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Home » » BinToo Gnu/Linux is a prebuilt Gentoo Linux Distro with many applications installed to overcome for networkless users

BinToo Gnu/Linux is a prebuilt Gentoo Linux Distro with many applications installed to overcome for networkless users

BinToo is a Gentoo based and 100% compatible and pre-built Distribution that has many aims ranges from Technology to social and personal aims, for example:

- Enhance The Portage Performance and add some features to it .
- Port or Build a good suite of administration tools for Gentoo and Linux in general.
- Make it easy for any one to Get-started with gentoo .
- Helping in Gentoo Testing and Development .
- Widespread the goodness of the Gentoo Project .
- Increase the Middle East awareness about Linux & FOSS through a Easy, Friendly, Advanced & localized OS.
- Correct some people view of other people and things .
- Build a small bridge between the tow sides of the hell ;) .
- Prove our selfs and our view of the Freedom ;) .
- Create a blog for my Tech. articles & reviews related to Gentoo & others.


Stable version: BinToo-2007.3

Building BinToo

i'd like to share the knowledge and the files and settings i use to build BinToo with every body so if you want to build your own gentoo you can use them to get ride of the problems associated with USE flags and make.conf settings.

first extract the stage3 file to new formatted partition and the portage tree like this:
cd /new/part
tar -jxpf stage3-file.tar.bz2


BinToo all versions torrents available @ linuxtracker.org.

for normal download methods by http/ftp use the following sites:

BinToo All Versions: osuosl.org ibiblio.org (ibiblio may not work)

BinToo-02b / BinToo-01a : sourceforge.net

any new mirrors will be added here .

UPDATE: added the ibiblio.org link.

Software Packages:

Kernel-2.6.18.x or gentoo-sources-2.6.18-r3
Lazarus, MySQL-GUI-tools, MonoDevelop
Comix, F-Spot
KBFX, Slab-menu
audacious, gnomebaker, lmms, hydrogen

BinToo come fa intuire il nome, è una distribuzione GNU/Linux basata su Gentoo già compilata ed ottimizzata per architettura i686.
BinToo include oltre 2400 programmi ed è dotata di un installer che rende più semplice ed intuitivo il processo di installazione. Questa distribuzione mette inoltre a disposizione dei suoi utenti un pannello di controllo per l'amministrazione del sistema.

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