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Friday, June 26, 2009

Cervisia is a graphical frontend for the CVS client

Cervisia is a graphical front end for Concurrent Versions System (CVS).

Cervisia implements the common cvs functions of adding, removing, and committing files. More advanced capabilities are importing and checking-out modules, adding/removing watches, editing/unediting and locking/unlocking files, blame-annotated file viewing, tagging/branching, conflict resolution/mergings and the ability to update to a given tag, branch or datae. Additionally, it has graphical functions that include tree and list view of the change log of a file, color coded file status, and graphical diff'ing between versions, similar to xdiff.

Cervisia requires Qt 3.3 and kdelibs 3.5. kdelibs is necessary to run Cervisia, but it not necessary to run KDE to use Cervisia it works under all window managers.


Updating or retrieving the status of a working directory or single files. Files are displayed in different colors depending on their status, and the shown files can be filtered according to their status
Common operations like adding, removing and commiting files.
Advanced operations like adding and removing watches, editing and unediting files, locking and unlocking.
Checking out and importing modules.
Graphical diff against the repository and between different revisions.
Blame-annotated view of a file.
View of the log messages in tree and list form.
Resolving of conflicts in a file.
Tagging and branching.
Updating to a tag, branch or date.
A Changelog editor coupled with the commit dialog.


Qt 3.3
kdelibs 3.5
Note that those requirements only refer to the libraries Cervisia needs. It is not necessary to use any part of KDE. Cervisia runs fine with any window manager or desktop environment.

Cervisia is distributed freely under the GNU General Public License.

Cervisia 2.2 (CVS):
screenshot of main view screenshot of revision tree dialog
Cervisia 2.1:
screenshot of main view screenshot of annotate dialog screenshot of revision tree dialog screenshot of diff dialog
Cervisia 2.0:


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