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Home » » The linuX-gamers Live DVD is a bootable medium with a collection of popular 3D games

The linuX-gamers Live DVD is a bootable medium with a collection of popular 3D games

The linuX-gamers Live DVD is a bootable medium with a collection of popular 3D games.

It contains both the NVIDIA and ATI proprietary Linux drivers and includes the following games: BzFLag, Enemy Territory, Glest, Nexuiz, Sauerbraten, Torcs, Tremulous, True Combat: Elite, Warsow and World of Padman. Although the live DVD is based on Arch Linux, it does not offer any desktop Linux functionality except gaming.


linuX-gamers Live DVD Marko Kaiser has announced the release of linuX-gamers Live 0.9.6, an Arch-based live CD/DVD/USB image containing a large collection of popular Linux games: "We recently released a new version of our games distribution. New features: host system in local network. New games: Osmos demo, LinCityNG, OpenTTD. All other games are based on their most recent versions.

You will notice that there are two editions now. Lite ISO: a small CD image (700 MB) containing a limited games selection suitable for children and older computers. Burn it to a blank CD-R/CD-RW using regular Linux or Linux tools like Nero, K3B, Infrarecorder, etc. Alternatively, you can write it to a USB device (at least 1 GB capacity). Big ISO: a big DVD image (4.7 GB) containing the full games selection for adults and more recent computers.

Burn it to a blank DVD-R/DVD-RW using any burning tool of your choosing or write it to a USB device (at least 5 GB capacity).

Here is the brief release announcement. Download: lglive-0.9.6-i686-hybrid-big.iso (4,477MB, MD5, torrent).

Adserver            610x250

Games selection.

  • armagetronad
  • astromenace
  • blobby2
  • chromium-bsu
  • extremetuxracer
  • foobillard
  • frozen-bubble
  • lbreakout2
  • ltris
  • neverball
  • neverputt
  • osmos-demo
  • pingus
  • smc
  • teeworlds
  • worldofgoo-demo
  • xmoto
  • fretsonfire
  • glest
  • hedgewars
  • lincity-ng
  • maniadrive
  • nexuiz
  • openlierox
  • openttd
  • sauerbraten
  • scorched3d
  • supertuxkart
  • tremulous
  • urbanterror
  • warsow
  • warzon2100e
  • wesnoth
  • widelands
  • worldofpadman

300x250 GameDuell

Frequently asked questions I used unetbootin to write the ISO but it fails to boot!
Unetbootin will not work (at least until it has been updated) with live.linux-gamers. Please use one of the methods suggested on the download page.

I used the Win32 Image Writer to write the Big ISO to my USB device but booting fails!
It is currently not possible to use the Win32 Image Writer for the Big ISO. Please use a DVD instead on Windows.

Something doesn't work as expected!
Verify the integrity of the disk! Many errors are caused by broken disks.

There's no real text in ufo:ai
Open a xterm (right click) and launch: "LANG=en_US /opt/ufoai/ufo"

The games crash while loading?
Most likely you don't have at least 512MB of Memory - try to configure the game to lowest grafics details, some video cards don't support all the features and let the game crash.

I just see a login promt after booting, what's the correct login?
Normally, there is a graphical user interface. So when you see the login prompt, there's something wrong, e.g. your graphics card isn't supported. You can login as user "root" with password "123456" and fiddle a bit around if you know what you are doing.

Can I install or copy the DVD to my Harddisk?
No, the software is only designed to boot from dvd

Can I install the games from this dvd?
In principal the games should work with your local 32-bit Linux installation, nevertheless it is recommended to get a separate installer from the project pages and install it locally instead of just copying the files from the DVD

Does this DVD destroy my Windows installation?
No, the DVD does not touch your harddrive!

Do I have to pay something for using the DVD?
No, it is for free. If you think we are doing good work and you want to support us, you can donate some money using the donate button on linuX-gamers.net

"This" and "that" does not work?
Please submit a detailed bug report to Sven-Hendrik Haase (mail: sh<--at-->lutzhaase<--dot-->com

I want to have "this" and "that" program, tool or game on the dvd?
Please submit a detailed feature request to Sven-Hendrik Haase (mail: sh<--at-->lutzhaase<--dot-->com

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