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Krusader twin panel file management for your desktop.

krusader_logoKrusader is an advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE and other desktops in the *nix world, similar to Midnight or Total Commander. 
It provides all the file management features you could possibly want. Plus:
    Extensive archive handling
    Mounted filesystem support
    File transfers with (S)FTP
    Advanced search module
    An internal viewer and editor
    Directory synchronisation
    File content comparisons
    Powerful batch renaming
    And much much more ...

It supports a wide variety of archive formats and can handle other KIO slaves such as smb or fish. It is (almost) completely customizable, very user friendly, fast and looks great on your desktop! You should give it a try. 

Integrated terminal editor.

This piece of software is developed by the Krusader Krew, published under the GNU General Public Licence.

Get your copy of the Krusader file manager

Looking for a quick source download? Krusader comes in different flavors:
The latest stable version of Krusader.
Mature, and safe for everyday use.
This version is a (possibly) unstable build of Krusader. 

Supplied for users who want to stay on the bleeding edge of file management.

Chances are good, that Krusader is already part of your distribution and can be installed without major effort. In a perfect world Krusader is only one command away ...
# apt-get install krusader

Note: This is supposed to work on any Debian based system like Ubuntu or Mepis as well as other apt-get aware distributions such as ALT Linux.

# emerge krusader

Note: Refer to the official Gentoo Handbook if you intend to try the testing branch.

Related links: Packages.gentoo.org
# yum install krusader

Related links: Fedora package database
# urpmi krusader




The most important features and improvements are highlighted here, it would make this list too long if we were to include all the features and improvements. You will discover even more features in this documentation and in the ChangeLog file.

    Orthodox File Manager (OFM) features.

        Two powerful and easy to use OFM panels.

        Command Line and optional Terminal emulator below.

        Strong keyboard orientation and the ability to perform all functions without the mouse.

        Context-dependent invocation of scripts and programs e.g. mouseclick/Enter (execute or open with the associated application), F3 (view) and F4 (edit).

        User Menu, create your own customized menu.

        History e.g. Folder History, Popular URLs, ...

        Virtual file systems (VFS) e.g. for Remote Connections, archives, search results, synchronizer.

        Powerful internal viewer and editor via kparts supporting almost every file format.

        Advanced Search module : searching in archives and search content on remote file systems.

        Several Panel view modes via the PopUp Panel.


    Krusader tools.

        Remote Connections : FTP/SAMBA with SFTP/SCP support via KIO Slaves

        Locate GUI frontend

        Synchronize Directories


        Disk Usage

        Root mode


Krusader features.

        Archive Handling: browsing, unpack, pack, testing. Supported archives : ace, arj, bzip2, deb, gzip, iso, lha, rar, rpm, tar, zip and 7-zip.

        Checksum creation-verification mechanism that supports md5, sha1, sha256, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512, tiger, whirlpool, cfv and crc.

        Calculate occupied space of files and folders, archives and remote filesystems.

        Directory comparison and filtering.

        Compare files by content via external diff programs like Kompare, Kdiff3 or xxdiff.

        Rename files and folders via Krename

Adserver                   610x250
        Completely supports drag'n'drop: drag from Konqueror straight into a .tar.gz file, from Krusader's panel into the trash-bin, the desktop or into Konqueror

        Preserve date for local targets at copy/move operations.

        F2 opens a Terminal Window in the current directory.

        Easy editing of file permissions and ownership and Numeric Permissions.

        Selection filters used in e.g. Synchronizer and KruSearcher.



        Tabbed panels and Tabbed Editor/Viewer.

        Quick search

        File splitter

        Mouse Gestures

        Quick Navigation in the Location Toolbar.

        WhatsThis Help function in favour of tooltips where reasonable.


Customize Krusader to your own needs.

        Konfigurator Krusader's configuration center.

        Main Toolbar, Actions Toolbar for user actions and bookmarks.



        Panel profiles


        Selection Modes

        Many more features can be configured the way you like.


    Krusader Extensions.


        Color Profiles

        Key-binding Profiles

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