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Home » , , » Manjaro Linux is a desktop-oriented, user-friendly distribution based on Arch Linux.

Manjaro Linux is a desktop-oriented, user-friendly distribution based on Arch Linux.

manjaroManjaro Linux is a desktop-oriented, user-friendly distribution based on Arch Linux. Some of its more pronounced features include an intuitive installation process, automatic hardware detection, special Bash scripts for managing graphics drivers, and extra desktop configuration options.

Manjaro Linux comes in three editions featuring the Xfce, GNOME 3 (with the Cinnamon Shell) and KDE desktops.

Arch Linux has been my hands down favorite Linux distro for a few years now. Recently on the Arch message board,  I read about Manjaro Linux.

Manjaro Linux is a new Arch based distro that comes pre-configured with an xfce4 desktop environment, which just happens to be my DE of choice.  Manjaro’s a small project and the current release is still in testing stage. With that said,  I found it to run quite well without show stopping bugs for both my installs.

Manjaro installs via a nice graphical installer in just a half hour or so. I installed it in vbox and was so impressed, I went ahead and replaced an outdated Ubuntu install on my laptop.

I did notice one small annoyance using Manjaro, however,  it was easy fix. When opening  Thunar file manager for the first time after start up, there was a 20-30 second delay. Removing the  gvfs-smb package with pacman solved that issue.

To me, Manjaro seems to have  great potential to displace some of the “easy beginner”  type distros. If it maintains compatibility with Arch, it will also attract some Arch users such as myself. While I’m definitely not planning on replacing my other Arch installs, I do see a use for a pre configured Arch with xfce. I don’t use my laptop enough to be interested in a several hour long  Arch install and manual configure session. Offer a quick to install, pre-configured Arch w/ xfce, and I’m all over it!
These guys have done a great job so far, and have even set up a nice looking website. Give Manjaro a try if you’ve wanted to try Arch, but were put off by the installation and configuration process.
I have only one minor complaint with Manjaro, and this is strictly personal and easily changed. It’s the choice of not promoting pacman via the command line, combined with the pkgbrowser GUI package browser. This allows the user to tap into the power and flexibility that pacman brings to package management, combined with pkgbrowser, which is the ultimate app to search and research packages, including the Arch AUR.
Manjaro Linux
Philip Müller has announced the release of Manjaro Linux 0.8.0, a user-friendly desktop distribution based on Arch Linux and featuring the latest Xfce desktop: "We are proud to announce our default Manjaro edition featuring Xfce 4.10, Linux kernel 3.4.9, X.Org 7.6 with X.Org Server 1.12.3 and GCC 4.7.1. Manjaro Linux targets beginners and advanced users at the same time. We provide user interface tools and scripts to make life easier. Manjaro supports NVIDIA's Optimus technology out of the box. You can choose between Nouveau/Intel or NVIDIA/Intel drivers combination. Manjaro hardware detection tool will configure your graphic cards automatically and with help of Bumblebee bbswitch it is possible to switch to your desired graphic mode." Here is the release announcement. Download (MD5): manjaro-xfce-0.8.0-i686.iso (633MB), manjaro-xfce-0.8.0-x86_64.iso (692MB). Separate editions showcasing the GNOME 3 desktop with the Cinnamon shell and KDE 4.8.4 are also available.
Recent Releases:
• 2012-08-21: Distribution Release: Manjaro Linux 0.8.0
Manjaro 0.8.0 KDE i686 (1,11 GB)
Manjaro 0.8.0 KDE i686 packages list
Manjaro 0.8.0 KDE i686 build log
Manjaro 0.8.0 KDE x86_64 (1,19 GB)
Manjaro 0.8.0 KDE x86_64 packages list
Manjaro 0.8.0 KDE x86_64 build log
Manjaro 0.8.0 KDE checksum (sha1)
Manjaro 0.8.0 KDE checksum (md5)

This is a collection of various Qt4 applications I am developing that can be used in Manjaro.
Please note I havent released any code yet because there still prototypes. There not ready to be used or hacked on yet.
manjaro linux
Implamented Features:
This is a all Qt4 based desktop it's extreamly fast and light weight, feature wise
it has support for wallpapers, drag & drop/rubber band selection, FreeDesktop
.desktop spec compliant, mimetype support, css themeing capabilitys.
Missing Feature:
It's missing support for mouse actions, right click menus, loading application
icons outside of the choosen icon theme for .desktop files. the missing features
are easy to implament I just have to find time to implament them.
Additional Info:
In addition to what it can do now I will in time have additional clones that
offer a differant user exsperance. Such as a plasma like desktop or a desktop
that can change its wallpapers in 3D or have physics and partical effects.
Animated wallpaper and Icon features can also be done. Once this minimal
desktop is feature complete and stable I will be taking requests. You just tell
me what kind of desktop you would like.
Package Manager.
manjaro package manager
Implamented Features:
This is actualy a Qt4 based Package Mangment Library that you can use to build Gui or Cli package managers
they above and below images are examples of that.
It can nativly use libalpm, be used in conjunction with libalpm or as a drop in replacment. It has support for converting libalpm
PKGFILES into XML, YAML, JSON or Pure Javascript based PKGFILES. It also has support for inline javascript scripting in the PKGFILES.
Not to worry the js interpreter is sandboxed and will only expose js functions/features that you compile support in for.
It currently has support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP network protocols bittorrent and git are in the works.
It can process/produce source,binary or module(think livecd)  packages.
It has support for SHA128, SHA256, SHA512 Hashes and you can encrypt yor packages using AES128 or AES256 ciphers.
It also has native support for LLVM(Clang,Clang++)/Valgrind (PKGFILE's have the capability to talk directly to the compiler or profiler)
and can produces and apply Diff or Delta patches.
It has forward, reverse, optional & toolchain dependance resolution support.
Not only does it support libalpm PKGFILE markup but it has support for it's own extended
Most Basic Javascript Example: (Note: This can be in XML, YAML, JSON)

Image Viewer.
manjaro image viewer
This is a gwenview clone it it supports most gwenviews features and has
added support for 100+ image formats, 54+ visual effects. In the above image
you see the swirl effect.

Package Wizard.
manjaro package wizard

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