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Home » » Creating a Realistic Head in Blender: Sculpting.

Creating a Realistic Head in Blender: Sculpting.

blender logoThis is a complete tutorial series explaining the creation of a realistic human portrait with Blender

The entire process will be covered from base mesh modeling, detail sculpting, texture painting, hair growing and styling, sub-surface scatter shading, and compositing.

Some of the more time-consuming tasks will be time-lapses with commentary like modeling, sculpting, and texture painting; the other parts will be mostly real-time.

The first part of this Blender tutorial series explains a more artistic approach to generating a base mesh for the head instead of traditional box modeling techniques.
This technique is a hybrid method incorporating both modeling and sculpting. We will start by sculpting the basic forms and volumes, then retopologizing a usable facial topology that will serve as an excellent base for sculpting our high-frequency detail.

Note: This series has been previously available on Kent’s Vimeo channel but he has kindly permitted us to repost them here in order to reach a greater audience. Parts 2-4 will be available on Blender Cookie very soon, while part 05 will be available exclusively on Blender Cookie.
blender head1
blender head2
blender head3
blender head4

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