, and we would like to respond to your feedback.

For the following features, we’ve started working on them and they should be present in one of the next releases: (You can click on the linked words to comment on the feature or view its progress.)

Some of the features you asked for have since been completed or were already there, but you just didn’t know it:

  • Word count (Right click, choose View > Word count)
  • Live Preview (ala Windows Live Writer); added in version 2.3
  • Image uploading for Blogger; has been in ScribeFire for a while now; if it’s not working for you, file a bug report
  • Keyboard shortcuts; they were broken for a few versions but have since been fixed
  • A better publishing workflow was added in version 2.3
  • Spellchecking; ScribeFire has always used Firefox’s spellchecker; if it’s not working for you, file a bug report
  • Image titles; just select the image, right click, and choose “Edit Properties…”

There were a few requests that we’ve decided not to take any action on, mostly due to time constraints:

  • Make ScribeFire an independent application
  • Send comments from ScribeFire
  • Automatic posting to multiple blogs. This one has come up before, and our current response is still to just click “Keep Content” after it posts to the first blog, and then change blogs and publish again. We may reconsider this feature in the future.
  • Facebook Notes integration
  • Multi-user support (multiple users in one Firefox profile). This is handled well enough by Firefox’s mulit-profile support.

For most of the other features that were requested, we haven’t started working on them, but we’ve put them on our To-Do list and will get to them eventually:

We appreciate that you took the time to give us your feedback; in the future, you can request a new feature or report a bug at any time by filling out this form.

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