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Home » » ALinux is an advanced Multimedia rich RPM based GNU/Linux distribution

ALinux is an advanced Multimedia rich RPM based GNU/Linux distribution

alinux_logoaLinux is a Linux distribution created and maintained by Jay Klepacs. It uses KDE as its default desktop environment and can use Enlightenment with an add-on pack. It is designed to have a Windows XP-style "look".

ALinux is an advanced Multimedia rich RPM based GNU/Linux distribution. Installing new programs, applications and updating your system from time-to-time has never been easier using our Synaptic Package Management System. aLinux is a Professional Linux Operating System already designed to surpass both Microsoft Windows XP/Vista and Apple Mac OS X.

While sporting an even more visually stunning Graphical User Interface then our competitors, we still are able to maintain a high level of sophistication, experienced Linux users, have come to appreciate. We believe Linux hobbyists, new users and advanced users, will find the aLinux Operating System an utmost PROFESSIONAL, FAST and EXTREMELY FUN distribution. aLinux achieves its greatest success beyond all other Linux Operating Systems because of our dedicated Multimedia team structure.

aLinux's original name was Peanut Linux. Peanut began as a mini-OS, along the lines of Xubuntu or DSL.

* 9.1: Peanut was command-line, using Midnight Commander as its default file manager and incorporated the Red Hat Package system (*.rpm)
* 9.4: Peanut had a GUI (X Window System and Enlightenment), and came bundled with Mozilla Communicator, GAIM, and other useful programs (still keeping its total size at 240MB)
* 9.5: Came bundled with several KDE applications, including KOffice, Kdegames, Kaffeine, etc.

Peanut went through several revisions between 9.6 and 12.0, and was not officially released to the public during this period. During version 12.1 development, a Peanut package repository (for use with the new Synaptic clone) was released.

* 12.2: Name change from Peanut Linux to aLinux. Kernel revision, KDE update.
* 12.3: Came bundled with MPlayer and the Konqueror Web browser.
* 12.5: Introduced a new GUI theme, along with K3b, translucency support, an updated KOffice version, and several hundred new bundled fonts
* 12.7: Came bundled with many new programs, such as aMule P2P, Kopete Instant Messenger, GIMP Image Editor, Clam AntiVirus, and Bochs Emulator.
* 12.8: API update to glibc 2.4 and GCC 4.1.1, update to KDE and KOffice, kernel update.

System Requirements

* 486 SX/DX or higher processor (CPU)
* 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
* 2 GB free hard disk drive space
* CD-ROM drive (burner required to burn ISO)
* VGA video card
* optional components: pointing device (mouse), modem/fax modem or network card, audio card and speakers for sound

KDE 3.5.3 - Professional Office Desktop - Get all your work done in style! (KDE). Installed by default.
Enlightenment 16x - The wildest - craziest desktop on planet (Enlightenment). Installed as an add-on. Stable.
Enlightenment 17x - 3rd stone from the suns newest, wildest, and craziest desktop (Enlightenment). New and on-going development series. Will blow minds when you get into it. Installed as an add-on. Unstable.

Updates (via Distrowatch):

aLinux Jay Klepacs has announced the release of aLinux 14.0, a desktop distribution and live CD featuring the KDE 3 desktop. What's new in this release? "aLinux now uses a graphical installer; tons of bug fixes and many system init script updates to make the boot process quicker; RPM Manager now defaults to LZMA compressed archives aka XZ; while we fully transition to LZMA which is fully supported as of aLinux 14.0 there are still a few GZIP remnants that might not work as they once did, like in earlier Midnight Commanders; system - X.Org 7.5, KDE 3.5.10, KOffice 1.6.3, Linux kernel 2.6.34, GNOME 2.14.3, Perl 5.10.0, glibc 2.5, GCC 4.1.2, PHP 5.2.0 and MySQL 5.0.33; by default aLinux on X Window / KDE can view most common and not so common Unicode, UTF-8, ISO-10646 font/glyph locales in applications such as Konqueror, Firefox, SeaMonkey, GVim, Kedit, Konsole."

Here is the brief release announcement.

Download: aLive-14.0-CD.iso (629MB, MD5).

Recent releases:

• 2010-06-02: Distribution Release: aLinux 14.0
• 2006-07-30: Distribution Release: aLinux 12.8
• 2006-05-22: Distribution Release: aLinux 12.7
• 2005-08-31: Reviews: First Look at aLinux 12.5
• 2005-08-21: Distribution Release: aLinux 12.5
• 2005-06-08: Distribution Release: aLinux 12.4


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