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Home » , , » Aumix adjusts an audio mixer from X, the console, a terminal, the command line or a script.

Aumix adjusts an audio mixer from X, the console, a terminal, the command line or a script.

aumix logoAumix adjusts an audio mixer from X11, the console, a terminal, the command line or a script.

It uses the Open Sound System API and works on OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux.
aumix 2.9.1

Version 2.9.1 was released 6 May 2010. Thanks to Stefan Ott for help in preparing this release.
changes in this version
    icon is now compatible with KDE panel (Bruce Sass)
    cursor is no longer blue on exit from full-screen mode (Michael Lee Yohe)
    loading a color scheme from a file works again
    a crash caused by wrong parsing of options is fixed (Kees Cook)
    build system and internationalization updated to use latest autotools and gettext idioms (code credit: Owen Taylor, Alexandre Oliva, Gordon Matzigkeit, Bruno Haible, Ulrich Drepper, and the Free Software Foundation)
    fixed a bug that could leave the terminal unusable on exit from full-screen mode (Aleksey Cheusov)
    non-ASCII shortcut keys, such as in the Swedish translation, now work (Mikael Hedin)
    support for obsolete GTK+ 1.2 has been removed
    documentation mentions new mailing lists instead of defunct one
    in full-screen mode, record/play indicators are only redrawn when their state changes (Romain Francoise)
    when an error occurs in GTK+ mode, an error message is now printed and aumix will not try to close a window that has not yet been opened (Bas Zoetekouw)
    a bug where mute script saved the wrong settings is fixed (Owen Leonard/Cory Wiltshire)
    in full-screen mode, the cursor is placed next to the active control, to ease reading on a Braille terminal (Sébastien Hinderer)
    bootstrap script added
    in the aumix.1 man page, -i, -o, -r and -W options are now properly documented, and hyphens are changed to minus signs (Romain Francoise, Tibor Csögör and Stefan Ott)
    a syntax error was fixed in the xaumix.1 man page (Stefan Ott)
    in full-screen mode, the balance arrow is now erased once a balance control is no longer active (Romain Francoise)
    new shortcut key "0" sets maximum level or extreme right balance (Romain Francoise)
    error messages are now more informative (Stefan Ott)
    in full-screen mode, the active device is shown more prominently
    the shortcut key for muting was changed, and now works in the German language (Bernhard Reiter)
    a crash when the HOME environment variable is set but empty has been fixed (Eduard Bloch)
    the DISPLAY environment variable is now ignored if it is set, but empty (Bas Zoetekouw)
CVS repository.
You can download a tarball of the CVS repository here. It has the following changes since the 2.9.1 release:
  • po/LINGUAS now generated by bootstrap script
  • Norwegian BokmÃ¥l translation added (Per Øyvind Karlsen)
  • add forgotten part of patch for printing error message when mixer cannot be opened from GTK+ mode (Bas Zoetekouw)
  • add end tags for new sections in aumix.1 to correct syntax (Stefan Ott)
  • in main() in common.c, delete an unneeded #ifdef that was overlooked when GTK+ 1.2 support was removed
Download source.
GTK+ interface of aumix 2.9, showing the round record indicator and triangular play indicator, with Italian text:
Simplified Chinese ncurses screen (in cxterm) from 2002-03-19 CVS version: 
Chinese ncurses
Simplified Chinese usage summary (in cxterm) from 2002-03-19 CVS version:
Chinese usage
Simplified Chinese help for keystrokes (in cxterm) from 2002-03-19 CVS version:
Chinese keys
ncurses screen from aumix 1.25.1:
GTK+ screen from aumix 2.5:
Japanese GTK+ screen from aumix 2.7:
another Japanese GTK+ screen from aumix 2.7, with a menu opened:
Japanese with menu
Russian GTK+ screen from aumix 2.7:
Ukrainian ncurses screen from aumix 2.7, giving help for keystrokes:
Ukrainian keys
Ukrainian text output from aumix 2.7, giving the usage summary:
Ukrainian usage
English for comparison

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