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Home » , , » Gibraltar is a Debian GNU/Linux-based firewall package which is bootable directly from CD-ROM, so hard disk installation is not necessary

Gibraltar is a Debian GNU/Linux-based firewall package which is bootable directly from CD-ROM, so hard disk installation is not necessary

Gibraltar is a Debian GNU/Linux-based firewall package which is bootable directly from CD-ROM, so hard disk installation is not necessary. The configuration data is optionally stored on hard disk, floppy disk or an USB storage device. Gibraltar was specifically developed for small-sized to medium-enterprises and fulfils all demands for an up-to-date firewall package.


Rene Mayrhofer has announced the release of Gibraltar Firewall 3.0, a major new version of the Debian-based firewall distribution: "This is a major new release, updating into kernel 2.6 and Debian 5.0 'Lenny' as base system and splitting the web interface into front-end and back-end parts in preparation of centralized management tools. Full support for IPv6, in both routing, firewall rules, and application level proxies/daemons, including automatic 6to4 and static 6in4 tunnels. Adding globally reachable IPv6 addresses to a local network is now a simple procedure by simply enabling an automatic 6to4 tunnel with almost no manual configuration. Policy routing setup via web interface with support for multiple default-routes in fail-over as well as load-balancing configurations."

Read the detailed changelog for a full list of changes and new features.

Download: gibraltar-3.0.iso (493MB, SHA1).

In times where the threats of viruses, worms, trojan horses or hackers are increasing rapidly, Gibraltar offers you an extensive protection of your internet connection. Gibraltar works with every sort of internet-connection. Whether there you are using a permanent cable, DSL or dial-up connection, Gibraltar takes care that your internet-connection is safe. Besides the commercial release of Gibraltar, there is as well a freely available release.

Gibraltar Firewall is an operating system based on Debian. Gibraltar is used to secure local area networks as a firewall software. The current version is 2.6, published on 2008-07-16.

Dr. Rene Mayrhofer published Gibraltar Firewall in 1999. Since January 2003, the company eSYS Information Systems is responsible for the development of Gibraltar. Gibraltar Linux is based on free Software, which was enhanced by a web based administration tool. For running the firewall, no hard disk is needed, because Gibraltar is able to start up and run directly off CDROM. Configuration data can be stored on floppy disk or USB sticks.

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Since version 2.4, Gibraltar is also available in combination with several hardware platforms. On these appliances, Gibraltar boots up from compact flash.

The core modules of Gibraltar are:

* Firewall with stateful packet inspection
* Proxy server
* Virtual private network
* Spamfilter
* Antivirus gateway
* Traffic shaping
* Anonymizer

• 2008-07-17: Distribution Release: Gibraltar Firewall 2.6
• 2007-09-10: Distribution Release: Gibraltar Firewall 2.5
• 2006-08-30: Distribution Release: Gibraltar Firewall 2.4.1
• 2005-08-23: Distribution Release: Gibraltar Firewall 2.3
• 2005-04-07: Distribution Release: Gibraltar Firewall 2.2
• 2004-11-17: Distribution Release: Gibraltar Firewall 2.1

Main features:

* Firewall: The Gibraltar Firewall inspects and secures overall network traffic and protects the internal network against unauthorised access.
* Webfilter: The Gibraltar webfilter checks the web traffic for dangerous content and viruses. Additionally you are able to block or restrict access to the Internet fully or partially using content categories and user groups or to log all web traffic. Furthermore, Gibraltar can be used as a caching proxy to improve the performance of your internet connection.
* Email filter: The Gibraltar Email filter checks all email traffic for spam and viruses, identifies phising emails and filters out unwanted email attachments.
* Anonymisation Gateway: The Gibraltar Anonymisation Gateway makes your overall network traffic anonymous and it makes sure you can surf in the internet anonymously.
* Virtual private network gateway: With the Gibraltar VPN server you are able to connect securely with your intranet network. No matter when and where you are.
* Bandwidth management: The Gibraltar Bandwidth management is able to control network traffic regarding priority and defines bandwidth limits for different applications and users. This works both for incoming and outgoing network traffic.
* Captive portal: The Gibraltar captive portal takes care that users have to authenticate using a login form on their first network access. After successful login, full network access is available. This feature can perfectly be used to secure WLANs.


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