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Dreamlinux is a Brazilian distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux

Dreamlinux is a Brazilian computer operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux.

It can boot as a live CD, from USB flash drive, or can be installed on a hard drive.

The distribution's GUI is similar to Mac OS X, with a centered animated toolbar.

Dreamlinux 2.2 MM GL Edition (2007)

DreamLinux Multimedia Edition 2.2 with AIGLX provides Beryl-AIGLX by default, which can be utilized after the initial installation. One of its key features is its ability to configure AIGLX for NVIDIA and ATI cards automatically.

Dreamlinux 3.0 (2008)

Dreamlinux Desktop Edition 3.0 features a complete redesign. It supports a totally independent architecture named Flexiboost, based on overlaid modules. The feature allows the co-existence of two (or more) separate window managers (currently Gnome and Xfce), sharing the same customized appearance. Both working environments share all the applications available.

In addition to the 700MB iso file (CD image), a 130MB Multimedia Module is also available, including DVD support. This is primarily intended for use when running from USB flash drive, rather than from live-CD mode.

New applications.

The following applications were not included in previous releases:

* Gthumb (replacing GQview)
* Pidgin instant messenger;
* Ndiswrapper module
* WineHQ + Wine Doors installer

Other improvements

* Now booting from any CDROM or DVD-R/W unit
* Improved Dreamlinux Control Panel
* Improved Dreamlinux Installer
* Improved Easy Install application
* Theme-Switcher on Gnome changes theme without the need to restart X
* Setup-Network Manager for stop, start, restart, stop network on booting, start network on booting. Network is now setup to automatically start during boot.
* Cupsys also starts on boot
* New wizard for emerald-themes
* New wallpapers
* New icons
* New Avant Window Manager themes and AWN-Dock (check AWN Manager on DCP)
* CompizFusion enabler in DCP switches default Engage dock to AWN Dock.
* New GDM themes, now featuring countdowns

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Dreamlinux 3.5 (2009)

Dreamlinux 3.5 is an update to the original Dreamlinux 3.0 desktop. This release features the XFCE desktop with the Gnome Desktop as an additional option in the form of a module. This release uses the now stable Debian Lenny desktop. It features the Linux kernel version as well as new icons and a new GTK+ theme.

There is also the option to install directly to a USB Memory Stick in two 'modes'.

1. Live Dream.
This runs the same as a Live CD, and does not save your changes. You can add more programs by adding the special packages (modules[1]) from the Dream website into a specific folder.

2. Persistent Dream.
This runs as though Dream is installed onto the hard drive, and saves any changes to configuration that are made. It is only recommended for use on USB drives that are 2 GB.


Dreamlinux Nelson Silveira has announced the availability of the sixth beta build of Dreamlinux 4.0, a Debian-based desktop distribution with Xfce: "Team Dreamlinux is proud to announce that the next beta of Dreamlinux is now available. This brings DL 4.0 to Beta 6, along with these features: Linux kernel 2.6.34; Xfce 4.6.2 desktop environment; OpenOffice.org Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw; Firefox 3.6.3; SMPlayer 0.6.9 compiled with Qt 4.6.2; ePDFViewer 0.1.7; GIMP 2.6.8, splash screen theme by André Felipe; Orage Time Manager 4.6.1; Notes 1.7.6 by Xfce project; Brasero CD/DVD burning tool 2.30.1; Synaptic package manager; Xfmixer; Geeqie image manipulation manager; gPhoto photo manager; Geany text and programmer's Editor 0.18.1; pyNeighborhood SMB/CIFS browsing tool 0.5.0; Thunar file manager 1.0.2; NetworkManager 0.8 wired and wireless Internet connection manager; Blueman 1.21 Bluetooth connection manager; Deluge 1.2.3 peer-to-peer file sharing program...."

Read the rest of the
release announcement for a full changelog.

DL4-Beta6-3.iso (685MB, MD5).

Recent releases.

• 2010-06-28: Development Release: Dreamlinux 4.0 Beta 6
• 2010-06-03: Development Release: Dreamlinux 4.0 Beta 5
• 2009-10-13: Development Release: Dreamlinux 4.0 Alpha
• 2009-03-01: Distribution Release: Dreamlinux 3.5
• 2008-10-23: Development Release: Dreamlinux 3.5 RC4
• 2008-03-31: Distribution Release: Dreamlinux 3.0


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