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Introducing Xandros Desktop Home Edition & Home Edition Premium

Xandros is both the name of a line of operating systems and Xandros Corporation, the company which creates them. Xandros Desktop is a Linux distribution. The name Xandros is derived from the X Window System and the Greek island of Andros.Founded in May 2001 by Linux Global Partners, the company is headquartered in New York City.

Their distributions are based on Corel Linux, a Debian-based distribution which was acquired along with the development team behind the product from Corel Corporation in August 2001 after Corel decided to leave the Linux distribution market. Xandros is a founding member of the Desktop Linux Consortium and member of the Interop Vendor Alliance.

In July 2007, Xandros bought Scalix, a Linux-based email and collaboration product, based on HP OpenMail. In July 2008, Xandros acquired Linspire.

Xandros Desktop Home Edition - Premium is a complete Linux desktop operating system that also includes the applications needed to work, communicate and play. Built on the stable and reliable Debian Linux platform, Xandros Desktop allows you to enjoy your digital lifestyle, the way you want to, without the hassles of viruses, spyware and other security threats. Xandros is fun and easy to use. It installs in just 4 clicks, and does not require any Linux or technical know-how. Discover how easily you will enjoy the benefits of Linux and bring security and stability you can count on to your PC with Xandros Desktop.
The new home for your digital life is ready. Fr

Xandros Desktop Home Edition

This edition comes with a 30-day trial of Crossover Office. It also includes an "Applications CD" which includes extra programs which can be installed via Xandros Networks. As opposed to Home Edition Premium, the Home Edition does not include the photo manager, music manager, security suite, wireless profiles, or the ability to write to NTFS partitions.

Xandros Desktop Home Edition Premium

This edition comes with a full version of Crossover Office Standard Edition, and a second CD (the "Applications CD") which comes with extra applications which can be installed via Xandros Networks. Despite its name, Xandros Desktop Home Edition Premium does not include a Xandros Networks Premium Membership.

Xandros Corporation offers a 30-day trial version of Xandros Home Edition Premium as a free download for evaluation purposes.

Xandros Desktop Professional

Formerly known as Xandros Desktop Business Edition, this edition is basically the same as Xandros Desktop Home Edition Premium, but it includes the ability to authenticate to Windows PDC and Active Directory Domains, use PPTP VPN to connect remotely to the office, and use broadband wireless connectivity with 3G, GSM and UMTS support. Xandros Desktop Professional was officially released on 28 November 2006.

As with Home Edition Premium, Xandros Corporation also offers a 30-day trial version of Xandros Professional.

Discontinued editions

Xandros Open Circulation Edition (OCE) was a freely redistributable edition for non-commercial use, with a limited set of additional software. Soon after the 4.0 version was released as a DVD shrinkwrapped with Linux magazines, the torrent was pulled from Xandros' servers and all references to OCE removed from the Xandros website without explanation. Previous versions of Xandros OCE were generally released about 4 months after the release of the commercial versions.

However, despite not being available officially, a link to download Xandros 4.1 OCE was later posted within Xandros' User Support forums.

Xandros Desktop OS Standard Edition was basically the same as the Open Circulation Edition, but it included full-speed CD/DVD burning. This product has been replaced by Home Edition.

Xandros Desktop OS Deluxe Edition included an "applications CD" which included extra programs which could be installed via Xandros Networks. This product has been replaced by Home Edition Premium.

Xandros Desktop OS Surfside Edition was basically the same as Xandros Desktop OS Standard Edition, however the Surfside Edition also included a Plantronics USB headset and 120 minutes of SkypeOut service.

The Xandros GUI uses a modified version of KDE, which includes replacing Konqueror with its own proprietary file manager called Xandros File Manager. It also uses a package manager known as Xandros Networks, which handles installation of software. Installation of Xandros is done by a wizard that asks questions about partitioning and the administrator (root) password.

It is possible to install and use the GNOME and Xfce desktop environments on Xandros.


The ASUS Eee PC can come with Xandros installed as well as Windows XP. The installed version of Xandros is tab based, built from scratch using Xlib and the Qt3 toolkit. The full desktop version (or "Advanced Mode") may be installed—but not always easily—through a set of administrative command prompts. The full desktop version features a KDE 3 desktop with a few modifications performed by Xandros. This desktop mode also provides access to the Synaptic Package Manager which can be used to update and manage the Eee PC's software.

Xandros is porting its Eee PC Linux distribution to 2 ARM processor-based (Freescale i.MX515 & the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU) platforms for netbooks & other mobile devices.

Run Windows Programs

Continue using your favorite Windows® programs, including Microsoft Office and Intuit Quicken, and existing files for a smooth transition from Windows to Xandros.
Music Management

Import and organize your music, podcasts and audiobooks in to the Music Manger. Listen to your playlists and music collections. Create MP3s and audio CDs and sync your iPod and MP3 players.

Photo Management
Import photos from your digital camera. View, edit and organize your photos into albums and slideshows. Post them online or print at home.
Firefox Web Browser

Browse the web faster with your personalized version of the popular Firefox® Web browser. Eliminate frustrating spyware and pop-ups. Use tabbed browsing to easily toggle between multiple Web sites. Stay current with all your favorite Web sites with live bookmarks.
Security Suite

Combined with the powerful security of Linux, the Xandros Security Suite protects your personal data and eliminates the threat of spam, spyware and viruses. The Xandros Security Suite includes a firewall, anti-virus software, and system file protection.
CD/DVD Burning

Burn copies of your favorite music and important files with a single click. Create audio and data CDs, and data DVDs. Drag and drop files to burn with the Xandros File Manager.
Instant Messaging
Vacation Home Rentals
Chat with friends on Yahoo!®, MSN™, ICQ™, AOL® and AIM®. A single interface for all your IM accounts makes keeping track of your multiple conversations easy.

Make free calls through your computer to anyone, anywhere, for free! Xandros Desktop includes 30 SkypeOut minutes to call any landline or mobile phone in the world. Enjoy high-quality sound from your computer to call anyone in the world.

Receive and organize e-mail from multiple accounts. Read, write and send e-mails with attachments safely and block annoying spam with Mozilla Thunderbird™.
Office Suite

Use OpenOffice.org to read, write, and edit MS Office® files and create your own compatible documents, spreadsheets and dynamic presentations.
Wireless Networking

Connect to your favorite wireless networks and hot-spots anywhere, and store your wireless profiles.
File Manager

Organize your desktop to easily find folders and files. Drag and drop files to share, zip or upload to FTP sites.
Xandros Networks

Keep your Xandros Desktop current with the latest Xandros updates. Download and install software from Xandros’ online library with a single click.

Move your e-mail, music, photos, bookmarks, and all the elements of your digital personality from Windows to Xandros with ease. Xandros Desktop Home Edition – Premium includes Versora Progression Desktop for Xandros to seamlessly migrate all your important information to Xandros.
Intellectual Property Assurance

Now you have the option to acquire Xandros Desktop offerings together with Microsoft patent assurance. This assurance enables you to use Xandros Desktop software with confidence. This program is available for $50. Learn more by reading Microsoft's covenant.

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