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Home » , » CDLinux, compact Linux mini-distribution with an up-to-date version of the Linux kernel, X.Org, Xfce window manager.

CDLinux, compact Linux mini-distribution with an up-to-date version of the Linux kernel, X.Org, Xfce window manager.


Ben Zhao has announced the release of CDlinux 0.9.6, a small live CD featuring the Xfce desktop, several popular desktop applications and a handful of administration tools: "CDlinux 0.9.6 released. This release is a major upgrade. Almost all components are upgraded to their latest stable versions, like Linux kernel, X.Org Server 1.8.0, Mesa 7.8.1. Thanks to the open source ATI and Intel drivers, we now have fairly good 2D/3D support on almost all ATI and Intel chip-based video cards. PAE is also enabled in this release.

As a result, we can support up to 64 GB of RAM now. While the downside is that you can't run CDlinux 0.9.6 on older CPUs (5×86, K6, Pentium, etc.) any more, not even the Mini edition. Package upgrades: GTK+ 2.18.9, Qt 4.6.2, JRE 6u19, Firefox 3.6.3, Midnight Commander

See the release announcement and release notes for further details.

Download: CDlinux-0.9.6_CE.iso (225MB, MD5).

Recent versions.

• 2010-04-14: Distribution Release: CDlinux 0.9.6
• 2009-12-02: Distribution Release: CDlinux 0.9.5
• 2009-07-21: Development Release: CDlinux 0.9.3
• 2009-02-28: Development Release: CDlinux 0.9.2
• 2009-02-13: Development Release: CDlinux 0.9.1
• 2008-12-20: Development Release: CDlinux 0.9.0


CDlinux is a compact Linux mini-distribution. It ships with an up-to-date version of the Linux kernel, X.Org, Xfce window manager, and many popular applications. It has good internationalisation and locale support, and is highly user-configurable.

The name is a synonymous of “Compact Distro Linux”. It is small in size, yet rich in features.

You can use CDlinux as your “Mobile OS”. Install it onto a USB key, take it anywhere and turn any PC/Mac that supports booting from USB to your own workstation, with the same user interface. CDlinux ships with an up-to-date version of the Linux kernel, Xorg, XFce, and many popular applications, like Firefox, Pidgin, GIMP, and even Java and Wine. Just work anywhere like at home.

You can also use CDlinux as a handy admin/rescue tool. For this purpose, the much smaller “standard” edition is enough. The standard edition bundled with a lot of popular admin/rescue tools, like parted, partimage, partclone, testdisk, foremost, ext3grep, e2undel, e2fs/jfs/hfs/ntfs/reiserfs/vfat/xfs tools, and much more. Enough for your routine admin/rescue work.

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Quick Links

News about recent changes, releases.

Download the latest CDlinux release.

FAQ to help you start using CDlinux.

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