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Home » » ATI Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition simplifies setup and configuration, and offers complete control of an ATI Radeon graphics processor

ATI Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition simplifies setup and configuration, and offers complete control of an ATI Radeon graphics processor

ATI Catalyst Control Center™

Performance, stability, and control

Performance, stability, and control

AMD’s award-winning ATI Catalyst Control Center™ delivers high performance, easy configurability, and advanced features and functionality far beyond traditional driver configuration software. The ATI Catalyst Control Center™ software application gives you complete control of performance and visual quality of your ATI Radeon™ graphics for a personalized visual experience on your PC.

Unmatched features & functionality
personalized visual experience on your PC

Start with a one-click installation, and use step-by-step configuration wizards to set up the ATI Catalyst Control Center for single or multiple displays. Adjust your display configuration for screen resolution, refresh rate, color depth, cloning, display rotations, and more. Choose pre-defined video setting profiles to match your viewing environment. Optimize visual quality for digital photos, HD video playback, and graphics-intensive PC applications.

ATI Catalyst Control Center user interface highlights:
ATI Catalyst Control Center™ user interface highlights
  • Wizards— use the simple ATI Catalyst Control Center Wizard to configure PC or HDTV display settings, 3D settings, and video settings in just a few simple steps.
  • Display Management— easily configure displays for optimal viewing, including multiple display configurations (extended, spanning, cloning if supported by the operating system) on every type of display (CRT, LCD, DFP, TV, HDTV). Drive up to three PC displays simultaneously with ATI SurroundView™.
  • 3D Settings— interact with a real-time 3D preview that demonstrates the effect of enabling various 3D settings for the best Direct3D or OpenGL game performance and rendering quality.
  • Overdrive— maximize the performance of your AMD graphics accelerator using Overdrive’s over-clocking controls
  • Video Settings— control an array of HD video settings and fine-tune big-screen HDTV displays for optimal playback quality.
  • GPU Recover— ATI Catalyst automatically detects software problems affecting the ATI Radeon graphics accelerator and recovers by automatically resetting the graphics processor and avoiding a system reboot (only available under Windows XP).
  • Hotkeys— quickly setup ATI Catalyst Control Center Hotkeys to instantly adjust and configure ATI Radeon graphics accelerators without running the ATI Catalyst Control Center application.
  • Profiles— save ATI Catalyst Control Center graphics settings in Profiles, each customized to different games or applications that each require specific graphics settings.

ATI Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition

personalized visual experience on your PC

ATI Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition features a flexible architecture that supports multiple Linux distributions, and supports AMD’s Linux-based workstations and graphics with features including:

  • Display & panel settings
  • 3D settings
  • Color adjustments
  • Key hardware and software information
  • Vsync, quad buffer support, anti-aliasing, and more.
Download Now
ATI Catalyst™ Control Center section 508 compliance details

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